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The Westport Bumper dog bed is a little different than your traditional memory-foam dog bed mattress. In a nutshell, they are filled with recycled plastic bottles called Intelliloft, which is a sort of eco-fiber.

This material, the Montana-based West Paw says, is a non-toxic and eco-friendly substance ideal for comfortable dog cushions.

As strange as it may sound, most dog owners who have purchased one of West Paws bumper beds report positive results, saying that Labradors and Standard Poodles love the large and spacious design, as well as the bumper cushions that provide a comfortable head rest for their pooches.

These bumper beds come in five sizes-small, medium, large, extra-large and xx-large:

West Paw Dimensions

  • Small - 23"x20"x6"
  • Medium - 31"x26"x7"
  • Large - 36"x28"x9"
  • X-Large- 42"x34"x10"
  • XX-Large - 48"x39"x11"

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

In addition, West Paw offers the most color options any of the dog beds we have reviewed to date- a staggering 14 different color choices to match your home decor. Some of the most popular include cobalt, sunset groove, emerald, walnut groove, and coffee.

The West Paw bumper bed does have a zipper that will allow you to remove the internal cushion so that you can wash the cover- this is convenient, but one user also makes the point that the washable pillow cover is not actually waterproof.

The West Paw Bumper Bed



Ease of Use

As we previously observed, this bumper bed by West Paw has a lot of online support- it is an eco-friendly option with a lot of online recommendations, color options, as well as a dynamic range of different sizes.

Because of these numerous sizing options, you can find a West Paw dog bed for a Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, a Shih Tzu, a Golden Retriever, a Beagle or even an Azawakh.

One Standard Poodle owner just got her puppy and says that the large is a good fit for her at around 60 pounds. Another lab owner has two Labrador puppies that are reaching adulthood and their owner made the wise decision to purchase two of these bumper beds, one in extra large and the other a large. This way his two dogs, one a little bit bigger than the other, have enough personal space to get a good nights rest.

Another user who has been using this particular dog bed for several years says that it is pretty resilient, though he has had to swap out the liner because his dog has an inclination to dig into the bed prior to sleeping. He didn't actually tear it but he has worn out the cover enough to the point where it required a replacement.

That is a another good thing about West Paw is that it is easy to buy new covers-and you can even select a different color option to spice things up a bit. Yet another user with a mature Border Collie recommends this particular bed as chew-proof, saying that her dog typically destroys all of her dog beds, but so far the West Paw, knock on wood, has been indestructible.

In general, this is a comfortable dog bed, with a range of positive recommendations from its users, many different color options, and diverse sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for your dog.


  • Tons of sizes and colors
  • Eco-friendly fill material (made from plastic bottles!)
  • Attractive design- matches home decor
  • Encircling bumper provides comfortable contour 


  • A little pricey
  • Not water-proof

Westwood bumper bed video review


West Paw Design Bumper Bed Stuffed is a dog bed that provides pets a soft and fluffy area where to sleep and rest.

The unit features bumpers around to support your dog’s body and head, with a removable bottom pillow that gives your pet a comfy place to relax and play with its toys, resting its head on the bolster or simply sleeping. The bumper and bottom pillow feature a cover that is machine washable and removable by a zipper.

West Paw Design Bumper bed is filled with 100% recycled IntelliLoft® polyfill, made from recycled plastic bottles, giving the bed a soft cushioning.

The bed and cover are made from brushed twill for extra smoothness.

This dog bed comes in several sizes and colors. Extra covers are available for purchasing.



  • Bumper stuffed dog bed
  • Bolster on edges gives dogs support for their body and heads
  • The bed is stuffed with a thick denier 100% recycled plastic fiber
  • Removable bottom pillow
  • Bumper and pillow have a zippered cover for easy removal and washing
  • You can choose from 14 different colors to blend with your decor
  • Made in Montana, USA


Small: 23″x 20″x 6″           –   Dogs up to 20 lbs
Medium: 31″x 26″x 7″       –   21 lbs to 40 lbs
Large: 36″x 28″x 9″           –   41 lbs to 60 lbs (bumper 7.8” tall)
X-Large: 42″x 34″x 10″     –   61 lbs to 80 lbs
XX-Large: 48″x 39″x 11″   –   81 +



West Paw Design Bumper dog bed consists basically of 2 parts: The base with a bumper around and a bottom removable pillow.

When disassembled, the bed has 4 parts: bumper (it’s like a long skinny pillow), the bottom pillow, the bumper cover and the pillow cover. You put the bumper on the main cover and then the pillow with its respective cover on the bottom and the bed is setup.

The main cover and the pillow case are made from twill cotton fabric that has been brushed to make it softer and smoother. This fabric is durable and resistant to average chews.

The bumper and pillow have a removable zippered cover that you can take off for washing. The bed itself can be washed as well.

The bed is filled with a special processed fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. This fiber gives the bed a little better and softer cushioning than other same type beds. The bumper and bottom pillow are filled with this fiber.

The manufacturer states that the inner filling fiber is non-toxic and certified safe by a third party.


  • Well constructed and made from durable twill fabric
  • Nice looking bed
  • Removable bottom pillow allows you to add extra cushioning if needed
  • Zippered bumper and pillow cover for easy removal and washing
  • The entire bed is machine washable too.
  • Bumper around the entire bed provides your dog a cushy support to curl up the body against or rest its head on.
  • The covers wash well, they don’t shrink
  • Recycled plastic fiber does not produce odors and it does not shed all over the house. It does not harbor bugs either.
  • The bed is very soft and cushy
  • Cotton twill fabric releases dog’s hair easily when shaking it or brushing it off.
  • Fabric is not easily ripped by a dog
  • Replacement covers available for purchase
  • BONUS: West Paw Design Bumper offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your decor


  • A little confusing and hard to re-assemble after taken apart for washing.
  • It does not have solid cushioning bottom for heavy dogs (e.g. foam)
  • It can’t be dry with heat, only tumble dry (because of recycled plastic filling)
  • A chewer dog could chew the tag from the pillow
  • The pillow tends to flatten after use and washes
  • DETAILS YOU MAY NOT MIND: You may need to fluff the pillow after a while to keep the fluffy cushioning.


-When washing only the covers (bumper and pillow’s), set the machine to cold/cold water and tumble dry.

-Either washing the covers alone or the entire bed, make sure to always keep the zipper closed to protect it during the washing process. This ensures the zipper to work properly after washing.

-When washing the entire bed, you will want to set the machine to tumble dry with no heat. The old technique of throwing in a clean shoe may help to re-fluff the pillow, but make sure to keep the cover on the pillow if using this trick.

-Never dry the stuffing with heat, it will melt the filling.



West Paw Design Bumper is a well-constructed dog bed that works as advertised. Its filling is resistance since it’s made from plastic fiber and the twill fabric is durable and easy to keep clean from fur. Some considerations about this dog bed:

Before choosing any size, make sure to check the dimensions described on this review, otherwise, you may get too small of a bed for your dog. Also, make sure to measure your dog’s body and compare that dimension with the length of the bed.

Even though the recycled plastic fiber gives the bed an ultra soft and cushy space for your dog, the bottom pillow tends to get flat with the time. Consider if you have a heavy dog you may want extra cushioning, but not so much if your dog is on the small side.

If you have a heavy dog and you like the concept of this bed and the fact that it’s ecological, you can place an extra cushioning underneath the pillow as an easy solution.



The design of this bed was made for dogs that don’t need a very thick firm cushioning but a soft and fluffy area where to rest and sleep and in this sense, this bed accomplishes this goal nicely.

The higher price in comparison to other similar dog beds obeys to its high-quality construction and materials (made in the USA) and the fact that the bed resists washings well and the covers are zippered and removable for easy washing, plus the entire bed is washable as well.

√ West Paw Design Bed Stuffed Dog bed is suitable:

  • For dogs that don’t need very thick support for their body (relatively young, active dogs)
  • If you want a dog bed that is not easily ripped by your dog
  • If you want a dog bed which covers are all removable by zippers for easy washing.
  • For people that want to contribute to eliminate plastic from the planet (so far, the Company has diverted 9.7 million bottles from landfills)

x This dog bed may not be suitable:

  • For puppies in potty training or dogs that are professional chewers
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