The Stella Beds Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

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The Stella orthopedic dog bed is an interesting option. Its manufacturers claim that during the summer, its gel-foam technology will help to keep your pooch comfortable and cool, and during the winter months you flip it over and the egg-create memory foam on that side will let your dog sink into the foam padding helping to preserve their body heat (Source).

This extra-large dog bed has many fans- they applaud its three layers of support, the removable cotton cover, the waterproof backing as well as the one year warranty.

A Great Dane owner who purchased this particular memory foam dog bed describes how her pet had recently begun experiencing difficulty getting up from a prone position.

She says that this Stella Seasons bed maintained true thickness over time, instead of flattening out under her dog's weight, and provides the sort of durable and thick support for her giant dog while he sleeps. While a solid fit for her giant dog breed, she says that the extra-large could fit two medium-sized dogs pretty easily

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

The Stella Cooling/Warming Dog Bed



Ease of Use

Our Rating: 4.7/5

One user says that the two linings the Stella Seasons orthopedic dog bed includes are pretty useful- so when she is washing one, she can use the other and her dog is never without a place to lie down and go to sleep.

Additionally, the temperature control features don't appear to be a scam- with users saying that flipping the mattress to one side or the other for the different hot or cold seasons has made their dogs more comfortable.

It's important to remember that since this is a dog bed with extra-large dimensions that it is suitable for those sorts of animals like black Russian Terriers, Bloodhounds, Komondors, Kuvasvs, Newfoundlands and Old English Sheepdogs, for example (Source).

All that said, make sure that you take some initial measurements prior to purchasing one of these dog beds-just measure your dog while he or she is lying down and add 12 inches.

This will be the length of the dog bed you should buy. It's not a big deal if the dog bed you purchase isn't a fit-most online retailers offer hassle-free returns so you can always ship it back if it's not a fit, for whatever reason.


  • Cooling/warming technology on either side
  • Solid user feedback regarding foam's longevitiy
  • Great for older dogs suffering from arthritis pain
  • Soft, washable covering


  • Pricey

How to choose the best dog bed for your canine

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The Best Orthopedic Memory Foam dog Bed By Stella Beds is Suitable for large breeds that are sensitive to temperature changes.

The Stella gel-memory foam and waterproof cover will keep your dog cool on those hot summer days, you can flip the bed over and with its egg-crate style foam side your dog will stay warm in winter with its sink in comfort to retain body heat, as well with its cover made with faux sheep skin.


  • It comes in Large and X- large
  • Includes an extra machine washable cover
  • Waterproof backing in cover not as noisy as other brands
  • Memory foam with a Gel Infused layer for hot days
  • Egg crate memory foam layer with plush faux sheepskin for cold days
  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-year warranty


Large:   48″ x 30″ x 6″; 12 lbs

X-Large:  52″ x 34″ x 7″; 17 lbs


The Stella Best orthopedic memory foam pet bed consists of 1) A 3-layers Foam and 2) An Outer zippered Cover.

3-Layers Foam: The foam is made from 3 layers of different type of foams. 1) The egg crate foam on one side provides pets softness and it’s special for winters; 2) The reflex foam located in the center gives support and keeps the bed from bottoming out, and 3) The Gen II Hybrid gel memory foam on the other side that helps transfer heat away from your dog, keeping a comfortable temperature in the summer.

Outer Cover: The cover is zippered and has a soft faux sheepskin on one side with waterproof lining and it helps provide warmth in winter.

The other side of the cover has a soft cotton and has also a waterproof lining and provides coolness in summer. The waterproof lining does not have a cheap plastic crinkling sound.

The zipper of the cover is protected by a little pocket on one side to avoid being chewed by the dog. The cover is machine washable.

The bed comes vacuum-pressed to approx. 2 1/2″ and rolled in a box. It takes a few minutes to fully expand to about 6 inches thick.


Large: Good for dogs like Golden Retrievers, Collies and Labradors

X-Large: Good for breeds such as German Sheperd’s, Dobermans and Great Danes



  • 3 different layers inside of foam support
  • Keeps your dog warm when it’s cold.
  • Keeps your dog cool when it’s warm.
  • Good quality zipper and a little pocket to hide it from your dog to protect the zipper
  • Washable cotton cover
  • Liner completely waterproof from all angles


  • Not suitable as a soft cushy bed in summer because the soft side is for winters (see tip)
  • If your dog is a chewer, you might need to buy an indestructible dog bed
  • If you need something for outside- you might want to read our reviews of outdoor dog beds
  • Price


√ You can flip the cover on the other side so the cooler cotton top will be on the soft egg crate foam side.


Orthopedic Memory Foam dog Bed By Stella Beds is a high-quality pet bed. This 2 sided bed works as it should and offers a high-quality memory foam as well as the cover.


√ Stella Best Orthopedic Memory Foam dog Bed is suitable for:

  • Dogs that need even support on their joints
  • A pet bed that works for summer and winter
  • Dogs that like to stretch out without head support

x The unit may not be suitable for

  • Puppies or chewer dogs
  • Small breeds that like to cuddle
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