The Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed Review

The Snoozer Cozy Cave pet bed comes in small, large, extra-large sizes and in a variety of different colors including coffee, red, herringbone, butter, and anthracite. Cave dog beds provide your canine with a comfortable and enclosed space to keep them warm and secure- indeed many dogs prefer this style of bed.

They just love burrowing in and covering themselves up beneath the fleece. This dog bed does come equipped with a zipper so you can remove and wash the outer lining and even remove some of the filler, as one user did to make it a better fit for his small Terrier mix.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

While cave beds have often been purchased for small dogs, they are also a fit for larger-breed dogs like Golden Retrievers and Pitbulls if you purchase the right size. Indeed, one Staffordshire dog owner whose pup is over 70 lbs. says says that he buys one of these dog beds every year for his pet.

He says that she loves snuggling up inside of it though the fluffiness kind of dissipates after extended use over the course of the year.

The Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed



Ease of Use

One small-breed dog owner with a pair of Dachshunds says that this cave Snoozer has been a hit right from the jump- she says that it is a thick and deep dog bed made of high-quality materials.

The Snoozer cave dog bed tapers towards the back, where the space is a bit tighter- and this is where her dogs enjoy snuggling up. Another Italian Greyhound owner, dogs that are prone to cold sensitivity, purchased these cave beds to keep his dogs warm when he puts them in the kennel, or when the air conditioner is cranked up to full blast in his house.

This allows his pets to insulate themselves and stay warm, at their discretion. He also provides another tip to acclimate dogs to these domed Snoozer dog beds- place a treat inside the cave bed and you will discover that your pet will crawl in and eventually get acquainted with the comforts of their domed dog bed.

Regarding sizing, one user commented that if your dog prefers a tight and cozy feel, purchase a Snoozer size that is 'just right', if they prefer something less tight and restrictive, purchase a size up to give them a little bit of extra room. Cozy space for snuggle-prone pets, comfy materials, Lots of sizes and colors to choose from. Not water-proof, little pricey.


  • Soft & firm bedding
  • Decreases pet pressure point pain
  • Attractive design- matches home decor


  • Takes a little bit of time to 'puff' up

Snoozer cozy cave bed video review


Snoozer Luxury Cozy is a round cave-type pet bed that provides your dog a soft and comfortable place to sleep and stay warm, especially for dogs that love to burrow, staying under the covers.

The bed inner pillow is filled with spring-wound poly & cedar bits for freshness. The cover features a hood to keep your dog covered, giving your pet a feeling of having its own cave.

The bed cover is a whole-piece that is lined in the interior with soft Sherpa fleece fabric, providing maximum comfort and smoothness and the exterior is made from ultra soft microsuede. The cover has a sturdy rust-proof zipper on the back for easy removal for machine washing.



  • Cave type dog bed with round shape
  • With sherpa fleece lined in the interior and micro-suede on the exterior
  • Filled with cedar and poly fill for best support, comfort and odor control
  • 4” high stationary hood provides dogs the feeling of being in their own cave
  • Heavy duty rust-proof brass zipper on the back of cover for easy removal
  • Cover is machine washable and dryable
  • It comes in 3 sizes
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Topped with a layer of poly batting for added cushion and comfort
  • For indoor use only
  • Made in the USA
  • Sizes & Dimensions:
  • Small Size (25″ W x 25″) / Overall: 25″ W x 25″ D x 4″ H – Overall Product Weight: 6 lbs
  • Large Size (35″ W x 35″) / Overall: 35″ W x 35″ D x 4″ H – Overall Product Weight: 10 lbs
  • X-Large Size (45″ W x 45″) / Overall: 45″ W x 45″ D x 4″ H – Overall Product Weight: 15 lbs


Most size charts classify the best size for each dog based on their weight, but not always weight is the best measurement. For example, if your dog is lightweight but large, the bed won’t be suitable even if it says so in the chart.

The best way to find the perfect size is to measure your dog as he/she sleeps To measure your dog you need to do it from its nose or front legs to back legs or rump and making sure to add about 10” to 14” or more, depending on how much room you want your dog to have for stretching and to put toys, etc. For example, if you add 10” you will be adding 5” in front of your dog and 5” on his back when sleeping, regardless of the dog’s position because the bed is round and we consider the bed’s diameter. Once you have your dog measurement when sleeping plus the extra inches for stretching you need to contrast this final number with the diameter of the bed. For example, the small size is under 25” diameter, if your final number fits on this dimension this is a good size for your dog.

Note: the Large size bed has a little narrow opening for large dogs so you may want to consider an XL size if you want your dog to easily enter the bed. Otherwise, you can always lift the hood for your dog if he can’t get in by himself (some dogs can).



The Luxury Cozy pet bed is round shaped, it comes assembled and it consists of an inner pillow and a cover.

The inside pillow is stuffed with poly fill and cedar. The stuffing is a thick, greenish and fluffy polyester batting with cedar bits sprinkled in, that gives the pillow about 8” high. The pillow or base can be removed through a brass rust-proof zipper on the back of the cover. The pillow has its own zipper where some stuffing can be removed as well if needed. This inner pillow is not orthopedic and it does not have memory foam inside.

The cover is entirely lined inside with sherpa fleece fabric and the whole outside is made from soft micro-suede fabric, including the bottom of the bed. The cover features a hood that stays stationary through a thick plastic tube that is covered by the micro-suede fabric on the edge of the hood. This plastic tube is pretty sturdy, not hollow, and it’s removable to wash the cover.

See a video here to better appreciate the bed’s construction and how a Large size accommodates 2 small dogs.




  • Hood gives a dog a sense of protection and natural instinct of cave
  • The materials of the bed have a good quality
  • Poly fill provides thick cushioning and cedar helps to control odors
  • Inside sherpa fleece is very soft and warm
  • Cover is easy to remove for washing as a whole-piece
  • The bed holds up well after washings
  • Brass zipper on the cover is strong and rust-proof
  • It’s a good way to stop your dog from using your own bed or couch
  • It can be used all year round. In summers by sleeping on top of the bed, in winters, inside the cave.
  • BONUS: A large variety of colors to match your decor


  • Sizing is a little confusing, the bed does not have a medium size (though, large size fits most of medium sized dogs)
  • Plastic tubing needs to be removed to wash the cover
  • Sometimes the plastic tubing pops up on one side (not always)
  • The hood opening is on the narrow side for the “Large” size.
  • “Small” size bed lacks a heavy base. Sometimes the unit tends to tilt when the dog tries to enter the bed.
  • The hood does not stay open all the way. It needs a little lift from the owner to let the dog in, specially with large dogs.
  • Cave type bed with a hood is not suitable for all dogs, some dogs may be afraid to enter it.
  • White fluff comes off from the sherpa fleece after washes (mostly with digger dogs)
  • DETAILS YOU MAY NOT MIND: The hood could be thicker


  • Important tip: if your dog is large and you want it to enter the bed easily, choose the XL size because Large size has a more narrow opening and your large dog may need your help lifting the hood to get inside the bed.
  • If choosing the color “peat” know that it’s more like a brown/beige color.
  • There are other versions of Snoozer caves. The Luxury edition has the best quality of materials.
  • Snoozer Luxury has very thick stuffing that may be too much for your dog in the beginning. You can open the pillow and pull some stuffing out as needed. As the pillow flattens with the time, you can put more filling back in.
  • Before washing your cave bed, you will think there is no opening to remove the plastic tubing, but it’s on one side, it’s hard to see it in the beginning.


Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is a very cozy, soft and well-cushioned bed for your dog. I need to mention several points of this bed so you won’t get confused:

There are 4 type of beds made from Snoozer: The “Luxury Cozy Cave” the one in this review, filled with poly fill and cedar. Then its lower version is the “Cozy Cave” which cover is not micro-suede and materials are less nice. Then you have the “Orthopedic Cozy Cave”, which has an orthopedic foam base, finally, you have “Luxury Orthopedic Cozy Cave” with orthopedic base but with micro-suede cover.

The sizing it’s a little tricky because the manufacturer did not label a medium size, but practically the Large size fits most medium and large sized dogs. The XL fits bigger than large sized dogs or simply large dogs that need to stretch more when sleeping or need a wider opening of the hood (the hood opening is kind of narrow in the size “Large” for large dogs). Anyhow, consider the above advice how to choose a size for your dog.

The Hood is not like a little tent where your dog will be under. It’s more like a slightly lifted cover that will go on top of your dog. This is why this bed is suitable for dogs that like to burrow or be covered by blankets.


The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is a well constructed that does not always stay all the way back as you see in the picture so you need to think of this bed as a nice bed to hide and be covered.

√ Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is suitable:

  • For dogs that like to burrow, hide and sleep under covers
  • To make your dog use its own bed rather than yours
  • If you want to provide your dog a very soft, warm and cozy bed to sleep
  • If you want a cover bed that is machine washable and dryable.

x It may not be suitable

  • For large dogs using the “Large” size bed, if you don’t want to lift the hood for your dog to enter the bed (solution is to get the XL size or getting Large size and lift the hood for your pet if you don’t mind doing it).
  • For giant breeds
  • For old dogs with arthritis or dogs with disabilities
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