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The Sleepy Pets corner dog bed (it also goes by 'Caddis' and 'Hidden Valley') comes in Large and Extra-large sizes. It features a poly-cotton upholstered bolster, and an attractive oatmeal-colored fabric that matches the fur of a golden retriever.

The liner is removable and machine washable-so there's no fuss cleaning it.

The primary draw of this pet bed is that it tucks neatly into any corner, which helps to minimize the floorspace that it takes up, as opposed to circular dog beds that can take up a lot of space, particularly if you have a large dog like a Rottweiler.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

The Sleepy Pets Dog Bed Review



Ease of Use

Users are pretty satisfied with this corner dog bed, saying that it provides thick cushioning ideal for larger dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers.

Another user can attest to its durability, saying that she has owned one of these corner dog beds for over three years and it is still going strong, with her Boxers and German Shepherds constantly battling over who gets to sleep in it and nest in its comfortable bolster.

Another Irish Setter owner says that his dog always preferred the human couch, but once he invested in this corner dog bed his pooch began immediately to start using it. It is a particularly spacious option, allowing his canine to fully stretch out, and since it is so easy to clean it's not a hassle to toss the liner into the washing machine with his own clothes.

Another reviewer says that no matter how many times she has washed her dog bed that it hasn't lost any of its puffiness. This particular user was also impressed with the small physical footprint of the corner dog bed, saying that it takes up much less space in his bedroom, and is therefore more convenient option in his small Brooklyn apartment.

Indeed, this is a comfortable dog bed for large-breed dogs that at the same time as a real space-saver.


  • Saves space
  • Great user feedback
  • Stays puffy for a long time


  • Not waterproof
  • Little pricey

How to make your own dog bed

The Caddis Corner Dog Bed Overview

The Caddis Corner Dog Bed allows you to make the most of the available space in your house, fitting nicely in any corner and giving your dog a comfortable place where to sleep and rest.

This pet bed features bolsters on the back where your pet supports its back or head.

The bed has a poly-cotton bolster upholstery and an oat meal colored polar fleece fabric on top. The cover is removable and machine washable and dry-able. The unit comes in a unique X Large size.


  • Corner shaped dog bed for maximum space
  • Poly-cotton Premium light Khaki colored bolster upholstery
  • Polar oatmeal colored top sleeping area
  • Polypropylene liner
  • Hypro-Loft fiber filling
  • Cover and liner are removable and machine washable and dry-able
  • X Large Dimensions: 64″L x 44″W
  • Suitability: Medium to Large dogs, up to 100 lbs.
  • Indoor only
  • Color: Khaki
  • Warranty: Covers manufacturer defects.


Caddis Corner Dog Bed is designed to fit in the corner of most rooms. The two sides facing the wall measure 44” length each and the front rounded side measures 64” length.

The bed’s front (rounded) edge height is about 5”- 6” from the floor and it gets fluffier towards the center in approx. 2” and a little less thick to the corner, about 5”. Including the bolsters the back corner height measures approx. 8”-9” (measurement is approximate since these beds are handmade). The bed is like a big soft fluffy pillow that is fluffier where the dog will lay, in the center and it stays fluffy on that area.

The bed’s parts are: 1) cover, 2) liner and filling.

The Cover: Is a bolstered non-waterproof poly-cotton cover with a zipper on the back to remove it.

The center area of the cover is made from ultra soft polar type fabric rather than fleece. The bolsters are 2 and located on the back of the bed, facing the wall, and they are slightly taller than the bed, about 2” to 3” from the sleeping surface. The bolsters are removable for easy washing.

Liner & Filling: The liner is made with Polypropylene fabric and is machine washable and dry-able, but it does not feature a zipper (new editions do).

The inner filling is Hypro-Loft, which is a unique mixture of virgin and recycled poly fibers that creates a very stable shape retention and ergonomic comfort. The bed tends to compress overtime with use, but it keeps most of its thickness.



  • Corner shape uses the space efficiently
  • Attractive design
  • Nice fitting in most corners
  • The bed is comfortable for dogs
  • Hypro-Loft filling provides nice fluffiness and shape retention
  • Zippered removable cover for easy washing
  • Bolsters allow the dog to rest its head
  • Ultra soft cover
  • BONUS: Hypro-Loft filling is ecologically friendly because it contains recycled poly fibers.


  • The bed is big and may take too much space (even with its corner shape)
  • Not easy to put the cover back on after washing it.
  • The bed loses some fluffiness over time (not very much though)
  • Some units don’t come as thick as shown in the picture (according to customers reviews)
  • Only one size available
  • YOU MAY NOT MIND: The bed comes vacuum packed and it’s hard to get it to its original shape


  • If your dog does circles on the bed before laying down, make sure to trim its nails before using this bed as the cover is very soft
  • Delicate wash and dry on cool setting or line dry


Caddis Corner Dog Bed is a very soft and fluffy bed that your dog will appreciate. You can find this same type of beds in brick-and-mortar stores for about $100- $120 so Caddis offers a good value for money- because you can find online retailers offering it for much less.

Note that the warranty does not cover dog damage, so the bed may not be suitable if your dog is a digger, chewer or if your pet has long toe nails. Also, if you did not like the bed for any reason and want to ship it back for a refund, you will have to pay a 20% restocking fee.


It’s very important to make sure the bed’s dimensions will fit your dog and to be confident your pet won’t rip the bed. With that said, Caddis Corner Bed is a fluffy and comfortable pet bed for:

  • Any large dog that is not a chewer/destroyer
  • A dog with pronounced bones that appreciates a fluffy bed
  • A dog with mild anxiety that tends to hide from busy areas in the house

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