The Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Kopeks Orthopedic dog bed is a memory-foam option that includes a 2.5" pillow and comes in a dark chocolate color. One user says that her 12-year-old Labrador mix found it a perfect fit, and another user with a 65 pound arthritic German Shepherd says that it is large enough to comfortably fit his dog.

As well, one Collie owner whose dog had developed incontinence found it an ideal dog bed because it is waterproof and the removable cover makes it easy to clean. In general, users say that requires about four hours to fluff up and expand after unpackaging it, and that the thick density foam provides solid orthopedic support.

On the downside, some users have said that the fabric tore with some dogs clawing at it over time- this was solved by laying a blanket over the mattress. One user also says that the zippers feel a little bit cheap- which makes removing the dog bed mattress cover a little bit difficult, but it's not a big deal.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

The Kopeks Dog Bed



Ease of Use

Our Rating: 4.3/5

In general, this is another solid option for large dogs like American Standard Poodles and Border Collies- with many customers say that their dogs enjoy leaning against the head rest support, almost any professorial manner.

Remember to measure your dog to get a sense of how long a dog bed you require- measure them while they are lying down and then add a foot-this will be the length that you require to comfortably fit your pet. By far, the number one complaint users have about various dog beds is that they don't fit their particular dog or that the dog, for whatever reason, decides that they don't fancy the dog bed.

You can at least ensure that you purchase the right-sized dog bed for your canine if you do a little bit of measuring before you purchase. Thick memory foam, generous headrest, removable cover. Some users say it's not a fit for extra-large dogs, for some users the foam didn't expand fully within 24 hours


  • Soft & firm bedding
  • Decreases pet pressure point pain
  • Attractive design- matches home decor


  • Takes a little bit of time to 'puff' up

Choosing the best dog bed for your pet

The Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is made of 4-inch thick high-density foam with 1.5 inch memory foam on top and a 2.5 inch think pillow, as well a waterproof removable cover.

The bed is orthopedic grade and gives your dog support, keeping your dog’s body away from the floor.

The Kopeks dog bed is made of 2 pieces of foam. With this type of memory foam your dog will get relief from muscle stiffness, joint, hip dyspepsia, and arthritis.

The beds come in small, large and extra large. This review is for the large size, suitable for medium to large size dogs.



  • Top layer is 100% memory foam
  • A 5.5″ thick memory foam mattress, made with two layers of Comfort foam and Support foam.
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Washable removable cover
  • It features a 2.5-inch thick pillow



Small 25in x 20in x 3.5in and 2.5in pillow

Large 35-Inches x 28-Inches x 5.5-Inches thick Memory Foam and 2.5 Inch thick Pillow.

X Large 50-in x 34-in x 7-in and 2.5 in pillow



This Kopeks dog bed consists of: a mattress, an inner liner and outer cover.

The mattress is made from two types of foam and on one end there is a 2.5-3-inch high pillow, made with the same memory foam as the 1.5 inch top.

The base is made of 4 inch H 50 support foam then on top of that is 1.5 inch of H10 comfort memory foam. The pillow is made from 2.5-3 inch H10 comfort memory foam.

The cover is zippered and it’s made from Faux Suede. The zipper goes around the top half of the bed (around the pillow) for removal for washing.

The white inner liner is zippered and water-resistant.



Small: For all toy size dogs

Large: Labs, Collie, Boxers, English Bulldogs, etc.

X Large: Great Danes, German Shepard’s, New Foundland.





  • 100% memory foam on top layer (bottom layer is regular firm foam)
  • Firm support for heavier dogs
  • Removable cover and water resistant liner


  • Thin layer of memory foam on top
  • Zippers with no tab and break easy
  • Waterproof liner is really a water resistant liner and will leak if you leave liquids too long
  • Cover isn’t very durable
  • It takes a long time to fully expand (up to 14 days or more) and sometimes the mattress doesn’t expand to size and pillow looks flatter than as in the picture.


Put the bed in a place your dog doesn’t see it for about two weeks, to allow the bed fully expand. After that your dog can use the bed.



In general, this Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed works for healthy dogs that like a firm feel mattress, but not for dogs that suffer disabilities or pain that need a good support with a sink in feel.

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