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The Dogbed4less extra large orthopedic dog bed is another solid option with raving customer feedback. This bed is ideal for large breed dogs weighing 50 lbs. or more like Afghans, Greyhounds, Mastiffs and Doberman Pinschers, for example.

It includes an orthopedic headrest so your pooch can get extra comfy and is constructed with memory foam technology, helping to provide extended durability and support for your pet. It comes in three separate sizes: 47" x 29", 55" x 37" and 55" x 47" and ships in 4 color options (black, brown, navy blue, microsuede brown and microsuede gray).

Remember that you can determine the best dog bed size for your pet by measuring your animal while it is lying down in a normal sleeping position and then adding 12 inches to determine the best bed length. Here's a video walk-through: 

Choosing a properly sized dog bed

DogBed4Less Memory Foam Dog Bed Review



Ease of Use

What do users say?

One user who purchased this dog bed for her 15-year-old hound says that since he had had very bad arthritis troubles, and required extensive medication, she was particularly invested in selecting a comfortable dog bed. She particularly like that it lies low to the ground so that the dog does not have difficulty getting into it- it's also large enough to accommodate his extra stature comfortably.

On the other end of the spectrum, one individual purchased this extra large orthopedic dog bed for their 220 pound English mastiff puppy- saying that the dog bed is big enough to accommodate her huge Mastiff as well as one of her children, as well. She was pleasantly surprised with how much support this dog bed provides- saying that it doesn't sag at all, providing generous cushion support for even the heaviest dogs.

These memory-foam, orthopedic dog beds are ideal for young and old animals-but are particularly useful in helping to treat canine pain associated with hip and joint dysplasia as well as arthritis. 


  • Generous cushion support,
  • Different sizing options,
  • Waterproof zipper cover
  • Removable cover for washing
  • Included headrest


  • Too big for medium and smaller sized dogs

Other popular options

This 100% one piece 4-inch memory foam DogBed4Less dog includes a 4-inch pillow, which is great for providing the support your dog needs. As well as relieving joint pain, hip dysplasia and arthritis.


  • One piece 4 inch non toxic solid memory foam 3.2 lbs high density mattress.
  • Internal Taffeta fabric waterproof zippered cover
  • Heavy duty 13oz/yard denim cover with eye lid design zippers for easy removable for washing
  • 4-inch Headrest pillow
  • High quality one piece memory foam that is 5 times denser than regular foam as well as 3 times heavier
  • Replacement covers are available at dogbed4less link
  • 3 Sizes: 47″ Length X 29″ Width 18 lbs / 55″ Length X 37″ Width 21 lbs / 55″ Length X 47″ Width 25 lbs
  • Cover colors: Denim in Brown, Denim in Navy Blue, Microsuede in Brown, Microsuede in Gray


Premium Extra Large Headrest consists of: (1) Foam Mattress (2) A pillow (3) Outer Cover (4) Internal cover.

Foam mattress: A one piece 4-inch thick 3.2 lbs high density memory foam with a 4-inch pillow that is also memory foam.

Outer Cover: The external cover comes in 2 types: a 13 oz/yard Denim fabric and 180 gsm Microsuede.

All the external covers feature a

hidden heavy duty zipper with extra stitching. The zipper runs along the left side of the bed from headrest to the other end.

If you choose the cover in Denim fabric the colors are Brown and Navy Blue and if you choose the Microsuede cover the options are Brown and Gray.

Inner Cover: Waterproof internal cover is made of taffeta fabric with a heavy duty zipper.



To make sure you get the right size bed for your dog measure your dog from its rear end to its nose and add about 10 inches and if your dog is a curler then you can get by with less than that.

47″ Length X 29″ Width: Good for Hounds, Shar Pei and Beagles

55″ Length X 37″ Width: Good for Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Collies

55″ Length X 47″ Width: Good for German Shepard’s, Great Danes, Mastiffs, New Foundland’s




  • The bed is 100% memory foam, the mattress, and the pillow
  • With a pillow for your dog to rest its head or chin
  • Covers are removed easily for cleaning
  • With double lining: the outer cover and the mattress liner
  • Fully expands fast
  • Small breeds like Chihuahua love the smallest size even though 3 of them can fit on it.
  • Soft and plush
  • Dogs love it


  • None mentioned


Premium Extra Large HeadRest Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed works as it should with very high-quality memory foam and will hold its shape over time.


Premium HeadRest Memory Foam dog bed is suitable for:

  • Heavy large breed dogs that need a firm mattress with even support that distributes their weight evenly and like their heads supported.

The bed may not be suitable for:

  • Small lightweight dogs (however, some small dogs could enjoy it sleeping together)

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