The Brentwood Memory Foam Gel Pet Bed Review

Brentwood Memory Foam Gel Pet Bed

The Brentwood memory gel foam orthopedic pet bed is a USA-made dog bed that comes in five attractive colors: blue fog, bronze, gray, sand and trout blue.

As well, it comes in four different sizes- a small that is 22" x 18", a medium that is 34" x 24", a large it is 46" x 29", and an extra large that is 54" x 35".

This is especially convenient- so if you have a small dog like a Pomeranian or a Yorkshire terrier, you'll get the small, if you have a Miniature Poodle or a Pug you'll get the medium, a Cocker Spaniel or a Border Collie a large, and if you own a Boxer or a Rottweiler you will get the extra large (Source).

In total, it provides 4" of foam support and its microfiber cover can be removed and cleaned.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

The Brentwood Dog Bed Video Review

The Brentwood Foam-Gel Dog Bed



Ease of Use

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Users are overall pretty satisfied these dog beds- though one user says that the small version of the Brentwood orthopedic dog bed doesn't have the same non-skid grip on the bottom as the medium and larger versions do.

One user took the initiative of wrapping the memory foam cushion and a garbage bag to protect it against being urinated on by her house cat. This protects the foam from getting wet- even though the liner itself is waterproof.

Sometimes these sorts of DIY modifications can turn in adequate talk that into something truly superior- one Great Dane owner says that he loves the Brentwood dog bed, but supplementing it with an added Serta mattress support made it just right for his 100 lb. + animal.


  • Variety of sizes
  • 3 year warranty
  • Attractive color options,
  • Removable microfiber cover


  • Waterproof exterior
  • Didn't always protect foam against urination
  • A bit expensive.

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The Brentwood Home Gel Infused Memory Foam Dog Bed provides your dog support relieving pressure points on your dog’s body, preventing body aches.

The 4-inch thick foam features a 2-inch gel infused memory foam on top which gel particles keep the bed cool and comfortable. The base layer is a 2-inch therapeutic foam that offers support for a good rest and relief for dogs with arthritis.

The unit features a soft zippered microfiber cover with a non-slide bottom to keep it from moving around the floor and a waterproof inner liner to protect the foam from liquids.


  • 2-inch gel infused memory foam layer keeps the bed more comfortable in summer
  • 2-inch therapeutic base layer foam provides orthopedic support, relieving the dog’s joints, arthritis and others.
  • 100% waterproof inner liner protects the foam from liquids
  • Soft microfiber cover is removable and machine washable
  • The bed is resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mites
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Available in 5 colors, Blue Fog, Bronze, Grey, Sand and Trout Blue.
  • Small: 18” W x 22” L x 4” H
  • Medium: 24” W x 34” L x 4” H
  • Large: 29” W x 46” L x 4” H
  • Extra Large: 35” W x 54” L x 4”
  • 3-year warranty
  • 100% Made in USA
  • CertiPUR-US*


Brentwood Home orthopedic pet bed consists of: (1) A 4-inch thick foam, (2) Inner waterproof liner, (3) Microfiber zippered cover.

4-inch thick foam: It has a 2-inch gel infused memory foam on top. This gel-infused foam contains gel particles that help to take heat away from the dog’s body. The base has a 2-inch therapeutic foam providing support relieving the dog’s body pressure points.

Inner waterproof liner: The black liner protects the foam from liquids and it does not have a zipper so it can’t be removed.

Cover: The cover is made from soft microfiber on top and sides and a non-slip bottom made from a thin fabric with little grip dots. The cover is zippered on 4 sides of the bed.

The bed comes rolled up tight and vacuum sealed in a box and once unpackaged, the bed expands in minutes to its full size.

*The Brentwood Home memory foam dog bed is CertiPUR-US certified. Learn the importance of this certification here.


Small: Dogs weighing up to 25 lbs / Body measuring up to 20-inch length

Medium: Dogs weighing up to 50 lbs / Body measuring up to 32-inch length

Large: Dogs weighing up to 80 lbs / Body measuring up to 44-inch length

X-Large: Dogs weighing up to 120 lbs / Body measuring up to 52-inch length



  • Gel infused foam layer on top provides a comfortable temperature on hot days
  • Base orthopedic foam layer offers support, good for dogs with arthritis
  • 100% waterproof inner liner
  • Liner does not make too much noise (still makes some noise)
  • Thick sturdy quilted removable zippered cover (except the thin fabric on the bottom).
  • Cover’s bottom is a non-slip fabric
  • The zipper runs along the 4 sides of the bed which makes it easier to put the foam back in.
  • Nice looking bed with a vintage look
  • Made in the USA
  • The bed fits nicely in crates
  • Sizes are spacious
  • EXTRA BONUS: It has CertiPur-US certification


  • Some units don’t come with the non-slip grip dots on the bottom
  • Zipper is not high quality
  • Fabric on bottom cover is very thin, with tiny rubber dots on it for grip
  • NOT A DEAL BREAKER: The giant Brentwood tag on the side of the cover


—You’ll see a tiny string connecting the outer cover to the panel underneath the bed: don’t cut this string because it’s made to prevent you from unzipping too far.

—Wash the cover zippered to protect it from more wear and tear.

—Air dry on a line or shower rod.


Brentwood dog bed looks better in the picture than in person, but this unit it’s a comfortable bed for your dog and your pet probably will love it.

It seems like the cover has great quality on top and sides but not a good quality on the bottom which gets ripped after washings. However, the Company sent better quality covers to unhappy customers and these covers look different, featuring decorative stitching, resembling a mattress. Still, the thin fabric used on the bottom of the cover keeps being a main complaint from various customers.

The waterproofness of any liner depends on the severity of the “accident” and how long it sits on the bed (liquids can’t sit for many hours), but the liner of this bed protects the foam effectively against liquids.


Brentwood Home memory foam dog bed is a very comfortable pet bed that your dog will love. The bed also provides good therapeutic support on your dog’s body. However, due to the inconsistency in the quality of the material used on the bottom of the cover, consider that you may need to adjust or replace the cover after several machine-washes and in this sense the company has a very good customer response.

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