The Bambu Cross Dog & Cat Hammock Review

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The 7 lb., Bambu pet hammock by Pet Lounge Studios is an amusing but well-designed dog hammock. It comes in a range of different colors including berry blue, chestnut brown, graphite grey, kiwi green and tango orange. It's recommended for dogs and cats under 25 lbs.

This unorthodox dog sleeping surface is designed to accommodate your dogs weight, helping to decrease pressure-point pain and the discomfort that attends and predates the development of canine arthritis. It is designed primarily for small dogs, and its product dimensions are 9" H x 26" W x 23" D.

The hammock bedding is made of hypoallergenic suede and it sits on non-skid bamboo frame.

The Pet Lounge Studios Bambu Cross Pet Hammock Review

Pet Lounge Studios Bambu Cross Pet Hammock



Ease of Use

What do users say?

Users, in general are pretty satisfied with their dog hammock, saying that their animals enjoy being off of the ground, especially cold kitchen tile floors. They also commend how easy it is to clean- with one user saying that although there was a minor footprint stain on her bamboo pet hammock when she received it, it easily wiped clean.

Another buyer actually purchased this hammock for her cat- and she says that it was easy to assemble, and that it was low enough to the ground that her elderly cat was able to climb into it without too much trouble.

Yet another user that owns a pair of Chihuahuas describes how both of them enjoy hanging out in the hammock together. They enjoy running and jumping onto it and guests in their home are often amused by the attractive design and functionality of this innovative bamboo pet hammock.

Indeed one of the best features of this particular pet hammock is its attractive design- it blends into most home decors, fits pretty snugly into living rooms and kitchens, and provides a comfortable resting space for your pet.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Good for cats as well as dogs
  • Decreases pet pressure point pain
  • Attractive design- matches home decor


  • Too small for dogs over 25 lbs

Bulldog playing on a hammock in the rain


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