The 5 Cutest Dog Beds [Ranked]

Cute Dog Beds

If you are in the market for a cute and adorable dog bed, you're in luck because there are a variety of different styles on the market today to choose from (Source).

Whether you want a pink, princess-style pet bed; a dog teepee; or even a dog house shaped like a strawberry, check out some of our top picks below and you'll be able to outfit your pet in the cutest manner possible (Source).

One of our favorites is the Kojima car pet bed- it is a 1.8 pound dog bed shaped in the style of a fancy black sports car. Reviewers say that it is an adorable option and you can even personalize the license plate to make it even more incredibly adorable.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

Another buyer who purchased one for his Chihuahua says that he supplemented his car dog bed with a small blanket to keep his pet warm.

He says it is also very fluffy and plush, and he was incredibly surprised at the quality of the materials used-saying that it resembled a dog bed 5x the price.

Another purchaser says that he purchased it for his Yorkshire Terrier, and in general it's a quality dog bed, but the sleeping area itself is pretty small- so you should only buy it if your dog weighs under 6 pounds.

Cute Dog Beds Compared

The 5 Cutest Dog Beds Reviewed

1. The Leegoal Dog House Review



Ease of Use

This cute dog bed that looks like a strawberry can also serve as a dog house for smaller pets. The sizes do tend to run smaller than expected. The small size puppy bed will hold up to six pounds.

The medium size can hold up to 13 pounds, the large size will hold up to 20 pounds and the one that is said to be extra large will hold up to 28 pounds. This small dog bed also comes in three colors; red, blue and purple.

The dog bed house has a comfortable pad and the inside pad can be removed for easy cleaning. It's soft and pillow like and keeps small dogs, puppies and cats warm and comfortable. It can easily be folded making it easy to carry, store and transport.

Most customers who have purchased this cute dog bed for smaller dogs tend to really like the cute look it has and that it seems to keep their dogs quite warm and comfortable. Other owners have commented on how well it is made and the high-quality material it's made of. Others have commented that the sizes are too small for their small pets.


  • Cute looking
  • Well made
  • High-quality material
  • Removable inner pad
  • Easy to wash
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Folds up easy for transport and storage


  • Sizes tend to be smaller than anticipated

Adorable Dog Bed DIY

2. The Coral Fleece Heart-Shaped Princess Dog Bed Review



Ease of Use

This is a small luxury pet bed fit for a small female dog or cat. It comes in just one size which measures 12.3” x 16.5” x 5”. This small cute dog bed is specially designed with female pets in mind with its pretty princess look.

It is made of a plush material that is soft and comfortable for all small dogs and cats. It comes in a wide range of colors: blue, coffee, green, pink, red, rose, watermelon red, and wine red. It also has faux lace as a trim and comes with two small heart pillows.

It has a cushion that is removable for easy cleaning and the bottom of this cute pet bed is waterproof.

Customers of small dogs who have bought this little luxury bed have found the bed to be adorable looking and ideal for their little dogs. Others have complained that the trim is not real lace and that the bed could be stuffed with more fill.


  • Plenty colors to choose from
  • Cute design
  • Removable cushion
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Waterproof bottom


  • Not real lace
  • Not stuffed with enough fill

3. The Grey Shark Dog Bed Review



Ease of Use

This is a pet house and cave bed for either small dogs or small cats. This cute and interesting pet bed comes in just two smaller sizes, the small size that measures 16.5” x 16.5” x 14.5” and will hold up to 18 pounds and the medium bed measures 20.5” x 20.5” x 20.5” and will hold up to 20 pounds.

This shark bed is made of a self-warming material that will radiate your pets heat back to your pet so they will be kept warm when needed. The outer material is super fine fiber and it is filled with high-quality PP cotton.

The cushion inside this cute dog bed/cave is removable and it can be machine washed, the bed itself can also be cleaned in the washer and then line dried. The bottom is waterproof and will not slip.

Pet owners like how lightweight this cute shark pet bed is because it can be placed anywhere they want with ease. Others who have purchased this pet bed have commented on how easy it is to clean by just putting it in the washer. Cats seem to enjoy it more than dogs. Some have commented that the cushion inside the bed is too thin.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to remove cushion
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Won't slip
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to move around
  • Made of high-quality self-warming material


  • Cushion too thin
  • Cats tend to like better than dogs

4. The Kojima Sports Car Dog Bed Review




Ease of Use

If cute is what you are looking for, for your small dog, you might want to check out this pet bed that looks like a little convertible car. This is one of those cute dog beds that is entirely made of a soft pillow design covered in imitation sherpa fleece, cotton and other non-woven fabrics for extra comfort.

This is a cozy well-cushioned dog bed for small dogs or cats and measures 27.6” x 19.7” x 7.9”. The entire cute and cozy dog or cat bed can be completely washed in your washer, nothing to take apart, the entire bed goes in the washer. The bed is made of high-quality material that holds in the heat well for colder winter months.

Pet owners who have bought this sports car dog bed enjoy the look of this pet bed and that the material does not attract dog hairs. Customers like how lightweight it is and easy to move around as well as extremely easy to wash.

The only complaint has been the bed itself is big but the overall sleeping area tends to be small.


  • Nice price
  • High-quality
  • Made well
  • Soft and cozy
  • Ideal size for very small dogs
  • Easy to wash entire bed fits in washer
  • Holds heat in
  • Material doesn't attract dog hairs


  • Sleeping area somewhat small

5. The Tent Dog Bed Review



Ease of Use

This cute pet bed is specifically designed for small dogs and cats to enjoy and sleep in. It comes in one size that measures 23.6” x 23.6” x 33.1” for the tent and the stick for the center measures 33.1”.

Overall weight is extremely light, weighing just 1.5 pounds. It comes in two colors navy or red and you can buy it with or without the padded bed mat. The house tent of this cute pet bed is made of high-quality cotton material and can be thrown in the washer for cleaning.

The dog or cat bed is very easy to assemble and take down. It folds up easily and has it's own convenient bag to carry it in. If you buy the cushion with it, it measures 22.8” x 22.8” and it too is washable.

Customers tend to enjoy this tee-pee style dog house pet bed because of the cuteness of the design. Many pet owners who have purchased it also like that the entire house and bed mat are machine washable. Being easy to assemble and take down for storage and travel is another plus many customers have pointed out as being a selling point.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to take down for storage and travel
  • Cute design
  • High-quality material
  • Well made
  • Easy to clean all machine washable


  • None reported

What Are Dog Owners Saying?

Another exceedingly cute option is the strawberry-shaped pet house by Leegoal. This is very low-priced item, so you really can't go wrong, and users say that it is incredibly soft and, of course, super adorable. Some buyers like it because it's good for cats as well as small dogs.

You need to be careful regarding sizing this option prior to purchase and figure out the dimensions that are the best fit for your pet because some dog owners complain that it was too small for their canines. Indeed many reviewers that we surveyed say that this band is only designed for small pets like Shih Tzus and miniature poodles.

Another adorable option that we examined is the incredibly cute Cora fleece series of beds that come in heart shapes as well as a variety of colors including coffee, blue, red and watermelon. To avoid gender confusion, the manufacturers say that it is specifically designed for female cats, in essence being a princess-style dog bed constructed of incredibly soft and plush fabric, with a waterproof design.

There is some mixed feedback regarding this option-some people disappointed that it is a little bit too flimsy for their tastes. Another option that looks like something you would buy from Hammacher Schlemmer is the gray shark dog bed- this is a particularly eccentric, but exceedingly cute, dog bed that weighs 1.1 pounds and is great for dogs that like to snuggle into cave areas.

Users have purchased this for cats as well as dogs- users are blown away at how adorable it is when their pets crouched at the opening of the sharks mouth peering out. If you are in the market for a dog bad, these cute dog beds can be great options, but if you have an older dog that needs special orthopedic accommodations- you'll want to prioritize that instead of purchasing something that's more gimmicky.

Indeed, dog beds in their truest form are designed to provide padding for pets that have a hard time lying on cold and hard surfaces. Indeed, there are a variety of different dog beds on the market today, whether you are purchasing a lounger, an elevated pet cot, something that is mattress-style or just a simple pad or mat.

So, if you have an older dog, a large dog, you may want to look into memory-foam options that provide your pet with the durable support that they likely need.

How To Make Your Own Dog Bed


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