The 5 Best Outdoor Dog Beds Reviewed

Outdoor Dog Beds

Waterproof, outdoor dog beds are great way to provide your pet some comfort outside, perhaps by the pool (Source).

Some options like the Snoozer and the FurHaven are useful out of doors because they are waterproof (also great for incontinent dogs) while the Refined Canine Chaise Lounge and Quik Shade options help provide your dog shade outside with their canopy features (Source).

The Hugs Dog Gel mat is a cooling option- so it's 'superpower' is to provide dogs a cool space to lie in hot areas.

Let's take a look at five of the best-selling outdoor dog beds in the market today and see how they compare.

Outdoor Dog Beds Compared

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds For 2019

1. The FurHaven Outdoor Dog Bed Pillow Review

Deluxe Outdoor Pillow Dog Bed Size: Medium (3



Ease of Use

The FurHaven deluxe outdoor pet bed is soft, comfortable and ideal for pets that like to sprawl. Users love the size and the waterproofed cover, but some do note that it doesn’t lay completely flat.

The outside pillow bed has a soft sleeping surface, waterproof design and the insulating polyester fiber fill is contained in a zipped liner sleeve so it could be refilled if there’s a need.

You can also remove the top cover to clean it from pet hair and dirt. It’s available in three sizes – medium (3" x 20" x 30"), large (3" x 27" x 36") and x-large (4.5" x 35"x 44"), so it could be perfect for a big dog.

One buyer shares that this waterproofed dog bed is soft but sturdy, and it dries very quickly. Another customer comments that her 12-year-old dog liked this cheap outdoor bed instantly, and its fluffiness makes it ideal for elder dogs.

A happy user mentioned that she was surprised how spacious the bed was and that her Australian Shepherd started sleeping on it right away. Another reviewer states that the x-large size is big enough to hold her Pitbull without problems.

Most of the customers have complained that the pillow dog bed makes too much noise because it’s filled with air, and their dogs are afraid to step on it. Some also state that there isn’t enough padding inside to be comfortable for their dog.


  • three sizes available
  • waterproofed design
  • removable top cover
  • filling can be refilled


  • made in China
  • filled with too much air
  • crunching noise when the dog steps on it
  • only one color available

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2. The Snoozer Waterproof Outdoor Pet Bed Review

Snoozer Waterproof Pet Bed



Ease of Use

The Snoozer outdoor pet bed is spacious, well-made and it could be a cozy sleeping place for your dog. Users love the waterproofed design and size, but some do note that it can be a little noisy when their pets are settling in.

This raised outdoor dog bed has a durable but soft ceder poly filling and a removable cover with a sturdy brass zipper. It’s available in multiple colors, two shapes – round and square, and two sizes – small (44" x 28") and large (54" x 36").

Overall, it could be the right choice for you if you have an elderly dog with bladder problems

One buyer commented that he chose this outdoor bed for dogs because the stuffing didn’t get ruined when the dog had accidents. The reviewer also states that the bed looks puffy and after several months, it still looks like new even though her 125 lb. dog uses it daily.

Another purchaser shares that her 11-year-old Husky prefers to sleep on this large outdoor bed at night. The user would recommend it to anyone who has an outdoor dog. A satisfied buyer stated that she was surprised by the size of the pet bed and how comfortable it is.

The reviewer says that she washes it regularly due to her dog’s inconsistent issues, and the fabric is holding up pretty well. However, most of the users have complained that the Snoozer waterproofed bed fills with air and it makes loud noises when the dog moves. Some also have noted that it’s too puffy, and their dog is scared to try it.


  • waterproofed
  • two shapes and sizes available
  • sturdy brass zipper and a removable cover
  • easy to wash


  • noisy
  • holds too much air

3. The Hugs Pet Products Dog Gel Mat Review

Dog Gel Mat Size: Medium (20



Ease of Use

The gel mat dog bed offered by Hugs is stylish, durable and lightweight. Users love that it’s effective in keeping their pets cool, but some do note there’s no cover. The large outdoor dog is made from vinyl and foam with a gel filling inside, and since it is water and weather resistant it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It’s available in two sizes – medium (0.75" x 16" x 20") and large (0.75" x 20" x 36") and it’s light and foldable so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. It seems like a good solution for the hot summer days.

As a whole, customers are happy with the functionality, design, and portability of the cooling gel bed for dogs. One buyer shares that it’s perfect for her 5-year-old Spaniel who tends to overheat, but it would have been better if there is a pillowcase included.

Another satisfied purchaser comments that his large cooling mat is very useful for long trips because the dog can have a comfortable and cool place in the car to rest. A happy user states that she can feel the coolness of the dog bed and her 61 lb pit/lab mix uses the gel mat bed all summer when he gets too hot.

However, some customers have expressed their disappointment that the coolness doesn’t last for more that a few hours.


  • cooling feature
  • light
  • foldable
  • spacious
  • water and weather resistant
  • low-cost


  • no cover
  • has to be hand wash
  • made in China

4. The Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounge Review

The Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounge



Ease of Use

If you are looking for cozy, well-made and a high-quality dog bed, the Refined Canine outdoor chaise lounge bed might be ideal for you. Users love the hanging canopy and the fact that it could be removed, but some do note that it would be too big for small dogs.

Made of waterproofed poly rattan, this elevated dog bed with canopy has a 6-inch thick removable cushion made of polyester. It’s available in two sizes – large (35.5"x 28"x 31.5") and extra large (41"x 43" x 38") and the fabric is weather, stain and fade resistant.

Overall, this seems like an excellent chaise lounge bed for an outdoor dog, but a high-cost one.

As a whole, customers are extremely satisfied with the functionality, design, and durability of this canopy pet bed. One customer mentions that extra large outdoor bed is just right for his Siberian Husky, and it does a great job at protecting him from the sun.

A user shares that the lounge and the cushion are made of quality materials and the cover is also very easy to clean in the washing machine. She would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique piece of furniture. A happy buyer comments that she worried that the white color of the mattress, but months later it’s still looking good and clean.

The reviewer also says that although her Schnauzer likes to dig, there are no signs of tearing. Users have only minor complaints about the limited color options, and one buyer states that he received only the top part of the bed.


  • waterproofed
  • elevated
  • removable canopy and thick cushion


  • not suitable for small dogs
  • only two sizes and one color available
  • high-cost

5. The Quik Shade Pets Dog Shade Bed Review

Instant Pet Shade Bed Size: Medium (29



Ease of Use

If you are on the lookout for a cheap canopy bed, you might want to consider the Quick pet shade bed. Users love the price, the lightweight design and the fact that it can be folded for easy storage. However, some do note that the mesh can sag under the dog’s weight.

This elevated mesh dog pet has an angled polyester top and a strong steel frame. It’s available in two sizes – medium (29"x 36" x 24") and large (33" x 42"x 30") and it has a carrying bag so you can take it with you when you travel. Overall, it’s a reasonable priced dog bed that would keep your dog off the ground and out of the sun.

As a whole, customers are satisfied with the performance of this raised dog bed for the outdoors. One buyer mentions that the carrying bag is very useful for traveling and that bed is well-made, and you just have to pop in open to use it.

Another user comments that his Chihuahua loves this bed, and it keeps him off the cold or hot ground and cool in the summer. A happy purchaser shares that he uses this canopy dog bed on the beach and the mesh fabric doesn’t get too sandy. Another customer states that his two Bichons can both fit on the large outdoor canopy pet bed, and the material holds up very well after several months of use.

However, some customers are disappointed that safety latches break easily, and they have troubles closing and opening it. Some also have complained that the bed didn’t last long, and the color fades quickly under the sun.


  • light
  • foldable
  • carrying bag
  • low-cost


  • made in China
  • problems with the safety latches
  • color fades quickly
  • only two sizes available

What are outdoor dog bed owners saying?

Users say that water proof & outdoor dog beds are great way to ensure that they won't be destroyed when you toss them in the washing machine, unlike other dog beds that come out of the washing cycle having lost some of their firmness and fluff. Indeed, if your dog suffers from incontinence issues, or a leaky bladder, and you therefore need to wash this waterproof bed multiple times, it's important to purchase a rugged, waterproof option that can withstand that sort of use.

One solid option is the Snoozer waterproof pet bed. Users say that it is well-made, good for outdoor use, however the waterproof covering itself can be a little bit loud whenever the dog moves around, as they settle in to rest. Another dog owner with a 125 lb. mastiff says that they love the dog bed- that it is ideal for their older, large-breed canines.

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Sometimes, she says, she has to help her elderly pooch get onto the bed because he is unsure of his footing, but once he is situated in the bed it provides a comfortable resting space for him outside. She is also a cat owner and says that the cats love bed when the mastiff isn't on it and that one time one of the cats urinated on the bed and the urine just ran right off the waterproof cover.

Another dog owner says that they purchased four of these pet beds for their multiple dogs, situating them on a screen porch where their five Alaskan Malamutes love resting on them. They are able to withstand all of the elements- no matter whether it snows, hails, rains, or anything- and they maintain their appearance, don't end up smelling with a vicious odor, and provided enduring comfort for their pets.

Another solid option is the Hugs Pet Products dog gel mat- this is a lightweight gel mat constructed of foam and vinyl designed to keep your dog cool while providing water-proof protection.

Users say that it is extremely portable, since it rolls up, and is a pretty cool place for your pet to rest when they get hot outside. Another user writes that her Collie was diagnosed with cancer and her veterinarian recommended this particular bed to help with cooling her body down. She says that her pet seems to rest a little bit easier on this style of dog bed outside than the memory-foam dog bed they had previously been using. Another user found that outfitting this orthopedic dog gel mat with a pillowcase help to convince her pooch to try it out-she also says that it's a great fit for the pet carrier she uses to transport him.

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A fancier outdoor dog bed option is the outdoor dog chaise lounge- it is a little bit more expensive than the other options we have examined, but it provides a truly unique design and experience for your pet. The manufacturers say that it is particularly ideal to situate poolside on your backyard patio or any spot in your backyard to help shelter your pet from the sun, by providing a pillowed resting space for them to relax.

Users say that they enjoy how unique this chaise lounge is, how attractively it coordinated with their existing outdoor furniture, and that the cabana protects dogs from the sun out of doors.

Another interesting variation of the chaise lounge is the Instant Pet Shade bed which provides a comfortable canopy for your dog with an elevated mesh bed that helps to keep them cool was circulated air. One user purchased a pair of these in different sizes so that she could take her Terrier and Retriever mix to the lakeside and the beach and have her dogs comfortably protected from prolonged sun exposure. However, since they are pretty lightweight, you won't want to keep these dog beds permanently installed outside last a strong thunderstorm whisks them away.

Final thoughts

If you're in the market for an outdoor dog bed, many users prioritize purchasing a bed that it is waterproof, with a removable liner, while others prefer purchasing an option that includes a canopy to protect their beloved animals from dangerous sun exposure.

Make sure to take some initial measurements before purchasing an outdoor dog bed and consider the different styles that are available to purchase. It might be that a cooling pet bed, or gel mat, could be a good option for your dog, while others require a pet bed that provides a canopy and sunshade.


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