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Dog pet stairs enable your pooch to easily and securely access their favorite spots, perhaps supporting an elderly Labrador Retriever, or just a small-breed dog like a Chihuahua that can't climb up or down from your bed unassisted (Source).

Oftentimes, pets can injure themselves jumping off of the bed- so purchasing some pet stairs can be a convenient solution to enable your dog or even your cat to access their favorite resting spot (Source).

The Crown Pet Products and Solvit pet stairs have weight capacities of 200 lbs., while the Pet Gear Easy Step has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. if you are looking for heavy-duty options for larger dog breeds (Source).

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You'll want to take some careful measurements prior to purchasing these pets stairs to ensure that it will be the proper height for the location you are going to use them with.

Let's take a look at five of the best-selling at stairs on the market today and see how they compare.

Dog Stairs Compared

Choosing The Best Pet Stairs For Your Dog

There are a variety of pet stairs available for purchase online- you'll want to take some preliminary measurements so that the steps you buy can accommodate the height of the elevated area your dog needs to access. 

The Best Dog Steps & Stairs For 2019

1. The Pet Gear Easy Step Pet Stair Review

Pet Gear Easy Step IV 4 Step Pet Stair



Ease of Use

The easy four steps pet stair offered by Pet Gear is solid, well-built and useful for pet owners. User love that these doggie steps are easy to move around and assemble, but some do note that they take a lot of space.

With a plastic frame and four carpeted steps, this pet stair for dogs has a size of 30.5" x 16" x 33.5", rubber feet to avoid slipping, and it’s suitable for dogs up to 150 lbs. The stair rise is 7.5" and the carpet inserts can be removed and washed, so it seems a helpful product to have around the house.

Users are satisfied with the construction, durability, and usefulness of the Pet Gear steps for dogs. One buyer commented that it took her only five minutes to train her Yorkies to go up and down the stairs. She also states that they are perfect for high post beds.

Another buyer shares that these doggie stairs are a necessity if you have a small dog that likes to jump from high places. The reviewer also mentions that steps are wide enough to be comfortable for her Maltese, and she would recommend it to anyone looking for top rated pet stair.

A satisfied user states that this stair for small dogs is a good solution if you don’t want to get up at night to let the dog down or up. However, some have complained that the stairs are unstable for heavier dogs, and the steps are narrower than they expected.


  • easy to move and assemble
  • rubber feet
  • suitable for dogs up to 150 lbs
  • carpeted removable surface


  • made in China
  • complaints that the steps are narrower
  • made from plastic
  • limited color options

Dogs vs. Stairs

2. The New Cat Condos Pet Stairs Review

Premier Pet Stairs Color: Gray



Ease of Use

The premier pet steps offered by New Cat Condos are stylish, durable and can be used both for dogs and cats. Users love the design and the fact that these stairs don’t move and stay where you put them. However, some do note that the color varies from the provided images.

Made from solid, stable wood, this 3-step pet dog stair has a size of 19" x 20" x 19", a carpeted, slip-resistant surface and it’s available in several colors. The step rise is 6 inches, and the weight capacity - is 50 lbs. The overall weight of the dog stair for beds is 25 pounds, so it’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

One user comments that these steps are ideal for older pets, and her dogs use it daily without any problems. The reviewer also states that the stairs are heavy, so they won’t move an inch, the material is of high-quality, and she would recommend it without a second thought.

Another customer shares that her 8-year-old Pomeranian uses only these doggie steps when she wants to climb on the bed, and she is pleased with the carpeting and the construction. A satisfied user mentions that his dog doesn’t limp so badly since she bought the premier pet steps for arthritic pets and it’s a great help for dogs that have aging issues.

However, some have complained that the steps are too narrow even for a small dog and their dog is too afraid to use them. Some comment that it’s more suitable for cats.


  • lightweight
  • multiple colors available
  • carpeted surface
  • made from wood
  • made in the USA


  • the carpet surface can’t be removed
  • suitable for small dogs or cat
  • color differentiates from the image

3. The Crown Pet 3 Step Pet Stair Review

Designer 3 Step Pet Stair with Storage Color: Espresso



Ease of Use

If you are looking for reliable, well-designed and elegant-looking pet steps, you might want to take a look at the three step pet stair offered by Crown Pet. Users love the extra storage space under the stairs and that it’s easy to assemble.

However, some do note that it isn’t easy to fasten the steps. With an overall size of 21" x 18" x 27" and a stair rise of 7 inches, these bed stairs for dogs are made from wood with hinged, carpeted steps and rubber pads on the bottom. It’s available only in beige and has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. Overall it looks like a high-quality product.

Generally, users are extremely satisfied with the quality and functionality of the Crown Pet portable dog stairs. One user mentions that the steps hold the weight of her 75-pound Bulldog, and they are tall enough to be comfortable for him.

A happy buyer states that the pet steps for high beds are well-made and sturdy, plus the extra storage space is ideal for pillows, blankets, and toys. The reviewer also says that the height of the steps is good, even for a small dog.

Another customer shares that this is a good solution for elder pet like her 13-year old Labrador who can’t jump anymore and she would gladly recommend it. However, some buyers have complained that it’s difficult to tighten the screws since they are in an awkward place or that their pet steps arrived with broken hinges.


  • weight capacity of 200 lbs
  • storage space under the stairs
  • portable
  • made from wood


  • some difficulties with assembly
  • complaints of broken parts
  • high-cost
  • made in China

4. The Solvit Wood Pet Stairs Review

PupStep 4 Step 20'' Wood Pet Stairs



Ease of Use

The wood 4-step pet stair offered by Solvit is solid, well-designed and useful for old or disabled pets. Users love the sturdy construction and the fact that it’s foldable and easy to store. However, some do note that the steps might be too small for big dogs.

With a size of 20"x 16" x 24" and a stair rise of 4.75 inches, this pup wood stair has a wooden frame, brass hardware, built-in side rails and carpeted steps. The weight capacity of the Solvit pet stairs is 200 lbs, and it can be folded for transport or storage. As a whole, it seems like a good, reasonably priced product, but not very suitable for bigger dogs.

Generally, users have a favorable opinion of this wooden dog steps with some remarks regarding its stability. One customer shares that the quality of the Solvit dog bed stairs is excellent and the wood is sturdy and well-made.

Another reviewer comments that it’s great for dog with hip dysplasia like her Husky, and it helps to alleviate her dog’s discomfort. A pleased purchaser says that this foldable dog stair is easy to assemble, and her dog runs up and down them with pleasure. However, some users have complained that the wood dog bed steps slip and wobble a lot and that the collapsing leg can be knocked down.


  • foldable
  • portable
  • wooden frame
  • carpeted steps
  • 200 lbs weight capacity
  • side rails


  • it’s not good for large dogs
  • wobbling issues
  • doesn’t have a rubber base to prevent slipping

5. The Solvit Plastic 4 Step Pet Stairs Review

Pup 4 Step 28



Ease of Use

If your dog has troubles jumping on or off your bed, you might want to consider the 4-step pet stairs offered by Solvit. Users love the beautiful design and color and the fact that it’s easy to store. However, some do note that the steps are not entirely covered with a non-slip cover. This foldable dog bed step is made from plastic with built-in side rails for protection.

It has a size of 25" x 18" x 28", a stair rise of 6 inches, a ramp length of 30 inches, plus non-skid feet and a weight capacity of 200 lbs. Overall, it seems like a practical stair for dogs.

As a whole, users have a positive opinion regarding the Solvit dog pet stairs. One purchaser comments that her 85-pound dogs aren’t afraid at all to use this portable pet stair, and it doesn’t shake at all when they rush up and down. Another reviewer states that the steps are light enough for him to move them wherever he wants, and her aging dog uses them regularly to climb on the bed.

A satisfied buyer shares that the Solvit dog steps don’t require any assembly at all – you just have to swing them open. However, users mainly complain that the non-slip feet are not reliable, and the stair would slide and move easily and as a result, their dogs are afraid to use it.

Some also have stated that they might be too narrow for a big dog like a Golden Retriever or too steep for toy dogs.


  • light
  • foldable
  • built-in side rails
  • weight capacity of 200 lbs
  • no assembly required


  • non-slip feet are not effective
  • made from plastic
  • steps are not entirely carpeted

What are pet stair users saying?

Pet Gear's Easy Step pet stairs is a popular choice- it's constructed from plastic materials designed to provide sturdy support that lasts for a long time. Users say that the steps are certainly not flimsy, and one particular user says that while she thinks they are quality products her particular canine is afraid to use them.

Even though this particular pet owner has placed treats on each step to entice her Chihuahua to clamber all the way up to the fourth and final step, she just can't get the dog to do it. Her experience seems to be the minority, however, with other users saying that the dogs quickly grew accustomed to using these steps to access couches, beds and other elevated surface areas.

One dog owner who owns a pair of French Bulldogs says that since her dogs insist on sleeping with her, most of the night they spend jumping on and off the bed, causing her to wake up to lift them back onto the bed several times over the course of the night- disrupting her own sleep patterns.

She says that this pet stairway has enabled her bulldogs to go up and down unassisted, leaving her to get a restful night's sleep. Other dog owners say that they buy these and other dog stairs because of the strain that is put on their pets joints when they jump off of elevated surfaces like beds- with one owner saying that her veterinarian had recommended purchasing a pair of pet stairs so that her 50 lb. Retriever mix can exit the bed in a more orthopedic manner.

How to make your own pet stairs

The New Cat Condos' pet stairs were another popular pick- though ostensibly designed for use with cats, they can easily accommodate dogs as well. The manufacturers describe their stairs as providing a way for aged, injured, or just small-breed dogs and cats to be able to independently access elevated spaces like cars or couches. Users say that they are great for elderly or handicapped cats that have difficulty getting to furniture heights that they used to easily access and a single bound.

One Brussels Griffon owner says that it only took his dog a couple evenings of practice before he was climbing up and down the stairs, sparing him the aggravation of jumping off beds, and sparing his owner the difficulty of having to pick up his pet whenever the dog wanted to get onto the bed. One German Shepherd owner says that even for her large dog these pet stairs were completely functional- and since they're not made of plastic, they are particularly sturdy as well as relatively fashionable if you need to match the interior decor of your home to the pet stairs that you purchase.

The Crown Products 3-Step pet stairs received high praise from reviewers who say that they are gorgeous to look at, relatively easy to assemble, and on top of that are sturdily designed for long-term use. One user who reviewed this particular product says that the pet stairs fit comfortably against the side of her bed, convenient for a diverse variety of her pets to access the bed.

She happens to own a pair of cats, one small-breed dog and an overweight Labrador Retriever- all of whom are able to use the stairs to clamber atop her queen-size bed. In addition, she says that she uses the interior space of the pet stairs to store some bulky blankets and bedding, helping to conserve space.

The Solvit was another heavy-duty solution, with its 200 lb. weight capacity, that was a recommended purchase by dog owners with aging, large-breed dogs. While some dog owners said that the steps, and the stairs themselves, are a little bit wide, this does provide additional security for their aging canine, helping him to get up and down from their living room couch.

Final thoughts

Purchasing pet stairs can be a great way to help you or pet climb up onto beds and other elevated areas that for whatever reason they have difficulty accessing, whether it be from advanced age or just because they are relatively small and need a little bit of help.

These pet steps are also helpful to dog owners who no longer are woken up multiple times over the course of the night by dogs that want to get on the bed but can't because they don't have the proper means of accessing elevated areas, or cats that can no longer jump the way they used to need some stairs to help them get where they used to be able to go.


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