The 5 Best Dog Couches For Large Dogs

Dog Couches For Large Dogs

In the past, if you had a large dog like a Great Pyrenees, a Golden Retriever, or a Bloodhound, it just wasn't possible to purchase a designer dog couch or sofa for them that would fit their size.

Typically this unique style of dog furniture was reserved for your smaller breed dogs like your Yorkie or Shih Tzu- a space for lap dogs to splay out in lavish style. Nowadays there are a couple great dog sofa bed alternatives on the market for large-breed dogs, with some users also buying them to fit 2 of their smaller-breed pets at a time!

Typically, users purchase this style of dog furniture when they want to make a fashionable statement, but also keep their pet comfortable.

Better than a ratty, foam mattress that clashes with the decor of your home- these urbane dog sofas are lavish options that keep your large-breed pooch comfy.

Large-breed Dog Couches Compared

The 5 Best Large Dog Couches

1. The Snoozer Memory Foam Dog Sofa Review

Snoozer Luxury Dog Memory Foam Sofa



Ease of Use

This luxury rectangular dog bed sofa offered by Snoozer is stylish, soft and a durable product suitable both for young and old dogs. Users love the size and the height of this huge dog couch and that their dogs can sleep comfortably in it.

However, some do note that it’s a little high for their pet. This doggy couch has a removable and machine washable designer cover with zipper, a memory foam cushion and 6" wide and high bolstered sides.

It’s available in three sizes – small (7" x 30" x 20"), large (7" x 40" x 20") and extra large (7" x 54" x 36"). Overall, it looks like a great resting place for your pet, and it comes in several different colors and patterns.

Users express very positive opinions regarding the Snoozer sofa bed for large dogs. One buyer shares that the memory foam sofa bed is well-made, durable, very high-quality and that her husky dog loves it.

Another customer comments that he has two Rottweilers, who share the extra large dog sofa without any problems. A very pleased purchaser also states that it’s perfect for his 13 years old Chihuahua, and he sleeps with pleasure in his new bed.

Another reviewer says that his pet rabbit loves her new soft bed couch and that it’s a necessity in the cold winter days when the floors are chilly. One customer complains that the sides and the back are not as solid as she expected, but nevertheless, the mattress is firm and cozy, and she would recommend it to anyone who has an older dog.


  • 3 different sizes
  • high-quality
  • durable
  • machine washable
  • memory foam is replaceable
  • various colors


  • no chew proof
  • might be high for smaller pets

How'd this dog get his head stuck in a couch?

2. The Enchanted Home Library Dog Sofa Review

Library Sofa



Ease of Use

If you are looking for sturdy, well-constructed dog bed, you might want to take a look at the Enchanted home pet brown library sofa. Users love the elegant look, the color, and the size of this big dog bed, but some do note that you might have problems if your dog likes to chew.

Made from wood with a size of 18" x 33" x 24", this large pet couch has a furniture grade construction, a faux leather upholstery, four legs to keep the bed off the floor and your pets draft free.

As a whole, it seems a very high-quality dog sofa suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs.

Generally, users are extremely satisfied with the design, construction, and durability of the Enchanted library big dog sofa. One user shares that the faux leather matches her leather seating perfectly and that her two Cocker Spaniels can both fit on it without overcrowding each other.

Another customer states that this wooden doggy couch is holding up well, even though her puppy is hopping up and down on it constantly. A pleased purchaser also says that her bulldog is very happy to have his own coach, and she would recommend it to anyone with a big dog.

Some customers, however, have complained that the fabric of this pet sofa bed rips easily, and they advise that you cover it with a blanket to avoid serious damage.


  • made from wood
  • sturdy
  • elegant-looking
  • durable


  • fabric tears easily
  • no chew proof
  • cushion is not removable
  • only one color available

3. The Enchanted Home Faux Suede Library Dog Sofa Review

Library Dog Sofa



Ease of Use

This rectangular library dog sofa is stylish, well-made, and suitable both for small and large dogs. Users love the cute design, the caramel color and that it has a nicer look than a regular dog bed.

However, some do note that it would be small for a large dog. With a size of 18" x 40.5" x 30" and a sitting space of 30" x 22", this dog couch bed has a removable cushion cover, which can be washed in your washing machine, and it’s suitable for dogs up to 75 lbs.

It’s also elevated, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting cold, and overall it looks like a very well-made and elegant sofa bed.

As a whole, users are happy with the durability, the design, and the softness of the Enchanted home library dog couch. One user shared that her basset hound sleeps very comfortably in it, but she would have preferred it if it was a bit larger.

Another customer stated that this pet couch bed was exactly what she wanted for her dog. The reviewer says that it’s an ideal resting place for her 80-pound dog, and it looks great next to her own couch so she would recommend it to anyone looking for a pet couch bed.

Another happy purchaser comments that the sofa dog bed is very well-made with plump and fluffy cushions, and her dogs can stretch comfortably on it. However, some customers have complained that the cushions don’t fit well, and they feel bulky and overstuffed. Some advise that you replace the stuffing with a blanket.


  • washable cover
  • easy to assemble and clean
  • elegant and durable


  • overstuffed cushions
  • not suitable for dogs over 80 pounds
  • only one size and color

4. The BioMedic Extra-Large Pet Sofa Bed Review

BioMedic Modern Pet Sofa Bed



Ease of Use

If you are looking for an elegant, well-designed pet sofa couch, you might want to take a look at this MaxComfort modern dog bed. Users love the beautiful color, the size and that it’s easy to clean.

However, some do note that a dog with sharp claws would probably rip it apart quickly. This dog furniture bed has a sturdy wooden frame, a memory foam cushion and you can choose the type of fabric – denim, faux leather, microfiber, and vinyl.

It’s available in six different sizes – x-small (17" x 27" x 18"), small (17"x 34"x 18"), medium (17"x 33" x 24"), large (17"x 41"x 24"), x-large (17"x 47" x 24") and xx-large (23"x 58"x 31"). Overall, it looks like a high-grade product, good for small and large dogs.

Users have a mixed opinion regarding the MaxComfort pet couch bed. One buyer comments it’s perfect for his terrier-mix dog, but the extra large size is a bit smaller for his Doberman since he likes to stretch out. But another customer shares that his Doberman has no problem sleeping on the dog bed couch and he is very happy with the quality of his purchase.

A pleased dog owner states that his 120-pound dog loves this couch, and it fits him well. However, the leather has holes already, even though his dog’s nails are short. Another customer comments that the X-large size is not big enough for larger dogs, and it’s more suitable for Spaniels or Bulldogs. Some users also state that the arms look too firm or that their dog’s legs hang off the bed.


  • six different sizes
  • different fabrics and colors available
  • easy to clean
  • elegant-looking
  • memory foam cushion


  • complaints that the size doesn’t match the description
  • material tears up easily
  • high-cost

5. The BioMedic Isadora Faux Leather Dog Sofa Review

BioMedic Isadora Dog Sofa



Ease of Use

This isodora dog couch sofa is elegant, sturdy and a good choice for you, if you want to keep your dog off your furniture. Users love the design and the fact that they can pick a color to suit their room.

However, some do note that the cushions are not as soft as they expected. Available in six different sizes extra small (14" x 23" x 18"), small (14" x 30" x 18"), medium (14" x 30" x 24"), large (14" x 38" x 24"), extra large (14" x 45" x 24") and XX-large (23" x 59" x 31"), this pet dog couch can be suitable both for a Chihuahua and a Saint Bernard.

Moreover, buyers can choose from several different fabrics - microfiber, faux leather, denim or vinyl. It’s also elevated to protect your pet from the cold floor, and overall it’s a high-quality, but a high-cost product.

Generally, users are happy with the MaxComfort multiple sizes dog couch. One user shares that this couch is almost as good as a real couch, and her dogs absolutely love it. Another buyer says her dog wouldn’t get near ordinary rectangular dog beds, but he started using it right immediately.

The reviewer also states that this elevated dog bed is very easy to spot clean, and it looks great in her room. Another customer commented that she ordered it as a Christmas gift for her dogs and that the shipping was fast.

Her dogs were very pleased with the pet furniture bed, and she would recommend it without a second thought. A pleased purchaser states that she likes the fabric, and it’s the right fit for her 135 lbs dog. One buyer has complained that the color is not exactly what she expected and that it’s not as comfortable as she would have liked.


  • six different sizes
  • different colors and fabrics available
  • sturdy and well-made


  • high-cost
  • complaints that it’s too firm

What are dog sofa owners saying?

If you are in the market for a dog sofa, there are a variety of different styles available to choose from. Perhaps you like the rich red leather of the BioMedic Isadora dog sofa, or the opulent style of a Library Dog Sofa.

Indeed, many users prefer purchasing these dog sofas because they look much more attractive than your typical memory-foam mattress that lays on the ground and can get messy and beat up with extended use.

One German Shepherd owner whose pet weighs over 100 pounds was particularly pleased with the appearance, also saying that their initial concerns that would be big enough, referring to the Enchanted Home Pet library sofa, were unfounded.

Another user who purchased the same dog furniture said that she owns 4 Dalmatians and they al weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, dog bed has been ideal for them to keep them off of the ground. Though they do have to share the dog sofa more than they'd like. Other dog owners describe supplementing these dog sofas with blankets to make their pets more comfortable and warm in the winter months.

One user who purchased the BioMedic modern pet sofa bed said that because of the odd dimensions of his pet, which is a cross between an American Standard Poodle and Doberman that his dog could just not get comfortable on the bed, so at the end of the day he actually converted it into a piece of miniature furniture for his daughter's bedroom.

He does compliment the quality of this particular product, which is not an inexpensive option, saying that the navy blue color is rich in person and matches the appearance of the stock photo from the website. We should also be careful to note, that while these various dog beds are a fit for a large-breed pets, many of them are available in smaller sizes, so if you have a small-breed dog don't be dissuaded- click through and check out whether there are some alternative sizes that could be a fit for your pooch.

Going on, many users describe purchasing a pet sofa bed precisely because their home decor demands a more elegant alternative- a way to accommodate their pets in living areas where they don't want to throw some ratty foam mattress on the ground. They want a dog sofa bed that's fit for polite company.

Final thoughts

Overall, if you have a large dog like a German Shepherd, an Alaskan Malamute, an Old English sheepdog or just a large Labrador Retriever, and you want to deck them out with a highly stylish dog bed- check out some of the dog couches for large dogs that we have selected on this page.

They are all solid options with some minor differences between them, mainly concerning price, style and durability- though you should exercise some concern regarding fit prior to purchase to ensure that your dog will actually be a match for one of these dog couches.

If you end up ordering, make sure you understand the return policy in advance. We have seen some users purchase expensive dog beds, find out that they need or want to modify them in some way, and they end up invalidating the warranty because they removed stuffing, or perform some extra stitching on the dog bed.

If you are inclined to operate on your dog bed in this manner, just be aware that you could and probably will invalidate your warranty.


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