The 5 Best Dog Cots [Ranked]

dog cots

Dog cots are elevated, hammock-style dog beds that are generally built on metal frames with breathable mesh sleeves that serve as resting areas (Source).

They are weather-resistant and when used outside the elevation ensures that your dog is up off of the ground. Lightweight and portable, they can be useful travel companions, while the mesh fabric keeps your dog cool on muggy spring and summer days (Source). 

If your pet is prone to chewing their dog beds, the FurHaven pet cot has specially taped edges to help discourage that. If you're looking for a really stylish dog cot hammock, the Pet Lounge dog hammock is a striking option- with buyers commending its well-heeled appearance (Source).

The K & H cot ships with an optional canopy to protect your dog from prolonged exposure to the sun. Coolaroo offers a range of elevated pet cots and they are a well-known brand in this space. Some determined dog owners even build their own dog cots!

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

Dog Cots Compared

The Best Dog Cots For 2019

Portable Pup Travel Dog Cot Size: Small (26



Ease of Use

This is a pet bed that is in the style of a cot that can be used in the home or it can easily be folded down for travel. It is a lightweight design and weighs no more than five pounds. It can be used both indoors and outdoors o it makes it a good dog cot to use when you go camping with your pet.

The legs are made of sturdy steel and the cot material is made from canvas. It comes in two different sizes small and large. The small size measures 26” L x 26” W and is square in shape. The large pet cot measures 48” L x 26” W and is rectangular in shape. You can choose from brown with black trim or pink. This indoor/outdoor cot in the large size can hold over 100 pounds making it quite sturdy and durable. Affordable and easy to clean by hand.

Customers who own larger dogs such as a German Shepherd have been surprised and pleased that the larger sized dog cot easily allows their dogs to lay comfortably on their cots. Others who have bought this cost like the price and how easy it is to fold up and take wherever they and their dogs travel to, including camping. Only con reported would be that there is only two choices of colors.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Can use indoors or outdoors
  • Large hold over 100 pounds
  • No assembly required


  • Only two choice of colors

How To Make Your Own Elevated Dog Cot

Pet Gear Designer Dog Cot



Ease of Use

This pet bed is an elevated cot style design and gives any dog a nice place to be elevated. This raised pet cot is made of mesh and nylon which makes it durable and tough. The frame is made of steel.

The mesh of this pet cot style pet bed makes it easy for the air to flow through and for rain to drain through it if it is used outside. It folds in half for easy storage and travel. This raised cot keeps pets up off dirty and damp ground. The frame is powder coated making it rust proof. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

The small pet cot measures 30” H x 20” W and holds up to 100 pounds. The medium cot measures 40” H x 28” W and holds up to 150 pounds and the large size measures 50” H x 34” W and holds up to 200 pounds. No assembly required. The pattern of this designer dog cot is geometric.

Pet owners who have purchased this cot for dogs like the good size for their dogs and appreciate the good quality materials it is made from. Owners of this cot style dog bed have found it to be well made and durable. Some customers have pointed out that it will slide if put on floors without carpeting so it should have something under it.


  • Fairly priced
  • Portable
  • No assembly required
  • Good choice of sizes
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to transport
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Mesh allows for good air flow and water drainage


  • Will slip on floors without carpeting
Elevated Indoor/Outdoor Pet Cot for Small Breeds Color: Brunswick Green



Ease of Use

Designed especially for smaller breeds of dogs, this pet cot is good for both outdoors and indoors. It comes in three different colors: Brunswick Green, Gray and Terra Cotta. The material of this small breed dog cot is made with a Coolaroo knitted material and has a sturdy and durable steel frame that is powder coated making it rust proof and good for outdoor use.

The material allows for air to flow freely through it and being elevated it keeps dogs off of cold floors during the winter. It measures 8” H x 35” W x 22” D and weighs only 3.5 pounds and will hold small breeds up to 25 pounds. Quick and easy to assemble, stands up against the elements well and is easy to clean.

Many customers find it an ideal dog cot for their small dogs to enjoy the outdoors without having to lay in the grass or dirt when relaxing in the sun. Other pet owners have commented the stability of this pet cot is a plus.

Purchasers of this indoor/outdoor pet cot noted it is a nice quality cot style dog bed and cats seem to like it as well as dogs. Some customers have complained that the canvas of the dog cot needs two people to put on and the material seems a little scratchy to the touch.


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Sturdy
  • Durable steel frame
  • Rust proof
  • Material allows for good air flow
  • Stands up well against elements
  • Easy to clean


  • Not as easy to assemble as claimed
  • Material a little scratchy
Dog Cot Size: Small (22



Ease of Use

This dog cot by K&H Manufacturing is made from waterproof material with a center that is made from durable mesh. This makes for a good outdoor pet cot that can be used in the back yard, camping or just for when dog owners are traveling away from home. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

The small pet cot measures 7” H x 17” W x 22” D, weighs 3.75 pounds and will hold up to 25 pounds. The medium cot measures 7” H x 25” W x 32” D, weighs 4.35 pounds and holds up 50 pounds and the large dog cot measures 7” H x 30” W x 42” D, weighs 6.7 pounds and holds up to 100 pounds.

The feet of the legs have felt foot pads so this raised dog cot won't slip on floors with no carpet. You can also remove the legs for easy storage or for traveling. There are no tools required for assembly making it easy to put together. This cot style dog bed is weather resistant and easy to clean by hand.

Customers really like the price of this dog cot for the quality it offers. Many feel it appears to be sturdy and the material allows for their dogs to remain cool during summer months. Some customers however, have had issues with the webbing material deteriorating after being exposed to the elements especially the sun after just a year of use.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable legs for easy storage or travel
  • Legs have felt foot pads for anti-slippage
  • Material keeps dogs cool during summer months


  • Some have had problems with material deteriorating after a year of outdoor use
Pet Lounge Studios Bambu Nautical Pet Hammock



Ease of Use

This is a dog cot in a hammock design that has a frame made from durable bamboo and the bedding material is made with hypoallergenic suede. It comes in medium and large sizes and offers a variety of colors that include: Tango Orange, Chestnut Brown, Kiwi Green, Graphite Gray and Berry Blue.

The medium dog hammock measures 9” H x 26” W x 26.25” D and weighs 10.5 pounds and holds up to 50 pounds. The large size measures 10.5” H x 34” W x 34.25” D, weighs 17 pounds and will hold up to 100 pounds. The hammock pet bed is water resistant and can be easily hand washed. The legs are removable and have felt foot pads to keep it from slipping on non-carpeted floors. Some assembly required.

Even though the pet hammock for large dogs weight limit is 100 pounds some customers have said it is durable and sturdy enough to hold their dogs weighing over 100 pounds. Other pet owners particularly like the great look of this hammock bed and like how it looks in any room. Those who own older dogs like that it seems to be extremely comfortable with dogs that have joint problems. Ease of assembly is another plus with many owners. Only negative comment was regarding the price being a little high.


  • Great design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lots of color choices
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable for older dogs
  • Legs have felt foot pads
  • Well made
  • High quality materials


  • Price a little high

Common Purchasing Mistakes

Thinking of getting a dog bed for your best friend? Before making any purchasing check these most common mistakes dog owners make when buying a pet bed. Check them out and try not to do them yourself:

Getting a dog bed with soft fleece or similar for a dog that always plays with plush stuffed toys.

Most dog owners would not associate a plush toy with a dog bed but if your dog is used to play with stuffed toys, any soft fleece fabric with a good cushioning will be a toy prospect for your pet. Consequently, the inevitable end of the dog bed will be your dog chewing on the fabric and pulling out the stuffing, just as he or she would do with their toys.

If your pet is used to these type of toys, make sure to buy a bed that does not have a soft fabric on the outside that will trigger the instinct of your dog to play with a plush stuffed toy.

2. Consider only the dog’s weight to choose the size but not the dimensions of your dog.

Most manufacturers of dog beds indicate their suitability according to the dog’s weight and people follow these guidelines to the letter.

Effectively, the dog bed most of the times fits according to the dog’s weight but not always. Some dogs being large-sized don’t weight the equivalent to a large size dog because of the nature of the breed, for example, the whippet dog. If you only check the weight of your dog, you may end up getting a bed that is too small for your dog. The same, if you have an overweight medium sized dog you may get too large for it, not providing the support your dog needs around its body.

Together with checking your dog’s weight, always measure the dimension of your dog’s body when curled up, and leave about 5 inches of space to give it enough room for toys or for your pet to sprawl out.

3. Buy a dog bed with different materials from the couch, chair or bed your dog loves to sleep on.

It’s very frequent to make a decision of getting a dog bed when the dog takes over the couch, bed or chairs. Pet’s fur on the furniture and on clothes it’s a nightmare for anybody. In this situation, the decision of getting a dog bed is taken exclusively to get the dog off the furnish.

So you get a dog bed that looks just like the sofa or very similar to the bed that he or she loves, but the dog still uses your sofa or bed. To avoid this from happening, you need to pick a dog bed which fabric and cushioning are similar to the ones your furniture have. Your dog needs to make a transition with minimum impact from the comfort of your sofa to its own mini sofa, without the feeling that it’s not the same.

4. Thinking that the same dog bed will be comfortable for your dog in warm and cold weather.

Most dog beds provide dogs a soft and comfy place where to sleep and rest and usually they keep dogs warm. But this fact that is a great benefit won’t be useful when the hot weather comes and actually, it will be a deterrent for your dog to lay down there, especially considering its perspired body that needs to be cooled off. Not mentioning that most dog beds are made with soft polyester that increases bad odors if used in summer.

The predominant weather is only one of the aspects to consider when choosing a dog bed for your pet.

If you don’t want your dog end up sleeping on the floor when too hot, get a dog bed for winter and one for summer, like cot beds. Your dog will really appreciate it.

5. Considering sizes S, M. L, XL as universal standard sizes.

When we buy clothes online we usually get whether size S, M or L, depending on the size we use for shirt, blouses or pants. It should be the same for dogs beds, shouldn’t it? Nope… manufacturers have very special sizes that not always reflex what we think it should be a S, M , L or XL. Some brands label as “Large” dog beds that are more suitable for a medium-sized dog.

Other brands label as “Large” units that are so huge that a large sized dog ends up using a half of the entire bed, not mentioning the extra space taken by the bed.

Before choosing a size, check the exact dimensions of a dog bed and match them with your dog’s needs.

Try to avoid making these 5 mistakes so you will get a dog bed without regrets and without wasting your money.

One of the first user-submitted pet cots we looked at was the large mesh pet sleeping bed  manufactured by Tenive. It's advertised as an ideal outdoor dog bed or indoor elevated cot- great for larger breed of dogs with a 7-inch elevation from the ground, protecting your pet from bugs, dirt and helping to keep them cool.

It's manufactured with breathable mesh that allows for ventilation- a circulation of air flow helps to diminish the growth of mold and mildew while also ensuring that your pet remains optimally cool during hot summer months our side.

  • Buyers endorse how easy it is to assemble, its overall quality, and say that the large size is big enough for a 90 pound plus Labrador Retriever as well as a smaller-breed dog to share at the same time.
  • As well, buyers say that as an outdoor elevated dog bed, this cot is superior to your typical memory foam dog pillow and that it doesn't get destroyed by rain, and bugs and dirt don't collect beneath it.

The K&H Waterproof Dog Bed

The second dog cot we examined is produced by K & H Manufacturing- it comes in small, medium and large sizes, designed from waterproof fabric.

The manufacturers say that this is an ideal solution for an out-of-doors resting spot for your pup- particularly when the weather gets warmer in the summer and spring months, or if you need to travel to areas like picnic and camping grounds.

It can support up to 150 pounds with a breathable mesh build that is designed to withstand odors, mildew, moisture and bacteria- easily cleaned with a damp cloths or you can even hose it down.

You can even purchase a canapé, as well, which helps to protect your dog from harsh sunlight. Since it assembles without the use of tools in under a minute it is an ideal portable dog bed, great to take along to the beach or camping ground.

  • One user writes about his Rottweiler and German Shepherd pets- they were able to destroy this pet cot after six months of pawing and scratching at it. So the frustrated owner had to go with a different model the next time around that was an indestructible dog bed.
  • Another reviewer who owns an Old English Sheepdog says that even though her dog weighs under 150 pounds, which this dog cot is rated at, it did not withstand her pet's weight. What happened was that a variety of rips occurred, tearing the mesh sleeve from the metal frame.
  • Another Rottweiler owner told us that he likes how the bed elevates his pet from hard surfaces, keeping him clean from ground dirt, while also providing a supportive space for him to rest.
  • He also commends the strength of the fabric, though if you have a small dog, like a Toy Poodle, you shouldn't go with the medium size as it will be too big, most likely.
  • Another reviewer says that as her dog has aged, his typical tiled resting area was too hard to surface for him to depend on- so she purchased this elevator dog cot to install in her kitchen for her dog to rest on above the cool tiles he likes so much.

The Furhaven Elevated Dog Cot

A third cot pet bed users submitted to us is the Furhaven model- it comes in extra small, small, medium and large and in blue, espresso and forest green colors. It is advertised as a breathable mesh option that helps decrease the incidence of fleas, pet dander and allergens from promulgating.

Additionally, they advertise this hammock-style dog cot as a strong and stable solution, no matter whether you have a cat or a dog and even other types of pets that need an outdoor and indoor solution. Because they are so light weight, you can transport them easily from room to room, from yard to yard, or take them on excursions outside to camping areas or long trail hikes.

As well, if your dog is a chewer, they have manufactured it with taped edges which helps to discourage your dogs from chewing- durable bias tape is used to make the edges more immune to damage.

  • One buyer told us that after the relative pain of assembling it, due to the low quality instructions, it proved to be a pet cot with high structural integrity manufactured from quality materials.
  • Other buyers describe purchasing several of these pet cots because often times there are multiple dogs are not going to share them.
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