The 5 Best Dog Booster Seats for Cars [Ranked]


Dog car carrier seats are designed to securely install your pup in your car, protecting them from sudden stops, minor traffic accidents, and you from distracted driving (Source).

Most are secured using included straps that lasso around the headrest and/or secure your pet with a harness attached to the seat-belt (Source). 

One of our favorites is the Kurgo Skybox Dog Carrier Seat- a great solution for dogs weighing up to 30 lbs.  It's designed to keep your pet secure, comfortably seated in place, preventing distracted driving.

Many dog owners say that using a dog carrier seat has helped skittish dogs become comfortable with car rides, while also protecting their car seat fabric from claw marks (Source).

Another benefit is that the car booster seat can elevate a small dog enough that they can look out the window- and we all know how much dogs enjoy looking out windows during long drives. 

The Kurgo installs on the back or front of your car's bucket seat, or it can be mounted on the smaller side of a 60/40 split bench car seat. It ships with a tether attachment and a dog harness, securely attaching your pup in place while driving.

The Best Pet Booster Seats For 2019

The 5 Best Dog Booster Car Seats

1. The CarBoss Dog Booster Seat Review



Ease of Use

This dog booster seat by CarBoss is designed with the safety of your dog in mind. This dog safety seat keeps your dog safe and secure while driving. It also enables your dog to be able to safely look out your car window.

This dog booster seat measures 13” L x 9.5” W x 8” high and is meant for a small dog or puppy weighing up to ten pounds. The pet booster seat comes with a safety leash, a safety belt tether, compartments with zippers to keep your dog's leashes, treats and toys in.

It also has easy to adjust straps so there's no trouble getting it installed in your back seat. The lining of this pet booster seat is faux sheepskin, is removable so it can be easily washed in your washer. The lining is soft so it adds extra comfort for your dog. When it's not in use it can be quickly and easily removed and stored away.

Customers who own small dogs find this dog safety booster seat a great way to keep their small dogs both comfortable and safe while traveling. Owners of this pet booster seat like how easy it is to both install and remove for easy cleaning and storage. Dog owners have found the dog booster seat to be made well and seems to be quite sturdy.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove for storage
  • Lining removable and machine washable
  • Has safety leash
  • Has safety belt tether
  • Zipper compartments to hold dog items
  • Well made
  • Sturdy


  • None mentioned

The World's First Driving Dog

2. The Kany Dog Booster Car Carrier Seat Review



Ease of Use

This pet booster car seat is meant for either dogs or cats and can be adjusted to fit most vehicles including vans and SUVs. The dog booster seat measures 15.7” x 15.7” x 9.5” and will hold a dog or cat weighing up to 30 pounds.

So it could be ideal for small dogs and cats alike. This portable pet booster seat has a safety strap that will attach to either the collar or the harness your dog or cat might be wearing for added safety. It is easy to install and when not using it, it will fold down flat making it very easy to store away.

It also has a front zippered pocket that can be used for leashes, treats or toys you might want to bring along for your dog. It's made of a heavy-duty oxford material that gives support and is long lasting.

Dog owners who have bought this pet booster car seat for their own dogs do like that it gives their dog added safety when traveling as well as giving them their own spot in the vehicle. Another feature many customers like is the front zippered pocket where they can keep their dog's favorite things stored while riding in the car.

Some customers, however, have noted that although most of the booster seat seems to be well made, the sides don't seem to be as sturdy as the rest of the pet booster seat.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjusts to fit most cars, vans, and SUVs
  • Folds down flat for easy storage
  • Made from sturdy oxford material that's long-lasting
  • Easy to keep clean


  • Sides don't appear to be sturdy

3. The Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat Review



Ease of Use

This particular pet booster seat comes in three different sizes which means you can protect a variety of different sized dogs. It comes in medium, large and extra large.

The medium booster seat measures 14” x 12” x 8” and will hold a dog or cat weighing up to 12 pounds. The large booster seat measures 16” x 13” x 8” and will hold a dog or cat that weighs up to 18 pounds. The extra large booster seat measures 20” x 16” x 10” and will hold a dog that weighs up to 25 pounds.

This dog safety seat will work well on any backseat that has a headrest and it will also connect to the seat belt in your car. It has a soft fleece liner that can be easily removed so it can be washed in your washer. A safety leash is included with the purchase of this pet safety seat.

Dog owners of this product say that it is very easy to install because the straps are very adjustable and will work on just about any car. They also like the two straps that are in the booster seat basket that attaches to the dog's collar for extra safety.

Many customers have commented on how solidly built this pet booster seat is. Some customers complained of a bad chemical smell when unpacking it and it had to be wiped clean with vinegar and a damp cloth plus some Febreeze to get rid of the odor. Another complaint was that the basket of the dog booster seat will not stand alone and only stands when attached to the seat.


  • Solidly built
  • Easy to install
  • Fits most any vehicle
  • Liner can be removed and washed in washer
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Includes safety leash


  • Basket of booster seat does not stand alone
  • Has bad smell when first taking out of box

4. The American Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat Review



Ease of Use

This is a dog booster seat that can help give your dog a safer ride in the car and it is one that can be used in most any kind of car.

This pet booster seat is meant to hold small dogs up to 20 pounds and measures 15” x 4” x 15” and it weighs just three pounds. This dog seat has a memory foam cushion that adds extra comfort and it can help to keep dogs from getting car sick.

There are straps that are adjustable so it will fit snug in the car and it has a leash that is built-in and will attach to a dog harness for a secure and safe ride. There is also a convenient pocket in the front that has a zipper which can be used for storage.

Customers like how well this dog booster seat is and how nice it looks. Dog owners who have bought this safety dog seat say it is extremely easy to attach to any car seat and just as easily to remove. Other points that the got thumbs up were no assembly required and dogs can see everything from the booster seat.


  • Well made
  • No assembly required
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to attach to any seat
  • Easy to remove and store
  • Has front storage pocket with zipper
  • Built-in leash


  • None reported

5. The Precious Tails Pet Booster Car Seat Review



Ease of Use

This is a dog booster car seat that is made so that your dog is situated just right and they can see everything that's going on around them.

This booster seat for small dogs is not one that shields them from the outside world. It measures 16” W x 19” D x 13” H and is constructed from high-density foam for added support and comfort. The cover of this dog booster seat is a micro suede material and has a zipper so you can remove it to wash it in your washer and then hang dry it. This dog car seat does come with a leash strap to secure your dog in place but you will have to have your own leash.

The seat itself attaches quickly and easily to the seat belt system in your car and then the seat stays in place securely.

Dog owners enjoy how easy it attaches to the seat belts in the car and how easily their dogs can see out all the windows and still be safe. Many who have purchased this dog booster seat find it to be of high quality and well made especially for the price paid for it. A few have commented that the booster seat for their dogs is not quite tall enough. Others have said the sides could be a little sturdier.


  • Good price
  • Good quality
  • Made well
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to attach to seat belt system
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning is washer


  • Not tall enough for some dogs
  • Sides could be sturdier

Pet Carrier Reader Submissions

The Pettom Pet Car Seat Carrier

The first user-submitted pet car carrier seat for dogs that was the Pettom booster seat. This dog carrier seat for automobiles is advertised as an easy to clean option designed for durability, comfortably carrying your pets as you travel in your car. Ideally, it would be utilized for cats, dogs, kittens- any that weigh 15 pounds and below. There is also a large option available that can accommodate pets that weigh up to 20 pounds, as well.

  • Buyers were impressed at how easily it folds, making it easy to tuck beneath the seat of your car or store in your vehicle's trunk, with one buyer using it as supplement to her leather dog bed.
  • Additionally, the manufacturers say that it functions as a car seat and pet bag simultaneously, providing a softly padded nylon shell with an interior tether to ensure that your dog remains secured during transport.
  • One Bichon Frise owner we spoke with says that it provided a secure and snug fit for her small breed dog- she also supplemented the memory foam dog bed pad with some additional foam padding to make the seat as comfortable as possible for her miniature poodle as she drove around town.
  • Since it has a zipping mesh cover, it's easy to place your pets inside, and even on zip it during the ride, as long as the dogs are trained not to jump out.
  • One Boston Terrier owner we interviewed told us that their young terrier puppy runs to the bag whenever he hears it unzip, anticipating an enjoyable trip in the pet carrier.
  • Other buyers also commend the storage pockets- saying that it's a handy area to store waste pick up bags, different treats, and leashes.
  • Other buyers have described getting into minor traffic accidents which injured their pets- that was the motivation to purchase a pet carrier car seat.
  • While some dogs take time to acclimate on their first couple of rides, buyers say that over time, with patience and training, they can get accustomed to the carrier seat and the security it provides.

The Snoozer Look-Out Car Seat Dog Carrier

Another user submitted option was the Snoozer Look-Out car seat- you can purchase it in a range of different color options including hot pink vinyl, gray, plaid, baby pink and khaki. The manufacturers say that it is constructed from a comfortable foam with an interior that is lined with a synthetic lambs wool, including a connection tether strap to ensure that the seatbelt securely attaches to the harness.

As well, Snoozer says that they have manufactured this car booster seat for dogs to be able to have a comfortable perch to observe what's going on as you drive them around and a safe area in the case of short stops or traffic accidents.

In terms of whether your pet will be able to see out the window sitting in this car booster seat, it will pretty much depend on the height of your car seat, the height of your windows, as well as the dimensions of your dog.

  • Buyers who have bought it advise people on the fence to purchase it, and try it out, and just return it within 30 days if it's not a fit for your canine's needs.
  • One dog owner describes how his small terrier was completely terrified of car rides, throwing up, scratching the seats, and in general making so much whimpering noise during drives that it was completely impossible to take her anywhere.
  • After purchasing this booster dog car seat, she completely transformed- she's able to look out the window, sticking her head out, all while being strapped tightly in so that she isn't at risk of falling out of the moving car.
  • Importantly, the booster seat leaves enough space for smaller-breed dogs to sit up and shift around so that they are not bound too tightly inside of the carrier seat.
  • Another reviewer told us that there Schnauzer was, as well, completely terrified of the car, becoming car sick, drooling, vomiting all of which was a distraction to the driver.
  • This particular buyer has a dog that qualifies as a medium-sized dog and the car carrier seat was a secure way to transport this finicky animal, enabling both dog and driver to enjoy the experience of a car ride.
  • The way they work, the connection strap attaches to the seatbelt providing a secure way to fix the dog in position during driving.


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