The 5 Best Dog Beds For Medium-Sized Dogs [Ranked]

Dog Beds For Medium-Sized Dogs

If you're in the market for a pet bed for your medium-sized dog, we've got you covered. We've outlined below several of our favorite dog beds for medium-sized dog breeds like Basset Hounds, Irish water Spaniels, Schnauzers and Border Collies.

In general, medium-sized dogs will measure around 18" to 22" at the shoulder and will typically weigh anywhere between 40 and 60 lbs (Source).

If you are at all confused concerning the dimensions of the pet that you should purchase for your dog, take some measurements- measure your dog while he is lying down in his normal sleeping position and then add a foot onto the length to determine the best bad length for your pooch.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

Sometimes it's important to prioritize purchasing a memory-foam dog bed for your medium dog breed if they are suffering from joint pain, are particularly elderly, or just need the extra support. Let's take a look at five of the best-selling dog beds for medium-sized canines on the market today.

Comparing The Options

Best Dog Beds for Medium Dogs

Majestic Pet Zig Zag Pillow Pet Bed



Ease of Use

This zig-zag pillow dog bed offered by Majestic Pet is comfortable, soft, fluffy and suitable for dogs of all sizes. Users love the beautiful design, the unique colors and the fact that this dog mattress is waterproofed.

However, some do note that the stuffing quickly gets flat. With a durable polyester cover and filling, this unique dog pillow is UV-resistant, waterproofed and machine washable. It’s available in several colors and four different sizes – extra small (4" x 20" x 27"), small (4" x 29" x 36"), medium (5" x 36" x 44") and large (5" x 42" x 50").

Overall, a pillow of good quality, but it might be too uneven for older pets.

Users are extremely satisfied with the Majestic pet pillow bed. One customer states that the medium dog bed size is ideal for her 40 pound Springer Spaniel and the bright green color is stylish.

A satisfied user shares that she chose this pillow bed due to the cute design and the large size. For her, it’s a nice, comfortable doggie bed for her 55 lbs Boxer. Another reviewer says that the medium size is big enough for his 90 lb Pitbull mix to stretch out, and she’s very pleased with the price, quality, and size.

However, some have complained that the stuffing wears out quickly, and the color fades after a couple of washes. Some have also noted that the filling feels lumpy and uneven.


  • waterproofed
  • four sizes available
  • durable
  • multiple colors
  • fluffy


  • color fades quickly
  • stuffing wear out
  • complaints that it flattens
  • high-cost

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Habitat 'n Home My Buddy's Bunk Pet Bed Size: Medium (28.7



Ease of Use

The buddy bunk pet bed by New Age Pet is well-built, stylish and a modern accessory for your big dog. Users love the removable cover and the fact that the bed is easy to assemble.

However, some do note that the bed mat crinkles when the dog steps on it. Made from ecoFlex material, which won’t splinter, expand or contract, this elevated bunk dog bed is available in four different sizes – small (22.8" x 17.3" x 17.3"), medium (28.7" x 20." x 20.1"), large (34.4" x 23.2" x 23.2") and X-large (28.6" x 26.4" x 26.4").

The outer shell of the pad is made of poly and cotton, while the inside shell is made of waterproofed nylon. Overall, a good-looking product, but be aware that it’s not made from actual wood.

One customer comments that it’s ideal for her Hound and the brown color matches her living room décor. However, the reviewer states that the dirt and fur tend to cling to the surface of the mat. Another customer shares that the quality of the large pet bed is excellent and her 71 lb. Labrador loves it.

A buyer notes that the small size bed would be best for toy breed dogs like Chihuahuas, but her 7-pound Yorkie doesn’t have enough space to turn around. Another happy purchaser says that this large size dog bed with sides is 6-8 inches off the ground, but it’s low enough for dogs with arthritis to get in and out.

However, customers mainly complain that this dog bed is not very durable since the screw attachments are plastic and that even the X-large size is not big enough for a 100-pound dog.


  • Easy assembly
  • multiple sizes and colors available
  • waterproofed
  • easy to clean
  • removable and replaceable cushion
  • elevated


  • cushion crinkles
  • made from plastic
  • complaints that the actual size doesn’t match the description
Trellis Rectangular Pet Bed Color: Peach, Size: Medium (44



Ease of Use

The soft memory foam bed by Brindle is comfortable, soft and suitable for older or arthritic pets. Users love the size, the colors, and the chew proofed design. However, some do note that the zipper can be easily torn.

With a shredded memory foam fill that increases breathability and a soft, removable microsuede cover, this orthopedic dog bed eliminates pressure points and provides support for achy joints, arthritis and hip dysphasia.

Available in seven different sizes – X-small (11" x 17"), small (16"x 22"), medium (18" x 28"), large (22" x 34"), extra large (26" x 40"), XXL (28" x 46") and XXXL (34"x 52"), this bed can accommodate both large dogs like Newfoundland and toy dogs like Japanese Chin.

One user comments that the bed still looks like new, even though his Great Dane likes to chew and she is convinced that it would last a long time in contrast to other beds. Another happy buyer shares that her Pitbull and Pointer both love this top rated orthopedic dog bed and they look very comfortable on it.

The XXL dog bed is ideal for a Shepherd, shares another user, and the top is soft and durable. A satisfied customer also states that you can fit the mattress in a dog crate, and the color hasn’t faded after a few washes.

However, some customers have noted that their dogs managed to chew through memory foam orthopedic bed very quickly and that it might not be suitable for your dog if it likes to rest its head on the edge.


  • various sizes and color available
  • memory foam fill
  • removable cover
  • easy to wash


  • zipper can be removed easily
  • it’s not chew proofed
Soft Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed Color: Stone, Size: Medium (28



Ease of Use

This pet daybed offered by Pet Lounge seems stylish, well-built and suitable for medium sized dogs. Users love the cute design, the colors and that it’s easy to put it together, however, some do note that the wood quality is not what they expected.

Made from solid bamboo and filled with orthopedic memory foam, this medium sized dog bed has also two bolster pillows in case your dog likes to rest his head on them. The cushion cover is made from high-quality ultra-suede stain resistant fabric and can be removed for cleaning.

Available only in one size (8" x 19.5" x 29") and with a weight of 20 lbs, this orthopedic dog beds with memory foam is suitable for dogs up like Bulldog, Dalmatian or Pointer.

Users are happy with the durability, softness, and sturdiness of this memory foam dog bed. One buyer comments that it’s smaller than she expected, but still fits her dog perfectly and it’s easy to assemble it.

Another customer mentions that material is high-quality, and her 50-pound hound feels very comfortable in this big dog couch. Moreover, she can’t drag it across the floor. A pleased purchaser states that the cushions are not as thick as she expected, but the overall quality is excellent, and her dog loves it.

Another user also shares that the size was smaller than she expected but it still was big enough for her pet. However, some have complained that the wood is thin and cracks easily and that the screws are cheaply made.


  • removable cover
  • two bolster pillows
  • soft and comfortable


  • thin wood
  • high-cost
  • available only in one size
Pet Lounge Studios Bambu Pet Daybed



Ease of Use

If you are looking for a comfortable large dog bed for your medium sized dog, you might want to consider this rectangular pet bed offered by Majestic Pet. Users love the beautiful design, the size, and the plush look.

However, some do note that it tends to sink to the floor. With a removable cotton slipcover, a heavy-duty waterproofed base and filled with plush fiberfill, this large dog couch is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Available in four sizes – extra small (4"x 20" x 27"), small (4"x 29"x 36"), medium (5"x 36" x 44") and large(5" x 42"x 50"), this dog bed seems like a high-quality product for your pet.

Users are mostly happy with the Majestic Pet rectangular dog bed. One buyer states that the cover is indeed waterproofed and even though her Shepherd puppy has a lot of accident the cover is still as good as new.

Another customer shares that the small size is ideal for her 70 lb dog who likes to sleep curled up and the fabric seems durable and holds up better than other models. A satisfied user says that the fabric is thick and strong, and her Labrador can stretch comfortably on it, while another one says she was surprised how puffy it is.

However, some customers have complained that there isn’t enough cushioning especially for an elder dog.


  • waterproofed denier fabric
  • removable cover
  • outdoor and indoor use
  • stylish


  • not enough cushioning for older pets
  • high-cost
  • complaints that it sinks to the floor

Another Favorite: The Snoozer Lounge


The Snoozer Super Orthopedic Lounge dog bed consists of two parts: The inner foam pad and the cover.

The Foam: Is a 7-inch convoluted foam pad formed by two sheets of convoluted foam glued together on a firmer foam. Convoluted foam is an egg-crate shape foam as shown in the image.

This convoluted foam is not a memory foam pad. It’s labeled as orthopedic due to its egg-crate shape on top, but it does not provide the softness and cushion that a memory foam pad does.

The Cover: The entire cover is made from canvas type fabric on sides and bottom.

This fabric makes a noise almost as a tarp when the dog moves on it. The top of the cover has a sherpa/fleece fabric lined with the same tough canvas material which gives it the waterproof feature.

The cover has a sturdy brass zipper on one side so the cover unzips half way.

The bed comes folded in a box so once unpacked, you need to let it sit to fully expand before letting your dog lay on it.


The best way to pick the size is using the following guidelines:

1.Measure the dimension of your dog from its nose to its rump or back legs when lying down the way he is used to lay in.

2.Add to this dimension from 9 to 12 inches or more, depending on how much room you want for your dog.

The following weight guidelines will help you:

Medium: 28W x 36L x 7H ; Dogs up to 40 lbs
Large: 30W x 45L x 7H ; Dogs up to 85 lbs
Extra Large: 36W x 54L x 7H ; Dogs up to 140 lbs

To help you with one example, the Extra Large bed is big enough to accommodate two big dogs comfortably. We’ve seen pictures of two dogs (one weighing 80 lbs and the other 40 lbs) sleeping on this extra-large dog bed.



  • 7” thick orthopedic foam bed
  • Label sizes are accurate
  • High-quality materials, sturdy bed with a good finish
  • Good quality brass zipper
  • Removable cover is machine washable (line dry)
  • Good elevation being not too low or too high
  • BONUS: A wide variety of colors available


  • Fleece on top attracts dog hair
  • Too firm for dogs that like cushy beds
  • Location of zipper on top instead the bottom (the dog’s body is in contact with the zipper)
  • Zipper does not have a flap to cover it.
  • Foam does not have an extra waterproof lining
  • While attractive, buyers looking for a cute dog bed, looked elsewhere
  • The cover is kind of stiff and makes a crackling noise when the dogs moves on it.
  • It’s difficult to put the cover back on since the zipper is on one side.
  • Not great for outdoor use- check out these outdoor dog beds if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • YOU MAY NOT MIND: Cover can’t go in the dryer


√ If you don’t want your dog with its legs hanging off the side when stretching out, pick the next size, not the smaller one.

√ Don’t use fabric softner when washing the cover and only line dry.


Snoozer Super Orthopedic Lounge dog bed is a good quality dog bed that seems to be overly stiff in comparison to other dog beds. The reason for this is because this bed isn’t made from memory foam. The orthopedic label is due to the fact that the top layer is an egg-crate type foam but this fact does not make a bed truly orthopedic.

Overall, this dog bed has a good quality and nice finish and provides a good cushioning and lift of the dog’s body from the floor. The fact that this bed is not made from memory foam makes it more suitable for healthy dogs.

The cover is noisy due to the fact that it’s waterproof. An important thing to mention about this is even waterproof covers could leak if you leave any liquid sitting on the cover for more than 2 or 3 hours, unless they are completely plastic. You need to remove any liquid from the cover before this happens.


√ Snoozer Super Orthopedic dog bed is suitable:

  • If you want to lift your dog’s body from the floor providing a firm support
  • To reduce the pressure points on the dog’s body with the egg-crate top layer
  • If you want a cover that handles little amount of liquids (removing the liquids off the cover withing 3 hrs)

x This dog bed may not be suitable:

  • For dogs with arthritis (orthopedic memory foam beds are better)
  • For recovering dogs after surgery
  • Dogs with urinary incontinence
  • Puppies or chewers (zipper exposed)
  • If you can’t handle crackling noises

Medium dog bed buying guide

If you are in the market for a pet bed for your medium-sized dog, one of the beds that we found most popular is the Zigzag pillow pet bed manufactured by Majestic Pet. It's a pretty traditional option without bolsters or a hood, merely a comfortable, synthetic-filled, polyester-covered pet bed that is waterproof and therefore good for outdoor use.

It does ship in a variety of colors and users were pretty pleased with the pet bed once they received it in the mail- saying that the colors are gorgeous, particularly the burnt orange.

One user purchased two of these for her boxers, both of which are over 65 lbs.- she says that she bought the medium and she is glad that they did because these particular dog beds run pretty large.

A cockapoo owner purchased one of these zigzag dog beds in a small and says that it provides enough space for her pet to stretch out comfortably, and she also comments that the fabric is attractive and comfortable, while also being pretty chew resistant.

One other American Standard Poodle owner says that as soon as she purchased this particular dog bed, that her dog quickly took to it, settling in for the night immediately and making her permanent home. She does say that she thinks it's a bit overstuffed and could be a little bit firmer and if her dog were heavier it might be necessary to purchase a dog bed that supports heavier pets.

Choosing an orthopedic dog bed

The Bambu doggie daybed was another interesting option- It is pretty unorthodox looking, but it is a fairly luxurious option that many pet owners purchase because of how nicely it complements the interior design of their home.

Users were pretty surprised at how solid this particular dog bed is-does contain shredded orthopedic memory foam, rather than layered memory foam, which in most cases doesn't provide the same level of firm support for dogs that need it, but most users find that this is still a supportive option for their pets.

Overall, the feedback for this particular bamboo-made dog bed is fairly positive, with many buyers saying that it was pretty easy to assemble, but that the screws were kind of cheap and if you're not careful you can potentially have them malfunction on you when you are inserting them.

Amazing DIY dog bed ideas!

Another user who whose 50 lb. German shepherd loves the bed, says that the size and weight of it prevented his dog from annoyingly dragging it around the house as he was prone to do with lighter weight memory foam mattress pet beds. Yet another user is fairly pleased with how sturdy the bed is, the quality of its construction, but does say that the bolsters and cushioning are not quite as thick as he would like- but he manages to supplement the cushions with some blankets and it's not a big deal.

Another interesting option was the Habitat 'n Home bunk pet bed- it's stuffed with recycled materials so it is a particularly eco-friendly option. This recycled material is constructed, the manufacturers say, from recycled polymers and wood byproducts- a combination that they call ecoFLEX.

Besides being an ecological option, many pet buyers were impressed by the general attractiveness of this dog bed, saying that it's brown finish attractively complements the living room interior, even though it is made of plastic and not real wood.

They had bought it for their 13 pound Italian Greyhound- and they say that the bedding actually makes a little bit of a crunching noise as he circles to get himself settled in his sleeping position, on account of the recycled materials that make up the bedding, but he seems incredibly comfortable resting on it.

They also concur with other pet owners who say that it is a more attractive option than the ratty memory foam mattress they had previously been using that made their living room look a little rundown. Users say that it takes only about three minutes to put together and it does come in a variety of sizes, not just for medium-sized dogs, so if you have a smaller dog or even a larger one, it's likely you'll be able to find a size that's a fit for your pet.

Final thoughts

In all, if you have a medium-sized dog like a Norwegian Elkhound, Bearded Collie, an Australian Cattle dog, or even an American Pitbull Terrier, it makes sense to purchase a quality medium-sized dog bed that can make them as comfortable as possible, as well as fashionably match the decor of your residence.

In general, medium-sized dogs measure around 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder and will typically weigh anywhere between 40 and 60 pounds. You'll want to look for pet beds that have removable covers so that you can easily wash them.

Many dog owners also prioritize purchasing memory-foam dog beds that contour to your pet's shape as they sleep, providing them comfort and relief from joint pain. Some veterinary experts also say that starting your dog off with a memory foam dog bed mattress early in their lives will prevent them from developing debilitating medical issues as they age.

You also want to make a choice of dog bed based on your own lifestyle preferences- sometimes corner dog beds that need to be tucked into the corner of the room, saving space, could be a good option, while a dog mat that goes beside your bed could be a better alternative depending on how you and your pet cohabit your home.

As well, price can also play a part- some dog beds cost $20 while we have seen dog beds that cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Obviously, you can get a great option somewhere in the middle, without spending a ton of money.

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