The 5 Best Bedside Dog Ramps [Ranked]

Bedside Dog Ramps

Indoor dog ramps provide a gently angled runway for dogs, as well as cats, to access elevated surfaces like beds or couches without putting undue strain on their joints (Source).

They are frequently positioned next to elevated resting areas, and are commonly used for elderly dogs, or for pets that are unable or unwilling to make use of stairs (Source).

We have examined pet stairs before- but ramps can indeed be a gentler option for elderly or injured dogs. Many feature a carpet tread for added traction- and manufacturers typically construct them to match interior decor (Source).

The Solvit 25" pet ramp is one of our favorites- it weighs 25 pounds and can support pets weighing up to 120 lbs. The manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty and its carpet thread provides a secure walking surface for your pets.

Many users have purchased this model to help with their older dogs get onto their favorite beds, with some users modifying the ramps somewhat with knottier carpet treads or rubber tracking to provide added footing security.

That said, there are some different models on the market today with some ideal for smaller dogs who need access to lower-height surfaces like the Pet Gears 28" pet ramp.

Dog Ramps Compared

*Solvit has indicated to us (9/2016) that the slipperiness problems have been addressed with a new carpet style that eliminated any traction issues.

The Best Dog Ramps For 2019

1. The Solvit Carpeted Bedside Pet Ramp Review

Bedside 25



Ease of Use

The Solvit bedside dog ramp is well-designed, solid and useful for dogs that have difficulties getting on the bed. Users love that the dog ramp is perfect for high beds and that it’s easy to assemble. However, some do note that the surface is slippery.

With a size of 25"x 16" x 70" and a ramp length of 70", this pet ramp for beds is made of wood and has a carpeted walking surface. It could fit alongside a queen-size bed, and there is a landing area at the top. The weight capacity of the dog bed ramp is 120 lbs, so it looks like a good solution if your dog doesn’t like pet stairs.

As a whole, customers are pleased with the functionality, size, and quality of the Solvit bed dog ramp. One purchaser shared that her 10-year-old Chihuahua learned to use this top rated dog ramp quickly and she had no problems going up and down. Another buyer stated that the instructions for assembly were clear and that the material was of high-quality.

A customer expressed her surprise with how well-made and nice-looking this dog ramp for bedrooms is and that it holds the weight of her 100-pound dog. She would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for high-quality and tall bedside ramps.

However, most of the users complain that the surface of the ramp is too slippery, and their dog doesn’t have enough traction. They advise that you add some form of padding to solve the problem.

*Solvit has indicated to us (9/2016) that the slipperiness problems have been addressed with a new carpet style that eliminated any traction issues.


  • light
  • landing area at the top
  • made of wood
  • easy to assemble and store


  • made in China
  • surface is slippery
  • available only in one color

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2. The Pet Gear Pet Ramp Review

Pet Gear StRamp 28



Ease of Use

If your dog has problems jumping on and off your coach or bed, you might want to consider this Pet Gear dog ramp. Users love that the ramp is light and very easy to assemble. However, some do note that it might be too steep for some dogs.

With a weight capacity of 150 lbs and rubber on the bottom to prevent it from sliding, this bedside ramp for dogs has a carpeted tread surface that could be removed and washed in your washing machine. It has a size of 16"x 16" x 28", a stair rise of five inches and a weight of 11 lbs.

As a whole, a good choice if you are looking for a compact pet bed ramp.

One buyer comments that her 7-pound Maltese goes up and down the Pet Gear dog ramp without any problems. The reviewer also says that the ramp doesn’t shift around, and it’s very easy to clean it. Another customer shares that this dog bedside ramp is useful, especially if you have dogs of different sizes and his 5lb. Yorkie and 25 lb Cockapoo use it regularly.

A pleased purchaser stated that both her dog and cats liked to use the bedside ramp and she was surprised that it was so solid and durable. However, some buyers state that the ramp surface is slippery, and their dogs slide on the way down.


  • light
  • easy to assemble
  • weight capacity of 150 lbs
  • rubber grippers on the bottom
  • carpet tread can be removed


  • slippery surface
  • could be steep for some dogs
  • made in China
  • limited color options

3. The Royal Ramps Pet Ramp Review




Ease of Use

The tall pet ramp offered by Royal Ramps is well-built, reliable and useful for small and medium size dogs. Users love the beautiful design and color and the fact that the tall bedside ramp is easy to clean.

However, some do note that it tends to slide on the floor. Made from high-density foam and with an attractive design, this dog ramp for high beds has a size of 14" x 14" x 29" and washable and removable suede covers resistant to stains. It’s suitable for dogs up to 70 lbs, and it weights only 6 lbs.

Overall, a good quality product, but not a good choice if you have a big dog.

Users are mostly happy with the usefulness, design, and stability of the Royal tall dog ramp. One buyer comments that the ramp is ideal for his dog which can’t jump on the sofa due to a leg injury.

The reviewer also states that this bedside tall dog ramp has an unzipping cover which is very easy to wash and that it’s wide enough to hold her 26-pound dog. Another customer shares that this doggy bed ramp helps a lot to alleviate the discomfort of her French bulldog, and it makes it easier for him to jump on the couch.

But the reviewer complains that the ramp tends to move and that the fabric on the top has loosened after several months. A happy user mentions that her Pugs got used to using the ramp quickly, but she wished that there were more colors available.


  • made in the USA
  • light
  • sturdy
  • removable cover
  • tall
  • easy to clean


  • bottom is not rubberized and it can slide
  • limited color options

4. The Pet Gear Chocolate Pet Ramp Review



Ease of Use

This chocolate bedside dog ramp offered by Pet Gear is stylish, modern and suitable for dogs of all sizes. Users love the size and height of the dog ramp and the fact that it can be folded. However, some do note that carpet covering is thin and doesn’t cover the edges.

With a size of 56" x 16" x 23" and a weight capacity of 200 lbs., this pet ramp for high beds has raised edges to prevent slipping, and a rubberized bottom so that it won’t slide off your floor. The carpet cover is removable and can be easily washed in a washing machine. Overall, reviewers indicate that this is a high-quality pet ramp.

One user shares that the foldable bedside dog ramp perfectly matches the height of her bed, and her dog doesn’t have to leap from the top to reach the bed. Another customer comments that he uses the tall dog ramp to get his 110 lb German shepherd in his car, and he would definitely recommend it for people with heavy dogs.

A satisfied buyer states that the Pet Gear chocolate dog ramp is sturdy, easy to assemble and store when you don’t need it, and the carpet still looks like new, even though her dogs use it regularly. However, most customers complain that the carpet covering is too thin, and their dog would slide on the way down.

Some also have noted that since the support brace is only on one side, they had problems using it as a free-standing ramp.


  • foldable
  • rubberized bottom
  • carpet thread is removable
  • weight capacity of 200 lbs


  • slippery surface
  • may be unstable for larger pets
  • complaints that it’s too steep

5. The Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp Review



Ease of Use

If your dog can’t jump off high places anymore, you might want to take a look at this wood bedside dog ramp offered by Solvit. Users love the length and height of the ramp, but some do note that it’s big and takes a lot of space.

With a size of 70" x 16" x 25" and a weight of 22 lbs., this Solvit long pet ramp for high beds has thick carpeted surface for better traction and a landing area at the top so it will be more comfortable for your dog to jump on and off.

It’s recommended for pets up to 120 lbs, so it looks like a useful accessory for your dogs.

Generally, users have a positive attitude towards the Solvit wood dog ramp. One buyer mentions that the carpeting is not slippery at all, and her dogs very quickly got used to walking up and down it.

Another customer shared that she was very surprised how much her Yorkie liked this tall and long pet ramp. Now she is sure that the dog won’t hurt his legs anymore, and she highly recommends it. An extremely satisfied customer comments that she managed to assemble the ramp in about 15 minutes, and she is very happy with the new thick carpeted covering.

However, some users have complained that the dog ramp shakes a lot, especially if you have a dog over 90 pounds. Some also have noted that they still have problems with the dog sliding off the ramp, but Solvit has recently addressed these issues and assures us that they are fixed.

*Solvit has indicated to us (9/2016) that the slipperiness problems have been addressed with a new carpet style that eliminated any traction issues.


  • long
  • landing area at the top
  • weight capacity of 120 lbs
  • made from wood
  • high-quality


  • Made in China
  • takes a lot of space
  • heavy
  • requires assembly
  • not foldable

What are dog sofa owners saying?

If you are in the market for dog ramps for beds, many buyers typically look for these canine ramps at Costco, Petco, Walgreens or even Target. The best dog ramps that we have seen provide a gently angled terrain for dogs as well as cats to access elevated services without putting unnecessary strain on their limbs.

Luckily there are a variety of manufacturers today producing quality pet ramps with different weight limit specifications like the chocolate Pet Gear pet ramp that can accommodate 200 pound, 300 pound and up to 350 pound weight capacities. The manufacturers say that, indeed, there are a variety of different styles, as well, of pet ramps including bifold, freestanding and trifold structures- all equipped with different gripping material as well.

How to build your own dog ramp

The carpeted pet ramp that they produced, they say, is ideal for dogs and cats with long nails so that they can dig into the ramp surface and have sure footing as they access elevated areas.

As well, purchasing a free-standing pet ramp is ideal because they are portable and can be used for a variety of purposes- with some users even using them to help their dogs into their vehicles.

One reviewer who purchased this particular ramp said that his Yorkshire Terrier frequently jumped on and off the Ottoman bed, which resulted in spinal herniations- so he decided to purchase an assistive device to help his dog get onto the bed without jumping, as well as get off it, too.

Another DIY indoor dog ramp

Since the bed was pretty high up, he opted for a dog ramp with a significant height to it, though he did complain that the ramp's carpeting didn't provide enough of a grip for his dogs to securely clamber off its surface. As we have seen with other users, this particular buyer decided to modify the ramp with some thick shag carpeting, bolting it onto the bottom and top of the platform so that his dog had a no-slip means of getting onto the ottoman.

Time and again, no matter whether you own a Bichon Frise, American Pit Bull Terrier, an Australian Cattle dog, a Chihuahua, Irish Terrier, a Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Pug or some type of Spaniel, buyers say that these pet ramps are ideal orthopedic solutions for elderly dogs that suffer from joint issues, or maybe are just predisposed to developing them.

Another handy option that these bedside, indoor pet ramps frequently include is generous space in the landing areas so that the pets can gather themselves before they descend the pet ramp, or access the elevated area of they climbed up the ramp to get to.

Check out this DIY indoor pet ramp

The 28" pet ramp by Pet Gear was another solid option that we examined- it only weighs 11 pounds, with a stare rise 5 inches. Users say that it was easy to assemble, with one dog owner saying that she had to train her small schnauzer and incentivize her with treats to get her to begin using this particular dog ramp.

Final thoughts

As we have seen, some of the primary decision points regarding purchasing these dog ramps is the height of the area you are trying to access for your pet.

Make sure you do some initial measurements to make sure that the dog ramp you're looking for is a fit for the situation you'll be using it with.

We have also seen that many of these ramps are just too slippery for the dogs to use. While it is a little bit of an inconvenience, it does make sense to just supplement dog ramp with a spare blanket, or tack on some shag carpeting that provides extra security when your dogs climb up it.

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