Mattress Beds w/ Headrest Reviews


Big Barker is one of the most solid dog beds on the market that provides good thickness, support on pressure points of the dog’s body and also offers good durability.

This particular bed is suitable for large breeds and it guarantees its original shape up to 90% for the next 10 years of use or the money back. The bed is hand crafted, made in the USA and using also American memory foam.

This bed is recommended for:

  • Old dogs that need support on their joints and bones
  • Recovering dogs from surgery
  • Disable dogs
  • If your dog is large and you want the best bed to support its body. FULL REVIEW


Premium Extra Large HeadRest Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed allows your dog to enjoy a 100% memory foam mattress. The mattress is made from one piece of foam that has 3.2 lbs density and a 4-inch pillow giving your large breed dog the support it needs and relieves pain from hip dysplasia and arthritis.

The unit comes with double lining, featuring and outer cover and internal case for the mattress. The internal liner is made from taffeta and the outer cover is made from denim or microsuede, you have 2 options for the outer cover. FULL REVIEW

 This bed is suitable for:

  • Large breeds
  • Dogs that need support for their bones and joints
  • Dogs that like support on their head or body when sleeping.


Simien dog XL bed has 100% H45 support foam that will not break down over time. The foam is 7 inches high and with its firm support relieves joints, hips, and pain from arthritis and dysplasia.

The bed comes with a bonus waterproof nylon liner and the foam has no toxic fillers, the cover is machine washable.

  This bed is recommended for:

  • If your dog is large and needs good support for its joints and bones
  • If you see your dog likes to sleep or rest with its head higher (you will notice this if your dog sleeps with its head over its paws). FULL REVIEW


Big Barker Mini – 4″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest pillow is made for medium to small breed dogs and provides even support for your dog this relieves pain caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia.

√ Big Barker Mini is suitable:

Toy dogs and short medium sized dogs that prefer support when sleeping. FULL REVIEW



G3Elite Deluxe Extra Large Dog Bed With Headrest gives your dog a great place to relax and provides support evenly for your large dog.

The bed features a faux suede cover that is removable with a zipper that runs along 3 sides of the mattress. The cover also features a non-slide bottom that make the bed to stay put in one place.

Made from the same memory foam as the beds made for us.

   The bed is recommended:

  • If your dog is large and needs a bed that provides even distribution of pressure points on its body
  • If you want a bed which cover is easy to remove
  • If your pet likes to sleep with its head resting higher. FULL REVIEW


The Giant Orthopedic Dog Bed w/ Headrest is thick and is good for even distribution of your dogs weight and relieves joint and hip pain as well as a comfort foam pillow.

This high quality foam is guaranteed not to flatten or sag for 10 years, if it does the company will replace it at not cost.

  Giant Orthopedic Dog Bed is recommended:

  • If you want a bed that distributes the pressure points on your dog’s body
  • If you notice your dog uses its paws to rest its head when sleeping
  • Large and heavy dogs. FULL REVIEW


KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed made from 1.5-in memory form and 4-in of firm support foam.

It also comes with a water resistant zippered cover.

The orthopedic foam that is 1.5-in thick gives your dog the support it needs.

The bed will give relief to joint hip dyspepsia and arthritis.

√ The bed is recommended:

  • For healthy dogs that prefer firmness over sink-in feel. FULL REVIEW