Mattress Dog Beds Reviews

Mattress dog beds offer pets the elevation and thickness they need for a good sleep.

Good quality mattress dog beds offer a thick memory foam formed by one, two or three layers for the best orthopedic support and thickness. Less quality beds offer one or two layers of memory foam. Other dog mattresses are simply made from regular foam. On this list you will find both types.

It’s important to mention that Memory Foam and Orthopedic foam are not always equal: for a memory foam to be truly orthopedic needs to be premium quality, over 3 lbs. If the memory foam is less than that, it’s not orthopedic.

Here you will find a list of mattress dog beds from the highest to the lowest rating, according to customer reviews:



DogBed4Less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam pet bed offers a good cushioned thick place for your dog to sleep and rest.

The mattress consists of 4″ memory foam covered by a liner and on top of that covered by a sturdy denim fabric.

This unit comes with an extra microsuede brown cover with a non-slid bottom to have as backup when the original denim cover is in the washing machine.

√ This dog bed may be suitable:

  • For dogs that need good support on bones, joints and muscles
  • For pets that stretch out when sleeping
  • If you need want a memory foam mattress with double liners. FULL REVIEW


The MILLIARD Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed provides your dog great comfort and firmness with its 4-inch thick mattress equal to memory foam beds made for humans.

This 4-inch mattress consists of 2 layers; the top layer is 2-inch memory polyurethane foam and the bottom layer is 2-inch high density foam that will not sag in over time.

The bed comes with a water resistant zippered cover that can be removed for washing. On the bottom of the cover there are non-slip beads so it will not slide around your floor. Milliard memory Foam is certified by CertiPUR-US.

√ This pet bed may be suitable:

  • For pets that need elevation from the floor and support on bones and joints
  • If you want your dog to stretch out in a soft memory foam mattress bed. FULL REVIEW


Stella Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is for large breed dogs that are sensitive to temperature changes.

The egg crate foam side is designed to keep your dog warm on those cold nights and the gel-memory foam side to keep your dog cool on hot days.

The cover has to types of material as well the Faux sheep skin to keep the body heat in.  Cotton on the gel side to help keep its coolness.

√ This dog Bed is suitable:

  • For arthritic dogs that need support on their joints
  • If you need to use this bed in a hot and cold weather
  • For a dog that likes to sleep stretching out. FULL REVIEW


First-Quality 6″ Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed Pure Premium Memory Foam bed provides even support for dogs that have problems with Dysplasia and Arthritis. The outer cover is Removable and Washable.

High-Quality dog bed is suitable for:

  • Dogs that like a soft but firm feel
  • Elderly dogs that need support but not very aching bodies. FULL REVIEW


Snoozer Super Orthopedic pet bed gives your dog a good cushioning with a 7-inch thick egg-crate foam mattress, providing elevation and support for its joints and bones.

The thick foam pad is protected by a waterproof cover and it features soft fleece on top. The cover is zippered with a sturdy brass zipper on one side for removal and it’s machine washable.

The covers of Snoozer Super Orthopedic dog bed come in various colors, such as Black/Cream Sherpa, Green/Black Sherpa, Burgandy with Black Sherpa, Green/Cream Sherpa, and many more.

√ Snoozer Super Orthopedic dog bed is suitable:

  • To provide your dog a firm cushioning mattress
  • If you want your dog to sleep on a bed with egg-crate foam layer
  • If you want a 100% waterproof cover. Check more details on this FULL REVIEW


Big Shrimpy’s Original dog bed comes with a tough faux suede material on the top and a firm nylon pack cloth on the bottom and the sides.

The inter liner has ripstop nylon giving it a odor and liquid resistance.

The smartfill fiber filling, liner, and cover are machine washable and dryable.

√ This dog bed is suitable for:

  • Pets that like soft beds with a nice sink-in feel
  • Dogs that stretch out when sleeping and don’t like head support. FULL REVIEW


Brentwood Home Gel Infused Memory pet bed assures a comfy place for your dog to sleep. The unit features a therapeutic memory foam which adapts to pressure points on your dog’s body, relieving aches and arthritis pain.

The 4-inch thick foam has 2-inch gel infused memory foam with gel particles that keeps your dog’s body a nice temperature. The bottom layer is a 2-inch therapeutic foam that provides good support offering the elevation your dog needs, avoiding the stress of muscles or bones when resting.

The unit features a microfiber cover with a non-slip fabric on the bottom to stop the bed from sliding around the floor and a black waterproof inner liner to protect the foam from “accidents”. FULL REVIEW



BRINDLE dog bed is a 4-inch memory foam and orthopedic mattress that helps your dog to sleep in a cushioned bed, providing the support your dog needs.

The foam mattress has two layers of foam, a 2” memory foam and 2” high-density support foam. The unit has a soft removable cover that is waterproof with a polyurethane coating on the inside.

Brindle memory foam dog bed comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

√ This pet bed may be suitable:

  • As crate beds for adult pets
  • If you need a medium feel pet bed for your medium sized dog
  • For firm cushioning and support to small dogs
  • If you don’t want a very thick pad for your large dog
  • For small or medium size dogs with arthritis. FULL REVIEW


Paw Memory Foam Pet Bed is designed for your dog to be comfortable with its duplex foam construction.

This duplex foam construction consists of a 2-inch orthopedic memory foam bottom and a 2-inch egg crate top that spreads their weight evenly limiting presser points while in any position.

The cover has a L shaped zipper for easy removal. FULL REVIEW