[Review] The Keet Miniature Sofa Pet Bed Review

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The 9 lb., Keet miniature dog sofa bed is ideal for Toy and small-breed pets that are up to 15 lbs. in weight.

It measures 17" x 12" x 23" and the included pillow measures 2" x 7" x 9", all measurements in height, width and diameter. The seat is made of 1" high-density foam to ensure long-term comfort.

This dog couch is definitely not a fit for medium or large breed dogs, instead it's great if you own a Bolognese, an Australian Terrier, a Boston terrier, a Miniature Dachshund, a Chihuahua, a Papillion or a Pomeranian, for example.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

The Keet Miniature Sofa Dog Bed



Ease of Use

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Users are generally pretty satisfied with this dog bed, though there are a few detractors. One user who purchased it for their cats, decided to place it near a fireplace and window area so that they could look out into the front yard while they take their mid-day naps.

Another user who purchased it for their 11 pound Schnoodle dog said that overall she's pleased with the appearance and construction of this miniature dog sofa, but that she wishes it were plusher and a little bit softer.

Another reviewer said that her cat actually had an allergic reaction to this particular bed and the veterinarian said that it was possible that the retardant foam chemicals used to fire-proof the miniature sofa bed was the cause of her pets allergic reaction. Another user who owns 4 beagles describes how his pets fight over the chair, all trying to clamber into it at once.

This was a Christmas gift that he received and he is so happy with it- getting a great kick out of seeing his dogs lineup to take their seat on this dog sofa. So cute to see! Another reviewer comments that the workmanship is such high quality that it looks and feels like a sofa for a human.

His Toy Poodle sits on the couch- and his owner says that he looks just like the model's photo. One comment he did make is that he thought the manufacturers should lower the pet sofas arms a little bit so that smaller, toy dogs would have a place to rest their heads on the arms.

This user also says that it is an adorable way to help elderly pets reach elevated places- he positioned his dog couch nearby his own living room couch so that his elderly Shish Tzu dog could make the climb to be up near him when he watches TV at night.

One other buyer chimed in and said that dog owners should supplement with a dog blanket to complete the dog couch, saying that it helps keep her Pomeranian warm since the pet sofa by itself could get a little chilly on winter days.


  • Incredibly cute
  • Sold workmanship and style
  • Surprisingly inexpensive
  • Great for small dogs


  • Some say it should be a bit more plush
  • Not a fit for medium or large breed dogs

Build your own dog couch!


Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa Pet Bed is a cute little sofa for your small dog to sleep or simply rest. This bed is a piece of furniture that is designed to complement and enhance the decor of any space in your home.

With Fantasy Mini Sofa you can spoil your dog with its own sofa where he can rest and at the same time, you are adding a new piece of decor to your house.

The unit is hand made out of wood, upholstered with soft design printed fabric. The bed has 1” high density flame retardant foam in the sleeping area, arms and back to give pets cushioning and comfort.

The Mini Sofa features 4 removable wooden legs and it comes in two designs: Zebra and Leopard.


  • Hand made wood frame
  • Bed is upholstered with Faux Fur Fabric
  • It comes in two designs: Zebra and Leopard
  • Suitable for small dogs, up to 15 lbs
  • 1” High Density Flame Retardant Foam cushioning
  • Overall dimension: 17″ H x 12″ W x 23″ D
  • Pillow dimension: 2″ H x 7″ W x 9″ D
  • Sleeping area: 14″ W x 12″ L
  • Overall Weight: 10 lbs
  • Pieces Included: Bed and 1 matching pillow
  • No assembly required
  • Indoor use only


Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa is like a miniature sofa and more similar to a chair due to its small size. The mini sofa features a frame that is made from real wood and its sturdiness may not be the same than the people’s furniture, but is strong enough to hold a 15 lbs dog.

The cushioning of the sleeping area, arms and back is made from 1” high-density flame retardant foam, which is not orthopedic or memory foam, but provides good cushioning for a small pet.

The mini sofa is upholstered with plush Velboa fabric. This material is made from polyester, it’s very soft and resistant, similar to the ones used for stuffed toys.

The unit comes with a pillow made from plush Velboa as well, matching the print of the mini sofa. The pillow is stuffed with polyester and is removable.

The height of the bed from the sleeping surface to the floor is approximately 6 ½ inches.

The wooden legs are brown, with straight design and they are slightly over 1” tall. The legs are removable and feature felt foot pads on the bottom to protect the floor.




  • Really cute design
  • It has a handmade wood frame for more stability
  • Sturdier than stuffed sofa type beds
  • Easy access for little breeds to climb up or get down.
  • The bed is cushioned on the sleeping area, arms and back
  • Nice soft fabric gives your pet comfort
  • It features removable legs for easy sliding
  • Legs with felt food pads to protect your floor
  • It can be spot cleaned
  • BONUS: It comes with a matching pillow for more style and support.


  • The bed sleeping area is small, suitable for very tiny dogs
  • Arms are not very short and most tiny dogs won’t be able to rest their heads or arms on them (pillow to the rescue!)
  • The mini sofa is not chew-proof
  • YOU MAY NOT MIND: the plush fabric is soft, but it’s not very fluffy.


—If you have a short haired pet that needs extra warmth, add a matching little throw blanket just as you do with your own sofa 🙂

—You can spot clean the sofa with a wet rag and little mild soap.

—You can match the Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa with its matching Mini Chaise and Mini Bed for more style.


Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa Pet Bed is a very cute and nicely designed furniture type dog bed which best advantage over other sofas is to have a wood frame and not just a stuffed shaped sofa like other pet beds.

One point to consider is that your dog needs to be very small to fit comfortably in this bed, especially if you want it to have room around. As an example, a 7 lbs or 8 lbs toy dog measuring about 10” won’t have room enough to stretch out, but will be able to sleep a little curled up with no problem.

Another point is that the quality of the wood frame is not the same you would expect in people’s sofa, but it’s sturdy to support a small pet.

The unit looks just like the picture, but smaller. It looks a little like a mini chair, but that is expected given the small size of this pet bed.


Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa pet bed is a cute dog bed for very small dogs. Think of a Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkillon, Cheeks, Maltipom, Chin-wa, etc. Make sure to measure your dog’s body dimension and the way he or she sleeps and compare it with the dimensions of this bed so you make a good choice for your little dog.

Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa is suitable:

  • For very small dog breeds as described above
  • For indoor dogs that appreciate a nice sofa to sleep and rest

x The bed may not be suitable:

  • For dogs with arthritis or disabilities
  • For short legged dogs that may not be able to jump up to the sofa
  • For chewers or for dogs with separation anxiety
  • For dogs that exceed the dimension of the sleeping area
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