How to Choose a Pet Bed According to your Type of Dog

Dog Beds

To choose the best dog bed it’s not an easy task. That’s why we decided to make it simple for you. Here you will find a classification of main criteria when looking for a pet bed.

In order for you to find the most suitable for your dog, just do the cross matching between each criteria to find the type of bed for your pet needs.



Lap Dog or Toy Dog: very small lap dogs need to be close to you all the time because these are companion animals.

If you are planning on getting only one bed for your tiny dog, the best option is a portable unit that you can carry with you everywhere and place it on the couch, on a car seat or even on your desk if you are working on the computer, etc.

Also, the bed needs to be soft, fluffy and mushy and give the dog the sense of protection. The ideal bed for this type of dog is the round shaped bed with high walls, the nest type and cave type. All these beds are made from very soft fabrics.

If you have a lap dog that belongs to skinny breeds the ideal bed will be a nesting bed with foam cushioning to protect its bones.

Small to medium size dog: If your dog is small or regular size you can choose any type of classic bed according to the main characteristic of your pet.

For example, if your dog likes sleeping on the couch get a bolstered memory foam or a sofa type, if he likes to sleep on the carpet, get a slumber, pillow or pad, if he likes soft and fluffy blankets, get a nest type. With small to regular sized dogs the options are wide. With long haired dogs or active dogs you may want a cot type that will keep your dog cool in summer.

Large and Extra Large: For large and extra large dogs you need a strong and well made bed with good support and high quality fabrics and fibers. Ideally the bed needs to have thick foam base or memory foam base. Due to its sturdy frame, cot type beds are also a good option for large dogs, especially for outdoor pets.



Puppies: Made with water resistant materials, without tags, zippers or any object coming out from the bed’s surface. Not toxic fillings. Not removable pieces. Getting a pet bed for your puppy could be a challenge so you must be prepared to do a good research.

Adult: Choose a bed that is best suited for your dog’s behavior, activity and health condition.

Senior: When choosing a pet bed for your old dog, pick a comfortable warm bed with orthopedic memory foam base and with easy to enter access. For big dogs, get a mattress type, some of them are bolstered which is even better. If your old boy is small, there are orthopedic nesting beds.



Active dogs: If you are going to use the bed inside you need to choose a bed with natural fabric on the surface that will absorb the dog’s perspiration and that won’t get stinky easily. Avoid polyester here.
Also, get a bed that isn’t an easy magnet for dry grass from the outside or at least to give you the option to shake the dirt off from it. A dog bed that is easy washable and that does not lose its shape after several washes.

If you are going to use the bed outside the best option is the cot type that keeps your dog elevated from the ground, avoiding contact with bugs and keeping your dog’s body cooled. Most cot type beds are made from waterproof fabric which simplifies cleaning. Cot beds can be used inside the house as well.

Inactive indoor dog: If your indoor dog is not too old, you may want a raised bed that allows your dog to rest and watch the outside.

If your indoor dog is old or overweight get a bed with thick memory foam base to support its weight and reduce the pressure on its joints.



Healthy dogs: Get any dog bed that fits best your dog’s sleeping behavior and lifestyle.
If your dog takes over the sofa get him a bolstered foam mattress or a furniture dog bed. If he likes to sleep on the floor sprawling out he may appreciate a slumber type bed.

If your dog is long haired or belongs to a breed that gets hot easily get a cot type which will keep your dog’s body cool. If your dog is a short haired or if it loves fluffy things, get a nest or cave type with faux sheepskin of similar on the surface.

Dogs with health issues or obesity: If your dog has arthritis, bone problems or if your pet is overweight, you need an orthopedic pet bed.

Orthopedic dog bed is often a mattress type bed that distributes weight evenly, reducing pressure on the dog’s joints. Make sure the bed provides your dog the warmth it needs to relief its joints pain.

Good luck in your next decision!

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