The 5 Best Hooded Cave Dog Beds Reviewed

Hooded Cave Dog Beds

Hooded dog beds, or dog caves, are a unique style of dog bed- creating a den for your pooch to snuggle up in and feel protected and warm (Source).

These comfy, nesting dog beds are ideal for pets that enjoy tucking themselves away in enclosed spaces, particularly in winter months when they can feel cold (Source).

These cave beds are often fitted with removable plastic bars that keep the opening wide enough for dogs to enter and leave without trouble.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

Our Top Pick: The Snoozer Cozy Cave

Many dog owners are endlessly amused watching their canines crawl in, spin around, and then plop down inside of the cave bed, with many dogs enjoying restful sleep their owners have never seen before. Some dogs like submerging their lower halves inside with just their head sticking out.

These cave pet beds are available in a variety of different sizes so to matter whether you have a bulky Doberman or a sprightly Jack Russell, you can find a size of enclosed pet bed that's a fit for you and your pooch.

Comparing The Options

SaleBestseller No. 1
PLS Birdsong The Original Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed (Medium), Dog Cave, Covered Hooded Pet Bed, Cosy, for Burrower Cats and Dogs, Blue
  • The top in the opening of the bed does not stay up on its own. Most pets like to climb inside and stay covered in it. Perfect for burrower pets.
  • The medium size is most suitable for pets upto 25 lbs. It is recommended for larger cats and dog breeds such as Shin Tzu, Havanese, Papillon, Jack Russel Terriers, Dachshunds and pugs.
SaleBestseller No. 2
FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Round Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Burrow Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Blue, 35-Inch
  • PERFECT FOR CUDDLING: If you've got a pup that loves to cuddle, then they're going to enjoy burrowing into the insanely cozy Furhaven Snuggery pet bed. Featuring a soft, malleable hood that can be used exclusively as a blanket, or configured into a cave-like burrowing space, the Snuggery is the perfect nestling retreat for your beloved pet.
  • SNUGGLY SLEEP SURFACE: The Furhaven Snuggery pet bed is lined with soft, faux lambswool fabric that is gentle on noses and paws, providing optimum snuggles and a comfy nuzzling surface for sleepy pups. Paired with a silken suedine gusset, your dog is going to love cozying up against every imaginable surface of the pet bed.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed, X-Large, Anthracite
  • Microsuede exterior, Sherpa interior
  • Machine-washable luxury microsuede cover
SaleBestseller No. 4
Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Faux Suede Cuddle Cave Dog Bed - Fabric Bottom - 22X17 Inches/Black / Attractive, Durable, Comfortable, Washable
  • COMFORTABLE : cozy plush interior offers a feeling of comfort and security
  • DURABLE : Made to last. NO clumping. NO shifting.
Bestseller No. 5
Snoozer Cozy Cave, Large, Red
  • Sherpa lining for warmth in winter and cool in summer
  • Removable washable/dryable cover

The Best Hooded Cave Beds For 2019

Posh365 Eskimo Cozy Pet Bed



Ease of Use

If you are looking for something soft, comfortable and elegant for your dog, you might want to consider this Eskimo cozy pet cave. Users love the fact that the hood stays up, but some do note that it’s not very easy to clean it.

This snuggle dog cave has a polyester cover, an adjustable brim and it’s foldable, so it would be easy for you to store it or take it wherever you go. It’s hand sewn and available in two sizes – small (18" x 21" x 21") and large (21" x 31" x 31"), so it looks cozy and well-made.

Users are very satisfied with the design, softness, and durability of this dome covered pet bed. One customer mentions that her 35lb terrier mix fits without problems in the large size cave bed, and she would recommend it to anyone who wants their dog to be warm and cozy.

Another happy buyer shares that this hooded dog bed is a perfect hiding place for her dog, and she sleeps inside for hours. A very satisfied customer also states that her Chihuahua feels safe and protected in this soft small cave bed, and she absolutely loves it.

However, some users have complained that the large cozy bed is too small for bigger dogs, and they would have preferred if the cushion was removable so that they can wash it.


  • sturdy
  • soft
  • upright hood
  • light
  • foldable


  • limited color options
  • cushion is not removable
  • difficult to clean
  • only one color
Cozy Cave Luxury Hooded Pet Bed Color: Leaf, Size: Small (25



Ease of Use

If you want your dog to have his own warm and cozy place, you could take a look at this luxury cozy cave bed offered by Snoozer. Users love the plush look and the fact that the top cover can be removed. However, some do note that it’s too overstuffed.

Available in three different sizes –small (4"x 8"x 25" x 25"), large (4" x 8"x 35"x 35") and X-large (4" x 8" x 45" x 45"), this exterior of the Snoozer caved dog pet is made of Microfiber and Sherpa with polyester filling on the inside for additional comfort.

The small size is suitable for dogs like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, while the X-Large for St. Bernards and hounds. It certainly looks like a very comfortable, snug and reasonably priced product.

Generally, users are satisfied with the Snoozer luxury hooded dog cave –they say it is useful, very well-made, soft and comfortable. One user shares that the large sized cave bed is big enough for both her Dalmatians and Whippet, and they love to snuggle there.

A customer shares that her Boston terrier loves to disappear inside, and she would recommend it anyone with a dog that likes to burrow itself under the covers. Another user states that the hood is low enough to keep her dog warm, but it allows him to move out when it gets too warm.

However, some customers have complained that the cozy cave dog bed is too snug, and their dogs don’t like it very much. Some also have stated that even the small size would be big for a toy breed dog.


  • soft
  • good quality
  • three different sizes
  • padding on the inside
  • multiple colors
  • removable cover


  • too snug and too much stuffing
  • there isn’t a medium size
  • high-cost
Snoozer Cozy Cave Hooded Dog Bed



Ease of Use

This cozy hooded pet bed offered by Snoozer could be a good sleeping or a hiding place for your dog. Users love the fact that the hood is sturdy and that their dogs can burrow inside comfortably.

However, some do note that it’s hard to get the pillows to lay flat. Made from cotton, poly filling and faux wool on the inside and top, this Snoozer dog bed is available in multiple colors and three different sizes – small (12"x 25" x 25"), large (13"x 35"x 35") and X-large (14" x 45" x 45").

There is a sturdy zipper on the outside of the cover for easy washing. Overall, it seems like a very cozy bed suitable for small and big dogs.

Generally, users are satisfied with the quality and durability of this snuggle pet bed. One user comments that his dachshunds have a lot of space to move inside, and they can snuggle together in the back or lay in the front with their heads peeking out.

Another content buyer shared that her dogs liked this burrow dog bed so much that they started fighting over it, so she gladly bought more. A satisfied purchaser states that his three beagles and four cats love the bed.

She has already bought three of these hooded cozy beds, and they are well-made, and the quality is excellent. However, some customers have complained that the top doesn’t stay up and that the plastic tube in the hood can break through the material.


  • multiple colors and sizes available
  • the cover is removable
  • easy to clean
  • can be personalized


  • top tips over
  • the plastic tube might break through the fabric
  • complaints that the pillow doesn’t lay flat
Orthopedic Cozy Cave Pet Bed Size: Small (25



Ease of Use

This Snoozer orthopedic cozy cave pet bed is well-designed and useful for keeping your dog warm and snug. Users love that this hooded pet bed is soft and squishy, but some do note that due to the stuffing it can tip over easily.

With an exterior made of cotton and poly and a Sherpa interior, this nestling dog bed has an extra deep sleep surface, and it is topped with another poly layer for addition warm and comfort.

Available in three sizes – small (12"x 25" x 25"), large (13"x 35"x 35") and X-large (14" x 45" x 45") the cozy dog cave bed can be suitable for pooches and Great Danes alike. Overall, it looks like a nice cozy bed for your dog, especially if he has aches and pains.

One user shared that his Bulldog took some time to get used to the cozy bed, but after that, he started using it constantly and would sleep in it during the night. The buyer also says that the Snoozer cozy cave bed is light, so he can move it wherever she wants.

Another pleased user states that her Chihuahuas love the small hooded pet bed, and they would snuggle inside with pleasure. A satisfied dog owner comments that it’s especially suitable for dachshunds who like to burrow themselves and her dog started sleeping in it immediately.

However, some have expressed their concern that the plastic tube in the hood might come through the fabric, and their dog can ingest it. Some also have stated that the bed they received was smaller than what they expected.


  • light
  • well-designed
  • three different sizes
  • multiple colors available
  • extra padding
  • removable cover


  • might tip over
  • plastic tube might rip the fabric
  • doesn’t have a medium size
Lounge Sleeper Dog Hooded Color: Tan



Ease of Use

If you are interested in a dog bed that can be used both as a cave and a lounge, you might take a look at the K&H lounge sleeper dog bed. Users love that the hood and the pillow are removable and that it’s looks soft and fluffy. However, some do note that the pillow is too thin.

Made from poly and cotton on the outside and Microfleece on the inside, this hooded dog cave is available in one small size – (13" x 25" x 20") with a sleeping surface of 13x 17 inches and a weight of 2.7 lbs. Overall, an excellent choice for a small dog like a Chihuahua, a pooch, a sheltie or even a cat.

Users are very positive in regards to the usefulness of this small dog cave. One user shares that it’s light, soft and very easy to fold and move around. Her poodle immediately curled up in the bed, and the hood made him feel safe from her larger dogs.

Another buyer comments that she is very glad that she bought this dog snuggle bed because it looks very nice and it’s a piece of cake to clean it. A pleased buyer states that this small dog cave is very soft, and there is enough space for her 2-pound Chihuahua plus her toys.

Moreover, she was surprised that the hood stayed upright without problems. However, some have complained that the hood falls often and that there isn’t enough padding to be comfortable for their dog.


  • light
  • foldable
  • hood and pillow can be removed
  • easy to clean


  • only one small size
  • pillow is not very thick
  • problems with the hood staying up
  • only two colors available

What are owners saying?

Many dog owners opt to purchase these cozy, hooded pet beds for dogs and even cats that enjoy secure and dark sleeping spaces. Overall, they are fairly inexpensive, lightweight and machine-washable options, providing a tent-like shelter space that can fit in most areas of the home.

One concern that some pet owners have is whether or not the hood on the pet bed stays erect over time, enabling dogs and cats to easily enter the hooded dog bed when they're ready to take a nap.

Indeed, if you examine the different cave dog beds that we selected, you can see different styles with some of them having more of an open-air hood, while others like the Cozy Cave is a bit tighter, making for a more snug fit. It would seem that traditionally manufacturers created these pet beds for smaller dogs that had an easier time cuddling their way into the inner recesses of these hooded sleeping areas.

There are now, however, a range of different size options available so that if you want to purchase one of these hooded sleeping options for your canine, you are able to- just make sure that you get a bed that's large enough so that your dog doesn't have too much difficulty getting into the interior of space.

Build your own cave bed!

One user to purchased the Eskimo Cozy pet bed says that their 30 lb. terrier mix fell in love with the bed right after they took it out of the box. Initially, they were somewhat concerned he wasn't going to fit inside of it, but given a little bit of time he eventually clambered in, curled up, and slept for several hours.

Another dog owner who purchased the K & H Manufacturing hooded dog lounge says that they have a pair of Toy Poodles- and it creates a safe space for these dogs to escape from other, larger dogs that they own that tower over them. She ended up ordering two of these particular dog beds because one of her Toy Poodles is so territorial that he refuses to share it with his brother.

Other users like that the canopy can be removed, which makes it easy to wash the entire thing, also enabling it to be a bit more portable than other options that don't have a removable canopy. The Snoozer cozy dog cave was another popular option that we reviewed- one buyer says that they have a five-year-old dachshund that suffers from spinal problems and has been in terrible pain for over a year.

How to clean the Cozy Cave pet bed

She comments that dachshunds are particularly fond of burrowing into areas, be they blankets or towels or dog beds like this that are designed for them to cuddle into a recessed interior. She ordered the Snoozer Cozy dog cave and said that she was initially put off by the new-bed odor.

Over time that smell dissipated, and with a little bit of encouragement she got her Dachshund to crawl into the dog bed where he has found a comfortable home that provides him with rejuvenating rest.

Users did say that occasionally you will have to fluff up the mattress again, or even sometimes supplemented with a light sweet blanket, just to supplement the thickness of the bedding. Many users purchase cave beds because they notice that their pets enjoy sleeping with bedcovers over them, or just seem to enjoy and feel secure with a roof over their heads, whether that's a dining room table, or some other space that provides a secure interior.

Final thoughts

If you are in the market for a covered dog bed, whether you have a Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, or a larger dog like a Pitbull, Doberman or a Golden Retriever, make sure that you do some preliminary research to ensure that you get a dog bed that's the right size for your pet.

If you have a large dog already, it often makes sense to err on the larger side when purchasing these dog beds as it can be a bit of a tight fit on the interior, though depending on the hooded dog bed you're thinking of buying some have tighter spaces inside than others.

That said, many users who notice their dogs enjoy secure and tight sleeping spaces find their pets immediately take to these unique cave beds because they accommodate to their dogs' natural sleeping habits.


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