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The Dogbed4less orthopedic memory foam dog bed has many, many purchasers. It is one of the more popular options and it comes in a variety of different sizes and colors to ensure the best fit and feel for your pooch, as well as the best match for your home decor.

It comes in the following sizes:

  • 35" x 20" x 4",
  • 37" x 27" x 4",
  • 40" x 35" x 4",
  • 41" x 27" x 4",
  • 47" x 29" x 4",
  • 55" x 37" x 4",
  • 55" x 47" x 4"

If you are particularly finicky about the color of the dog bed you are looking for- the Dogbed4less brand has you covered because it comes in campus green, denim blue, denim brown, micro suede brown and a microsuede gray.

The manufacturers boast a waterproof, zippered cover, a high-quality, 4" memory foam pillow and a strong, non-slipping base.

Users rave about this particular memory-foam dog bed, saying that their pets don't sink to the ground when they clamber on to this quality resting spot. The dual-covers, one that is a waterproof inner cover and one that is a rugged denim outer cover, are a nice touch and even running water over the inner cover in the kitchen sink didn't show any liquid pass-through.

Remember to measure your dog prior to making a purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

The DogBed4Less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed



Ease of Use

Our Rating: 4.7/5

These dog bed to take a little bit of time to puff up- with some users saying that initially they were concerned that they had ordered the wrong size, but given a little time the dog beds fluff up to the right size. As well, the chemical smell that sometimes attend these dog beds is an issue with this one- but it wears off, and some users chose to air it out for an afternoon to truly remove the scent for good.

Another special needs pet owner whose dog suffers from severe hip dysplasia, and has had some surgical treatments, reports that her animal traditionally had difficulty laying down, walking and even standing, requiring intensive pain-management regiments to keep him up and running.

She purchased the Dogbed4less, in the 40" x 35" x 4" model, and says that her 100 pound + puppy experienced a better nights sleep on account of this bed- reducing and even eliminating on most nights his pacing, painful yelps, and constant fiddling with his sleeping area.

She and her husband say that now that her pet generally sleeps the whole night through, that her and her husband awake feeling more rested, as well, because they don't wake up in a start every time their dog makes a noise.

Another Australian Cattle dog owner says that his arthritic animal loves how large dog bed is, saying that this pet can sprawl out without his legs or head falling off of it.


  • Many different sizes available
  • Plethora of color options
  • Positive user feedback on memory-foam quality
  • Inexpensive


  • None: apart from issues with sizing (remember to measure your dog prior to purchase!)


DogBed4Less Premium Heavy Duty Memory Foam provides your dog a thick orthopedic mattress with good size suitable for small, medium, large and extra large breed dogs.

DogBed4Less memory foam is 5 times denser and 4 times heavier than other regular memory foams, providing a good support for your pet that won’t collapse over time like other similar memory foam beds that flatten and don’t give enough support to your dog’s body.

The memory foam is also resistant to molds, bacteria, mildews and dust mites.

Extra replacement covers are available in Denim Blue, Denim Brown, Canvas Olive Green, Microsuede Brown, MicroSuede Gray Color.


  • Premium 100% solid orthopedic memory foam pad
  • Washable internal zipper cover and external durable denim cover in navy blue color
  • It comes with 1 free brown microsuede external cover with a non-slid bottom
  • 3.2 lbs High-density solid memory foam with the same quality as a therapeutic mattress that promotes better sleep, healthy joint and durability.
  • Available sizes:
  • Medium: 35” L x 20” W x 4” H
  • Large: 37″ L X 27″ W X 4″ H
  • Extra Large: 40″ L X 35″ W X 4″ H
  • XX Large: 55″ L X 37″ W X 4″ H
  • XXX Large: 55″ L X 47″ W X 4″ H


The bed comes with 1 insert pad of 4” solid 100% memory foam, 1 internal zippered cover, 1 denim external cover, and 1 FREE extra external microsuede cover with non-slip bottom cover as a bonus by purchasing this bed.


DogBed4Less Premium Extra Large Memory Foam dog bed consists of:

1) One thick memory foam Pad/Mattress; 2) One Internal zippered Cover; 3) One External denim Cover and 4) One External microsuede brown Cover as a FREE external cover replacement.

1) 4” Thick Memory Foam Pad: It is a 100% non-toxic therapeutic grade, 3.2 lbs memory foam which provides high density cushioning. This memory foam does not flatten over time like other foams and provides good support to the dog’s body. It’s important to note that this memory foam does not have multi-layer glued partial memory foam and does not have cut corners like other cheaper pads.

2) Internal Zippered Cover: Made from water resistant dark gray taffeta fabric with a zipper to protect the pad from liquids. Even though the manufacturer states that this cover is water-proof, it’s actually more ‘water-resistant’ because if any liquid sits there for more than 2 or 3 hours it will leak to the pad.

3) External Denim Cover: Made from 13 Oz/yard of heavy-duty navy blue denim on all sides, including the bottom. This is a 100% cotton denim Jean fabric with a “pre-washed” feel. Additionally, the whole cover features extra stitching for maximum durability and hidden zippered eyelid to protect the zipper which is located on only one side.
This cover is interchangeable for top or bottom side and it’s especially suitable for dogs that have allergies to poly fabrics. It’s machine washable and dry-able.

4) External MicroSuede Cover: This comes as a FREE external cover replacement. This cover features a side zipper and is made from soft brown microsuede featuring a non-slip bottom made of durable nylon material with grip dots. This additional cover is a nice bonus that allows you to have a replacement when it’s time to wash the denim cover. This cover is not as sturdy and thick as the denim one, but it helps to keep the bed covered while you wash the main cover.

The bed comes compressed for packaging purposes and it needs to expand for 24 hours before use.

The origin of this memory foam is mostly from large retailers from the USA and others are from overseas, depending on the batch.


The best way to determine the right size for your dog bed is measuring your pet from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail and then add 5 inches to it. By adding approx. 5 inches around your dog should be able to stretch out and be comfortable.

If you want more room you add more inches around. The dimensions of each size are given on this review so you should use the dimension as a guideline.


  • 100% Solid dense memory foam that does not flatten with use
  • Sturdy heavy-duty denim cover
  • Covers are machine washable and dry-able
  • Covers come perfectly clean after washing with no dog hair
  • With 2 covers of extra protection for the memory foam mattress (inner cover and external cover)
  • Strong zippers
  • Replacement covers available for purchasing
  • EXTRA BONUS 1: Beds come with an extra FREE washable brown Microsuede cover.
  • EXTRA BONUS 2: On top of the free MicroSuede brown cover, if you buy 2 beds of the same size you get ONE extra external Denim cover for free. (You get the FREE extra Denim cover if you purchase 2 beds of the same size at the same time).


  • The foam mattress inner cover makes a crinkly noise when the dog lays down or moves.Denim cover does not have non-skid bottom
  • Denim cover fades a little after several washes
  • Inner taffeta cover is not 100% waterproof, it’s more water resistant
  • Some customers complain the mattress is not really 4” tall once fully expanded
  • Denim color cover doesn’t match your dog’s fur
  • It has chemical smell right out of the box (it goes away after 4 or 5 days)
  • The bed is very firm, but soft enough
  • DETAILS YOU MAY NOT MIND: This model does not have headrest


√ When changing the inner or external cover make sure to fold the foam in half to make it easier to put the cover back on. Otherwise, you risk breaking the zipper.

√ Try to wait for 4 or 5 days until the bed does not have a strong chemical smell (that all memory foams do) for your dog to start using it, otherwise they may not take to the bed just because of this.


DogBeds4Less Heavy Duty Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed offers a good quality memory foam with high density that will last for a long time. Some points to consider about this dog bed:

♦ The downside of this bed is the fact that the inner foam liner is made from taffeta and is not really water-proof, but more water resistant. Manufacturer states that water-proof liners create mold due to humidity, which could be dangerous for dogs.

♦ This bed does not have a warranty, but almost no brand offers any warranty if a dog destroys the mattress. What some Companies do is offering a warranty on the density of the memory foam or the cover. There is only one brand that claims to be chew-proof, the K9 Ballistics with its version “Cujo Cot bed”, check this bed here.


DogBeds4Less Heavy-Duty Memory Foam Pet Bed it’s an excellent dog bed that supports your pet’s body and provides a good density. This bed may not have that “sink” feel that some dogs love because it’s more on the firm side.

√ This dog bed may be suitable:

  • For dogs that need a firm support on their bones
  • For pets that like to sleep stretched out without any support on their head

x This pet bed may not be suitable:

  • For puppies or chewers
  • For dogs with urinary incontinence
  • If you have a dog that circles or moves a lot before sleeping and you are planning to place the bed in your bedroom (foam liner makes a noise)
  • If your dog is a “snuggler”
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