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The USA-made Big Barker orthopedic dog bed for large and extra large breed dogs is one of the few memory-foam wdog beds on the market that caters exclusively to larger-breed canines.

If you own a Great Dane, an Alaskan Malamute, a Bull Mastiff, or just a large Doberman Pinscher or Golden Retriever, this could possibly be the best orthopedic dog bed for your extra large pooch.

It comes in three sizes a large that is 48" x 30" x 30", and extra large that is 52" x 36" x 7" and a giant that is 60" x 48" x 7". The Big Barker also comes in burgundy, khaki and chocolate colors- with a 10 year guarantee that before well maintained 90% of its original shape or they'll provide a full refund.

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

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The microfiber cover is especially soft and attractive- and since it is easy to remove you can just toss it in the machine to give it a good cleaning.

The Big Barker has many raving fans across the Internet- mainly because of the quality of its design and the materials they use in the foam.

Foam quality

Their USA-made memory foam is 7 inches in all-and is one of the thickest beds that we have ever reviewed. The memory foam is composed of three separate layers. One layer is 2 inches H10 comfort foam, the next layer is 3 inches H45 support foam, and the final layer is another 2 inches of H10 comfort foam- this is the same foam big Barker says, that is used in high-end furniture stores for cushioning.

The reason why they don't just use memory foam for the entire mattress is that the support foam is needed to be a bit tougher to ensure that the dog doesn't sink through 7 inches of memory foam all the way down to the linoleum kitchen tile!

As opposed to cheap Chinese knockoffs that sometimes stuff mattresses with God knows what, this American manufacturer understands how much you love your pets and don't want to short shift them with inferior or even dangerous goods.

The Big Barker Large-Breed Dog Bed



Ease of Use

As we previously mentioned, there are many satisfied buyers- we have examined many dog beds and surveyed a variety of dog owners in our experience running this website and the Big Barker is undoubtedly one of the best-received and highest-rated dog beds that we have come across.

One Labrador Retriever owner says that her dog has had epileptic fits and developed arthritis over time, so purchasing a comfortable dog bed was the utmost priority for her.

She says that almost from the start her dog is taken to best bed. Whereas she used to be relatively ill-tempered in the evening, reluctant to even be pet, her owner has noticed a dramatic shift in mood as her dog has adapted to this new resting spot. It would seem that the Big Barker provided her pooch with the comfortable resting and sleeping surface she needed to rest her achy joints and be adequately rejuvenated the next day to be an active participant in her owner's life.

Another owner writes about his Irish Wolfhound, saying that he has been gradually training the dog to stay off of the couches. Unfortunately he had not been able to find and purchase an extra-large dog bed to fit his giant-breed per until he came across the Big Barker. And, gradually, his Irish Wolfhound has begun to spend more and more night times sleeping in his orthopedic dog bed as opposed to the human couch.

He observes that the bed provides an amazing amount of support, and his 70 lb. dog doesn't even leave an indentation on it. Like other dog owners, he has in the past purchased a variety of cheaper dog bags, some from China, and found their quality lacking. He eventually ponied up the cash and purchased what was evidently the best in class dog bed he could find-saying that he is happy he made the purchase because his dog is comfortable and the bed is so big that his children can sleep on it in a pinch too.

One more buyer writes that his Rottweiler who was recovering from ACL tears in his legs that required surgery had also developed injuries and arthritis, so getting up and down, as well as resting comfortably throughout the night, was incredibly difficult for him.

After purchasing the Big Barker, he immediately observed that the dog was no longer restless at night and in evident pain, but settled in for a long sleep. In addition, he's noticed that the dogs overall health has improved- he's able to move around more freely, limp less, and demonstrates decreased soreness in his injured areas- all of which he attributes to the orthopedic properties of the Big Barker extra large dog bed.

Like other buyers, he writes of having purchased inferior dog beds in the past that flattened out and eventually stopped providing the memory-foam orthopedic support that large and elderly dogs often require.

In all, these large and extra large dog beds on our food with best in class foam support and despite the high price it is evident that you'll save money purchasing one of these to start rather than several inferior dog beds first, before returning and inevitably purchasing this option for your beloved large-breed pet.


  • Best in class 7" foam support
  • Good for Giant breed dogs. Raving fans
  • 10 year money back guarantee


  • Expensive

The perils of Chinese-made foam

Most commonly, Chinese manufacturers will use cheap foam that has a tendency to flatten and lose its life, causing your pets to experience discomfort as they are not effectively propped up by the weight-absorbing memory foam that the Big Barker has.

This foam is engineered for larger dogs like great things in boxers so that is able to absorb a greater amount of weight per square inch. Whenever your pooch lays down on one of these Big Barker dog beds, they will sink to the top level of the first layer, and then be fully supported by the middle layer, causing all of their joints to feel at ease and comfortable.

Providing a comfortable resting and sleeping surface for large dogs is particularly important as many like St. Bernards and Irish Wolfhounds suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis, bloat and hypothyroidism.

Big Barker Video Review

The Big Barker Overview

Big Barker 7-in Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed Headrest

Big Barker 7-in Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed Headrest

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed provides a thick memory foam mattress for your dog to sleep comfortably with good support for your pet’s large body.

The pet bed is hand crafted made to ensure an excellent distributed weight support for your dog’s body and durability.

The pet bed’s cover is made from 100% microfiber and it’s easy to remove for machine washing.

Big Barker features a mattress that is specially designed for large dogs such as Labs, German Shepherd, etc, up to Great Dane. For smaller dog breeds such as Beagle, whippet, etc., this bed may result too stiff for them because Big Barker is made to support a heavy large dog.


  • Specially designed to support bigger dogs.
    Big Barker 7-in Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Big Barker 7-in Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

  • Memory foam will keep 90% of original shape for 10 years or your money back.
  • With headrest for your dog to support its head or chin.
  • American hand crafted bed that won’t flatten or pancake over time.
  • Cover is made from 100% soft microfiber.
  • Removable zippered cover for easy washing.
  • Available in 3 colors: chocolate, burgundy, khaki.
  • It comes in sizes Large, Extra Large and Giant.
  • Dimensions: L: 48” x 30” x 7” | XL: 52” x 36” x 7”| G: 60” x 48” x 7”
  • Sleeping Area: Large 40” x 30” | Extra Large 44” x 36 | Giant 52” x 48”


The bed consists of a foam mattress, a headrest and a cover.

The Foam Mattress: The structure of the foam mattress consists of 3 layers of high quality foam, making a 7” thick polyurethane based orthopedic foam mattress.

Big Barker Foam Layers

Big Barker Foam Layers (click to enlarge)

The first layer is 2” of H10 Comfort Foam which gives the dog’s body the softness and comfort it needs when laying down. The second and middle layer is a 3” of H45 Support Foam which provides support and firmness to keep the dog’s body from sinking to the floor. The third layer is a 2” of H10 Comfort Foam to give the cushioning the bed needs. The foam mattress does not have a liner and it’s covered only by the cover.

The Headrest: Is made from 4” of Contoured Foam which is a softer foam to provide an area where your dog can rest its head or chin. The mattress and headrest are together as a whole piece.

The Cover: The cover is made from 100% microfiber fabric that has good resistance. This cover could take a good scratching from your dog but only to certain extend, because it’s not indestructible. The cover features a long zipper on the bottom of the bed that goes all the way covering 3 sides of the bed, except the headrest side (about 75% of the sides). This cover is not waterproof, but there is a waterproof cover available for purchase.

The cover is machine washable but be careful, because it may discolor if not washed properly (see tips).

Check a video how to remove the cover of the Big Barker dog bed, how the memory foam looks and much more.


—Large: Suitable for Labs, Boxers, Golden Retrievers.

—X Large: Ideal for dogs larger than a Lab but smaller than a Great Dane.

—Giant: Suitable for Great Danes, Saint Bernard.



  • High quality and thick memory foam, the same type used in people’s expensive furniture.
  • Memory foam mattress with 3 high quality foam layers, designed specifically to support bigger dogs.
  • Big Barker is made in the USA using local produced memory foam, free of toxins.
  • Well-made and sturdy with a very resistant cover.
  • Thick memory foam mattress provides a good support for joints, bones and muscles.
  • Pillow-bolster provides a nice place for the dog to rest its head, chin or simply to lean over it.
  • Soft microfiber cover.
  • Removable zippered cover for easy machine washing.
  • The bed comes shrink wrapped which makes it easy to put the cover on (then it fully expands).
  • 10-year money back warranty, ensuring the bed will keep 90% of its shape.
  • Although this bed is sturdy, it’s not heavy making it easy to carry.
  • BONUS: Good customer service – Fast shipping from online retailers – made in USA


  • Cover does not fit tightly with the mattress.
  • A little hard to put the cover back on after washing it.
  • The foam mattress does not have a liner (see tips).
  • Cover is not waterproof, you have to buy it separately (see tips).
  • A little too warm for hot weather
  • Cover creates static electricity, collecting lint (see tips)
  • The bed is bulky so you will need a lot of room (it’s a bed for large dogs)
  • Big investment
  • YOU MAY NOT MIND: Not a wide variety of colors available


—Get the waterproof cover if you have a dog that drools a lot or with bladder problems. If you can’t afford a waterproof cover, a good idea given by a customer is making your own liner using a large contractor bag to protect the mattress and then just put the cover back on.

—If your dog does not want to use the bed it could be due to the smell for being brand new. If this happens just place a small sheet you don’t use or similar on top. If he lays down, wash the cover and put it back on.

—To wash the cover use cold water and line dry or machine dry using the lowest heat setting.

—To avoid static electricity on the cover, dry it with a dryer sheet.


Big Barker is an excellent orthopedic dog bed that works and looks as advertised. There are similar dog beds with lower prices on the market but their warranty is shorter, so if you want to do an investment, the Big Barker is the way to go with its 10 year warranty. This means your dog’s bed will keep at least 90% of its brand new shape for at least 10 years or your money back. Its price may make you hesitate, but at least you know you won’t have to replace your dog bed anymore.

According to customers testimonies this bed has made dogs rest much better, giving them more energy and happiness, without mentioning that it’s one of the best dog beds for old dogs with arthritis or any other issue like that.


The “Pros” of the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed outweigh its “Cons” by far and for this reason;

It’s highly recommend it for any large sized dog, and specially for:

  • Old dogs with arthritis, disable or with surgeries
  • Big breeds that need a very supportive bed
  • Young large dogs to prevent future problems caused by sleeping with lack of support

x Big Barker may not be suitable :

  • To be used in summer with breeds that tend to overheat or cold-weather dog breeds, unless you use it with a cooling cover.


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