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Best Pet Supplies Faux Leather Square is a dog bed made from faux leather on the outside to give it the sturdiness it requires and with a sheepskin soft material on the inside for extra coziness.

This dog bed has a removable bottom base for easy washing and it features an anti-skid bottom. If you want to wash the whole bed you can do it since Best Pet Supplies Faux Leather bed is completely washable in the machine.

This model comes in 4 sizes: Small (17″L x 16″W x 7″H), Medium (21″L x 19″W x 7″H), Large (24″L x 22″W x 8″H) and Extra-Large (29″L x 27″W x 8″H). This review is for the 29”L x 27”W x 8”H, Extra-Large.


  • Extra Large size 29″ x 27″ x 8″ ( for dogs weighing between 20 – 40 lbs)
  • Interior dimension: 21” L x 20” W x 7” H
  • Machine washable
  • Removable bottom base for easy washing.
  • Faux leather outside gives your dog comfort, firmness and durability.
  • Inner plush and synthetic ultra soft sheepskin provide a cozy environment for your pets.
  • It takes about 24 hours for the inside fabric filling to expand to its full size.


The outside of the bed is made from dark brown faux leather which gives the bed a good structure and firmness.

The inside lining and the pillow on the bottom are made from ultra soft faux sheepskin fur.

The bottom pillow is removable and reversible, matching the faux leather brown color on the other side. The inner is filled with plush cushioning, giving the bed a soft resting area.

The edges of the bed are soft, but they don’t collapse if a dog rests a part of its head on it.



  • Super soft and fluffy interior, dogs like it.
  • Well constructed, sturdy outside material.
  • Easy to keep clean
  • High sides for dogs to rest their chins on.
  • Not easy to get chewed and ripped by dogs
  • Removable bottom base for easy washing so you don’t have to wash the whole bed if you don’t want to.
  • Removable base allows you to put extra cushioning underneath the base if desired.
  • The whole bed is machine washable, not only the removable base.
  • Good value for money
  • BONUS: Reversible bottom pillow to match the outside color.


  • Not big enough for a standard XL size. More for medium sized dogs.
  • Not a lot of padding on the base (enough for medium sized dogs though)
  • Faux sheepskin sheds a little after washing it.
  • The outside faux leather starts peeling off a little after washing it.


  • Line dry when washing the bed
  • You can place more cushioning underneath the removable base if you want.


Best Pet Supplies Faux Leather square dog bed is a nice pet bed that works as advertised. For average dogs it serves the purpose to give them a nice soft area where to rest and sleep.

This pet bed does not have a foam bottom base but inner plush filling, which gives the bed not very much resistance but instead a very soft and comfy area where the dog can rest.

The XL (extra large) size is not as big as you would expect, it’s made more for a medium sized dog such as beagle, border collie, whippet, etc. In general, for dogs up to 40 lbs. Additionally, consider the interior size of the bed being 21”, so your dog’s body has to measure 20” large at the most to fit exactly with the bed.


Best Pet Supplies Faux Leather is suitable for:

  • Medium sized dogs, up to 40 lbs and measuring 20” large at the most
  • Dogs that appreciate very soft areas where to sleep

x The unit may not be suitable for:

  • Large breeds, over 40 lbs.
  • Dogs that like to pull out blankets from their bed (they may end up pulling fabric from the bottom)
  • Chewers
  • Not for dogs that are in potty training
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