The 5 Best Wicker Dog Beds [Ranked]

Wicker Dog Beds

Wicker dog beds are some of the more attractive and lightweight options available on the market today. Though most of the wicker pet bets that we examine below are designed for primarily small-breed dogs.

Wicker itself is actually made from branches, plant stalks and shoots and is constructed by a weaving process that gives it its distinguished appearance (Source).

While historically wicker has been made from plant-based materials, nowadays plastic fibers are often used to provide greater flexibility and endurance (Source).

There are a variety of wicker dog beds appearing on the market every month- so it's best to check in on top sellers every so often to see if new models have become available for purchase.  

Remember to measure your dog prior to purchase- or use a handy online sizing calculator

One of our favorites is the Willow Wicker dog bed- it comes in two sizes, a 20 x 18 x 6 inch size ideal for pets weighing up to 25 pounds and a 28 x 23 x 6 inch version ideal for pets weighing up to 50 pounds.

Users were impressed by the quality of the wicker, somewhat this disappointed by the included pillow that most dog owners decided to replace.

That said there were some buyers somewhat this disappointed in the sizing- saying that for larger dogs the fit was a little bit too tight. Let's take a look at five of the overall best-selling wicker dog beds on the market today.

Wicker Dog Beds Compared

The 5 Best Wicker Dog Beds



Ease of Use

This is a stylish looking wicker basket style dog bed that comes in two different sizes. The smallest wicker dog bed measures 20” x 18” x6” and will suit a dog that weighs up to 25 pounds.

The medium size wicker dog bed measures 28” x 23” x 6” and will fit a dog that weighs up to 50 pounds. It comes with a comfortable pillow that has a very plush sleeping surface and is filled with 100% recycled polyester for added comfort. The sleeping pillow can be removed easily and washed in your washing machine in cold water.

Those who have purchased this pet wicker bed have commented on the high quality of the wicker the bed is made from and how nice it looks in any room. They have also commented on how easy it is to take care of and keep clean. Some customers, however, have complained the bed is too small even for a small dog and that the pillow seems to be flimsy.


  • Easy to keep clean
  • Nice looking
  • Well made wicker basket
  • Easy wash cushion
  • No assembly required


  • Bed too small
  • Cushion seems flimsy

How is wicker made?



Ease of Use

This wicker basket dog bed is meant for smaller dogs like a Chihuahua and is strong and durable for a dog this size. The rattan style dog bed can be placed either inside or outside because it is a breathable material made of PE resin, non-toxic, substitute for wicker and can resist both mold and mildew if kept outside.

When used outdoors it's meant to keep your dog up off the hot ground and to keep them cool. The wicker basket bed measures 17.3” x 13.8” x 7.1” and weighs just two pounds so it can be easily placed anywhere. Is meant to hold small dogs and cats up to 15 pounds. Can be easily washed by hand or with a brush and water. It does not come with a cushion.

Some pet owners who have bought this wicker dog basket enjoy the nice wicker look that it has and like that it is more flexible than real wicker. Others don't like how bendable it is and have complained that it's too small.


  • Good for outdoors or indoors
  • Lightweight
  • Made of breathable PE resin, non-toxic material
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Too bendable
  • Too small



Ease of Use

This is a wicker style pet bed that is meant for small dogs like a Yorkie or a small to medium sized cat. It is handmade and is done in the style of a tiny couch on four small legs. The inside dimensions of this pet wicker bed are 21.5” x 16” x 8.5” and the exterior dimensions are 25” x 20” x 13”.

The wicker frame of this dog bed is covered with a white polyester liner and cushion. Both of these can be easily removed for cleaning.

Small dog owners who have purchased this wicker dog bed have commented on how much their little dogs seem to enjoy this particular bed. Others have said that it has a great look and fits in most places in the home. Some customers, however, have stated it doesn't seem to be very sturdy and others have said the bottom of the wicker pet bed are rough and will scratch wood floors.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Fits in any room
  • Ideal for small dogs


  • Doesn't seem to be sturdy
  • Bed legs scratch wood floors



Ease of Use

This is a dog basket that is made from hand-woven willow and it comes with a cushion that is filled with cedar and polyester fill for a nice smell and added comfort. The cushion cover can be easily removed from the cushion and be washed in your washing machine.

The wicker dog basket comes in three different sizes. The small measures 19” x 15”, the medium measures 26” x 19” and the large one measures 34” x 25”. This dog bed has a low dip in the front of it making it very easy for dogs to get in and out of the bed and it has a raised back that can also serve as a back rest.

Customers who own small dogs or cats have stated that the bed itself is well made of high-quality material and is extremely sturdy and easy to keep clean. Some customers, however, have said that the small size should be labeled x-small because it's not even big enough for a cat to sleep in.


  • Sturdy
  • Well made
  • High-quality
  • Easy to clean


  • Small is too small



Ease of Use

This Victorian style rattan/wicker dog bed is made especially for smaller breeds of dogs like a Chihuahua or a Yorkie and measures 26.25” x 17” x 11.5” and comes in a wicker design that is a cappuccino color. Not only is this a good size for very small dogs but for cats as well.

It comes with a lounge style pillow that has a cute paw print design on it that is made of polyester and can be removed easily so you can clean it.

Those who have purchased this comfortable wicker dog bed for their small dogs or cats have stated that the design of the bed is really attractive and is extremely well made. Others like how sturdy this pet wicker bed is and gives their small dog or cat enough room to stretch out when sleeping. Others also feel the price is reasonable for the quality you get.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect size for small dog or cat
  • Sturdy
  • High-quality
  • Well built
  • Good price


  • None reported

5 Benefits of Getting a Pet Bed for your Dog

As a dog owner you do your best to provide your pet all he or she needs, good quality food, clean and fresh water, toys, exercises and lots of love. But when it comes to deciding a dog bed for your pet, would you consider this item as a luxury accessory in which you’d prefer not to spend your money?

A dog bed is far from being a luxury accessory for your pet. Having a nice area for your dog to rest and sleep is a very important element, not only physically but also mentally.

Dogs, as people, appreciate a soft, comfortable and a well-cushioned place to sleep. This necessity increases as the dog gets older, overweight or with arthritis.

Here you will find 5 good reasons why you should get a pet bed for your dog:

  1. It provides your dog a soft, cozy and cushioned place where to sleep. Most pet beds are made from very soft fabrics that keep your dog comfy and warm.

  2. With a dog bed you confine your dog’s fur, dirt and dander to one reduced area in the house. This way instead of cleaning your bed, couch, rugs and carpet, you only need to wash your dog bed. Not mentioning the fact that you will reduce pet hair on your clothes and any other items of your house where you don’t want to see dog hair.

  3. Your dog considers your family as members of its “pack”. Just as their wild ancestors, dogs like to feel their own place in the pack and when they don’t find it, they claim it. This is why you have your dog sleeping on the couch, bed or chair.

    When a dog sleeps or rest on the floor in an area that does not have tranquility with constant human traffic, the dog feels stressed and unhappy. So, a pet bed not only provides your dog a comfortable, cozy and soft place to sleep but also a designated space in its “pack”.

  4. By designating a sleeping area for your dog, you are establishing who is the leader of the pack.

    When dogs take over your sleeping or resting areas, such as a bed, chair or couch, they are not only claiming their place in the pack, but also, putting themselves to the same level than you.

    Placing a dog bed on the floor or in a lower level from your resting places, gives you the category of higher member in the pack. This is as important as not feeding your dog when you are eating on the table. So next time, when you call your dog to be next to you on the couch or the bed, it will be more like an “invitation” that your dog will be happy to accept.

  5. Most dog beds are designed considering the dog’s needs.

    Some of them offer security with a hood or roof where your dog can hide, others have special cushioning for big dogs or old dogs with arthritis. Some types of beds are elevated, isolating your dog from dirt or fleas if outside, you have cooling beds or heating beds, beds for crates, etc.

Pet beds not only provide a comfortable sleeping area for dogs, but they also offer solutions for different needs according to the dog’s characteristics.

Now you know all the important benefits that a dog bed provides your pet and also for you. Good luck!

What are buyers saying?

Buyers that are in the market for a wicket pet bed often looked to physical retail stores like Walmart, Costco and Target- but a majority of new buyers decided to purchase these wicker-style dog beds online to get the most competitive price. One of the better received options was the Willow wicker dog bed, which comes in 2 styles and features a machine-washable cushion that is filled with 100% recycled polyester.

One buyer uses this wicker dog bed as a solution for his car- saying that it actually absorbs shocks of the driving experience pretty well, allowing his dog to rest comfortably in the vehicle. Some customers did have some sizing issues with one buyer who purchased the 20 x 18 x 6 inch variation complaining that the interior of the dog bed is only 17 inches in width, which ended up being too small for their 15 pound terrier.

Others had similar issues, so definitely do some measurements prior to purchase to ensure that this wicker dog bed will be large enough for your pet. Other dog owners were pleased with the construction of the wicker but thought that the included pillow felt cheap- so they decided to replace it with something that was more comfortable for their dogs.

The Petperi Wicker dog bed comes in a variety of different colors, which was an attractive feature set for this particular wicker dog bed. Users say that the wicker construction is very flexible, which is a definite positive, as wicker can end up snapping and breaking over time, making a mess of the dog bed. One of the advantages of wicker that pet owners noticed is that it helps to keep dogs and cats cool in the summer time because the wicker is highly breathable.

The APetProject wicker comfort bed was another interesting option that we examined- it's really like a small couch with legs and a fleece liner. It is ideal for small-breed dogs with interior dimensions of 21.5 x 16 x 8.5 inches.

One pet owner says that her two small-breed Terriers battle over this particular dog bed- and she doesn't recommend that you purchase it for dogs that weigh over 15 pounds. Another common complaint from the users that we surveyed is that the feet on the bottom of this dog bed are very rough, and prone to scratch floors, so users have sometimes attached fabric to the bottom to prevent that from happening.

The Snoozer wicker dog bed is a basket-style pet bed that ships with a navy-blue cushion and comes in small and medium sizes. Unfortunately this dog bed has received fairly negative feedback- with reviewers saying that it is entirely too small for any dog that isn't a toy-breed. Users do say that it is well-made, just that it is way too small to be used for more of the popular sizes of dog breeds.

The APetProject Victorian-style wicker dog bed is another small-breed option with many reviewers saying that this was the best of the lot. One reviewer that we surveyed said that they were impressed by the price, considering the quality of the wicker, though this particular buyer did purchase it for a pair of cats, as opposed to dogs.

As always it's essential to perform some preliminary measurements to ensure that your dog will fit- in this case this wicker dog bed measures 26.25 x 17 x 11.5 inches. Indeed, most of the wicker dog beds that we've seen are primarily designed for small-breed dogs.

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