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The Best Elevated Dog Beds For 2019

Elevated dog beds are frequently chew-proof and weather-resistant, minimally built but rugged and comfortable for small and large dogs alike. They are built from mesh and metal parts, which means they'll put up a fight if your dog is determined to destroy them. Plus they're really lightweight- so you can easily transport them along with your pet to a BBQ or the beach and camp out in comfort together. 

The Best Dog Couches For Large Dogs In 2019

Dog couches for large dogs are much less frequent than their miniature cousins built for toy dogs, but there are a couple out there that are sturdy, comfortable and an attractive complement to your home's decor. As you can see from the table below, these are pricier than your run-of-the-mill dog bed, but as long as your pet isn't prone to chewing, they could be gorgeous complement to your family area.   

The Best Hooded Cave Dog Beds In 2019

Hooded cave pet beds are great for dogs that love to burrow into a safe, warm space. You'll have to be careful that you select a size that's a good fit for your dog. Luckily, they often come in different sizes, so you can find a cave dog bed that fits a large-breed Labrador or a smaller-breed Collie. 

The Best Dog Beds For Medium-Sized Dogs In 2019

If you own a medium-sized dog, generally they stand around 18-22" at their shoulders, typically weighing between 40-60 pounds. The following medium sized dog beds are solid options for pets in that weight and height class. 

The Best Memory Foam Dog Beds In 2019

A memory foam dog bed is built from polyurethane and is complemented by additional chemicals that boost its density. This viscoelastic polyurethane foam can be especially comfortable for older dogs that need a particularly soft and forgiving space to rest because the memory foam softens in reaction to your dog's body heat, letting it quickly mold to their warm body (Wikipedia).

The Best Dog Pet Stairs For 2019

If your dog needs some help clambering up to your bed or couch, some pet stairs can provide needed assistance to ensure that your elderly or disabled pet can access these elevated areas.

The Best Donut Dog Beds For 2019

Bolstered donut dog beds are ideal for dogs that like to curl up as opposed to spread out. You can buy them in different sizes, so whether you have a Boston Terrier or a Golden Retriever, you can find a bolstered dog bed that will fit your pet. Generally, these beds are oval-shaped with cushioned center and raised bolsters on the sides that help your pet feel secure and settled in their resting space.

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds For 2019

An outdoor dog bed is a weather-resistant and water-proofed option that can live out of doors, providing your pet a comfortable resting spot in the backyard. Some even include canopies to protect from the harsh glare of the sun. The Snoozer and FurHaven options are waterproof (useful if your elderly dog has incontinence issues) while the Quik Shade and Refined Canine Chaise Lounge outdoor beds include canopies to stylishly shade your pet as they lounge on your poolside patio.

The Best Leather Dog Beds For 2019

A leather dog bed is primarily a fashion choice for design-inspired dog owners. In general, these pricier leather beds do offer comfort and style at the expense of chew-resistance. As you can see in the table below, they frequently come in the style of a couch or sofa, providing an elevated area for your pet to snuggle into. You'll want to be careful sizing these leather dog sofas- they are often produced for smaller dogs, so be sure to take some measurements of your pooch prior to purchase. 

The Best Indestructible Dog Beds For 2019

If you're looking for a dog bed that your pet can't shred or chew up, you're in the market for what's frequently referred to as an 'indestructible dog bed'. As a caveat, no dog bed is completely indestructible to the determined dog who just thrills at eviscerating your pricey purchase. That said, there are a couple that are genuinely resistant to chewing and shredding without breaking the bank. Probably the best option if your dog is a real destroyer of dog beds is the chew-resistant Coolaroo elevated pet cot. This is an elevated dog bed equipped with a powder-coated steel that users say typically perseveres against determined chewers.

The Cutest Dog Beds For 2019

It's no shock that dog owners love dolling their pets up in ridiculous costumes. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are some outrageously cute dog beds out there that will just melt your heart and possibly tickle your funny bone. Options include shark-themed pet beds, dog tents, strawberry huts, hot-dog dog beds, or a pink-princess dog bed- the mind simply reels!

The Best Wicker Dog Beds For 2019

Wicker dog beds, like leather dog beds, are on the stylish end of the dog bed spectrum. Often a less practical option, but doable if your pet doesn't delight in chewing up wicker (obviously). They are really lightweight and provide style points in a way that a filthied dog mattress just won't. If you have a large-breed dog, you might be out of luck because these are primarily designed for small-breed pets. Though wicker throughout time has been constructed from plant-based materials, in modern times it has been swapped out with plastic fibers that mimic the appearance but provide increased endurance and flexibility.

The Best Wooden Dog Beds For 2019

A wooden dog bed is another fashionable style of dog bed- with a variety of styles to choose from. There are wooden beds with wheels, with storage spaces, and even some that fit in the entry-way of your home, a true space-saver. Be careful if your dog is a chewer- nothing worse than buying an expensive pet accessory just to have it demolished by your determined pooch!

The Best Designer Dog Beds For 2019

Dog owners love to lavish extravagant gifts on their pets. This is a known fact. Besides purchasing a pricey, memory-foam dog bed, there are some interesting, designer dog beds available for purchase that are a seriously gorgeous complement to your well-appointed home. Whether they take the form of a Victorian-style lounge couch or a comfy sofa, check out some of our favorite designer dog beds below and see if any appeal to your chic tastes. 

The Best American-Made Dog Beds For 2019

Many doting dog owners only buy American-made pet products, shunning foreign, especially Chinese-made, dog products. China, sometimes unfairly, is impugned as a source of inferior-quality products, but it's not an unearned reputation. Naturally, dog owners only want the best for their canine friends- and oftentimes there is a patriotic element to purchasing a U.S.A.-made dog bed. We have assembled a list of some of the best American-made dog beds for your convenience- read on!  

The Best Dog Cots For 2019

Dog cots a particular style of dog bed- they are elevated, typically mesh, indoor/outdoor options. Some advantages include its elevation, which raises your pet off of the ground. They are weather-resistant and easy to hose down if you want to clean them in a pinch. They are also really lightweight, so they are a useful, portable option if you're lugging your dog to a camp ground, for example. They are also more chew-proof and 'indestructible' than your average memory-foam bed because they are assembled with a strong, spartan design.

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Quick picks of some of our favorite dog beds


The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed is a durable pet bed with a thick memory foam mattress that provides an excellent support and comfort.

This unit is designed for large dogs and is hand crafted using American memory foam. And it’s backed up with a 10-year warranty.

This bed is suitable for:

  • Elderly dogs with arthritis, disable pets or with surgeries
  • Large breeds that need the best support for their bodies.

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The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge is a memory foam pet bed that gives pets a nice cushioned thick area to sleep and rest. The bed features bolsters all around for better support and comfort.

PetFusion dog bed is made with durable fabric and strong seams for best resistance to the dog’s movements inside the bed.

√ Petfusion Ultimate Dog Lounge bed is suitable for:

  • Average sized dogs up to 60 lbs
  • Two or more small dogs sleeping together
  • Dogs with bone problems or arthritis
  • Old dogs

If you want to know if this bed works for your dog, read our FULL REVIEW


DogBed4Less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed allows your dog to have a nice sleep with a 4” solid thick memory foam mattress.

The unit comes with one foam liner, one external denim cover and one additional extra external microsuede brown cover that features a non-slip bottom. The manufacturer offers an extra free denim cover by purchasing 2 beds of the same size.

√ This dog bed may be suitable:

  • For dogs that need a firm support on their bones
  • For pets that like to sleep stretched out without any support for their head

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The Fantasy Furniture Mini Sofa Pet Bed is a very cute dog bed that provides your pet its own sofa to sleep and rest. The mini sofa features an inner wood hand-made frame that gives the unit stability and strength unlike other stuffed sofa shaped beds.

Fantasy Furniture mini sofa blends with any décor and it comes in beautiful printed designs that can be complemented with your own style.

This pet bed sofa is suitable:

  • For tiny dog breeds
  • For indoor dogs that like to sleep or rest on your sofa.

This dog bed may not be suitable for all dogs. Check FULL REVIEW


The Best Pet Supplies Faux Leather Square gives your dog an ultra soft area where to sleep, with faux inner fur and plush filling. The bed’s exterior is made from faux brown leather, giving it a good structure and durable shape.

This bed features a removable bottom base and an anti-slide bottom. The bed is fully washable as well.

This dog bed is suitable for:

  • Dogs weighing up to 40 lbs and 20” large as maximum
  • Dogs that enjoy ultra soft mushy beds

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The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed provides your dog an excellent bed to burrow and hide. This dog bed is specially designed for pets that like to sleep under covers and stay warm and cozy.

The bed is filled with poly fill and cedar and it provides a thick cushioning, giving a good support for your dog’s body. The bed has an inner stuffed pillow and an outside cover that features a hood, giving your dog the feeling of a cave.

√ Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave is suitable:

  • If your dog likes to burrow and sleep under covers
  • As a way to make your dog sleep out of your bed
  • If you are looking for a very soft, cozy and warm bed for your dog
  • If you want to wash the bed cover in the washing machine as a whole-piece

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The Caddis Corner Dog Bed uses space efficiently in your room with its corner shape. This pet bed is upholstered with Khaki colored poly-cotton and with polar fabric on the center sleeping area.

The bed provides your dog two bolsters on the corner area where your pet can rest its head. Caddis Corner pet bed features a Hypro-Loft fiber filling that keeps the shape retention and fluffiness.

√ Caddis Corner Dog Bed is suitable:

  • For large dogs that are not destroyers
  • For dogs with pronounced bones
  • For dogs with mild anxiety, showing passive escape behavior

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The Coolaroo Pet Bed elevates your dog off the ground/floor avoiding contact with cold or heat from bottom surfaces and preventing dirt, fleas or other bugs from getting in contact with your dog’s body.

The bed features a steel powder coated black frame and a breathable UV treated knitted fabric that is resilient, anti-mold and durable.

Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed is suitable for:

  • Adult dogs with normal level of activity
  • Very large rooms if using a Large or Medium size bed indoor.
  • To use outdoors in terraces, enclosed patios, yard, etc.
  • Breeds that tend to overheat or long haired dogs, especially in hot weather

Learn when this pet bed is not suitable. Check FULL REVIEW


The Dog Bed King Cuddler Nest is an oval shaped dog bed that gives your pet a nice cushioning with its 2” thick foam base and a 1 1/4” thick supportive foam collar for the dog’s resting chin.

Its interior is soft made from imitation lambswool and the outside is black for a nice contrast.

Dog Bed King has a removable cover for easy washing.

Dog Bed King Cuddler is suitable:

  • For dogs that like to cuddle and nest
  • If you want a cushioned dog bed for a low price
  • If you want your dog to sleep on its own bed instead the couch

When this bed may not be suitable? Check FULL REVIEW


The West Paw Design Bumper Bed Stuffed gives pets the comfort and softness they need for a good rest and sleep.
The dog bed has a bumper around the entire bed to support your dog’s body, providing an area where to rest its head on. The center has a removable stuffed pillow with a zippered cover for easy removal and washing.

√ West Paw Design Bed Stuffed Dog bed is suitable:

  • If you are looking for a well constructed and not easy to rip pet bed
  • If you want all the covers being zippered for easy removal and washing
  • If you like the idea of cleaning the planet from plastic

Check if this dog bed will fit your dog’s needs. See FULL REVIEW


The Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Cuddler is a cozy and fluffy pet bed made from durable and ultra soft Sherpa fabric that provides your dog a very comfy area where to sleep or rest.

The design is made for your dog to snuggle in it and feel safe and warm. The bed rear wall measures 12” high and the lower wall, 9” high where your dog can rest its chin.

Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Sherpa dog bed is suitable:

  • For dogs up to 17 lbs approx. when curled up in a ball
  • For cuddlers and snugglers
  • To keep your dog warm in cold weather
  • For dogs that are not good at wrapping themselves with blankets

When Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish is not suitable? Check FULL REVIEW


The Merry Pet Wood Room with a view is a cute little house with a sun deck where your pet can rest and relax, looking at the view through the window or simply enjoying the outdoors on a protected patio.

Side stairs lead your dog to the rooftop sun deck with a beautiful latticework as a fence. This pet house is made from kiln-dried cedar wood treated with a natural color stain for a nice finish.

This pet house with sun deck is suitable for:

  • Tiny toy dogs up to 10 lbs
  • For a cat and a dog

When is the Merry Pet Wood Room unsuitable? Check FULL REVIEW


The Midwest Quiet Time is a dog bed made from soft synthetic Sheepskin or Plush Fur that you can use as a pad for crates, travel cages or inside cars.

Midwest dog bed adapts to your dog’s body temperature, giving it warmth in winters and coolness in summers.
Its polyester filled bolsters gives your dog a support as a pillow. This bed is 100% machine washable and it holds up very well after multiple cycles of washing and drying.

This dog bed is suitable for:

  • Padding dog crates
  • Travel cages
  • Inside the car when traveling (the bed is portable and foldable)

When is the Midwest Quiet Time is unsuitable for your pet? Check out our FULL REVIEW


AKC Casablanca Round Solid is made with Casablanca fabric and it comes in nice colors that can blend with your dog’s fur.

The inside is soft and warm, giving your dog the comfort it needs to rest well.

The unit has a bolster to give your dog more support when sleeping or resting. This pet bed is made with 100% polyester and can be easily washed in the machine as a whole piece.

This dog bed is suitable for:

  • Small dogs that don’t chew on things (or mild chewer dogs)
  • Use in crates, cars, beds, sofas or cushioned carpets.
  • Use it on hard floors if your dog likes to sleep on rugs or flat areas.

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